L.R.- I almost gave up… Was she going my way?

It all started with a simple use of the “quality control opener” at Whole Foods… I walk in, take a little stroll around looking for any potential hotties to lure into my life and as I’m going down the escalator towards the basement level I see a stunning platinum blonde checking out some avocados, awwwww isn’t that cute. And if you know me, you’ll know that I have an insatiable appetite for that little green Hawaiian fruit and that I definitely have an even bigger appetite for tall skinny blondes…

I walk up next to her and say: “HI, I’m with Whole Foods Quality Control and I’m here to rate your shopping experience with us today. Have you been having an average, above average or crappier than average experience so far? She looks at smiling and says: “You’re not with quality control. You don’t work here, there’s no way! Just look at you!” I say, “Oh come lady… You’re like ruining my thing… Just play along.” She laughs even more and says: “Ok… Well since you’re so concerned about my shopping, I think Whole Foods need to change a few things.” I say, “Would little pink shopping carts make you happy… Or how about hiring some more cute boys to help you with you fruit selections?” She’s hooked!

We flirt, laugh and get to know each other. I grab her number, she grabs mine and I leave to go find another.

Fast forward… We actually have been texting for almost 2 1/2  weeks! We’ve tried to meet up so many times and every time she wants to meet up with me I already have a date or I’m outta town on an adventure. But our texting is fun and consistent. She always replies when I text which is one of the best signs you can get from a woman that you are trying to meet up with and I have always sent the last text in our exchanges!

With all the texting going on and the fact that I was ALWAYS busy when she asked me out, I think that this amped up her attraction and curiosity about me even more. There is NO way this chick is used to asking a guy out on a date and him being like “I’d love to squeeze you in but I already have plans those nights.” As a matter of fact, I’ll bet that this girl has never even had to ask a guy out. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I asked her out once during that whole two weeks of texting… I’m pretty sure it was always her… I admire her determination to meet up with me and I’m thinking that our date when it finally happened would just be a formality to get out of the way so we could have sex with each other…

Finally we decide on a day to meet up. This is where I’ll give you some examples of my text game.

The day of our meet-up we’re texting crazy all day as usual. She sends me this text:

Her: What’s the plan stan?

Me: (instantly) Who is this?

Her: Ummmm

Me: Ummmm – isn’t in my phone contacts?!?!

Her: Are you kidding?

Me: (30 mins later) No… My name is Glenn not kidding. Now I know you have the wrong number!

Her: Seriously… What’s going on?

Me: (20mins later) Of course I’m joking dork! I can’t believe you fell for that!

Her: lololol I totally kinda thought you were serious.

Me: dead air… and be reminded that is all happening around 5pm right when she’s getting out of work and is also trying to figure out what time we’re meeting up. I still haven’t answered that her on that question yet.

Her: When and where are we meeting? I’m just trying to figure out what to wear.

Me: (20mins later and I’m sure this driving her fucking crazy) Don’t kill yourself trying to look good for me. Just look super HOT so we match! (still haven’t answered her as to when and where yet)

Her: So where and when?

Me: dead air

Her: Hello????

Me: meet me at the corner of 17th and irving at 9:00

Her: that’s perfect.. see you then. 8)

I got there a little early which is not typical of me. I usually try to be about 10mins late. But, oh well! I’m standing there waiting and she shows up looking like a playboy bunny… So hot! Her platinum hair is perfect, she’s wearing all black with skinny jeans and bright fluorescent orange, 4inch high-heels… Yummmmmmmy!

We walk to a little bar just around the corner, grab a little table with a couch and start talking laughing and just having fun. But… Something was off!

I tried to figure out what it was… It was really starting to bother me. She was giving me the worst body language, she was always too far away for me to kino good, she wasn’t giving me any of the typical IOI’s… I was so confused as to whether or not she was sexually attracted to me. Our convo was great and she was laughing the whole time and shared a lot about her life with me but I just couldn’t read her.

I found myself in very unfamiliar territory with this girl… I started to break rapport and disqualify her from me a little bit to see if that would get her chasing more or change her body language but nope… I was literally stumped.

At one point I was just going to kiss her to find out if she was into me but I knew that if she did like me and I made my move on her like that it may turn her off and get me blown-out. The right moment to kiss her never came. This sucks!

I started to feel some old beliefs come up. One’s that I haven’t experienced in years… Believe it or not, because I didn’t know what to do I was going to just give up?!?! This was very confusing to me because I haven’t acted or thought this way in years! But deep down I knew that if I didn’t find out for certain if she was sexually attracted to me and just went home because I gave up I would be up all night long trying to figure out what I did wrong, or trying to figure out why I couldn’t read her and I’d be killing myself emotionally trying to figure everything out. I’d go back through all of my texts and try to see if i was friend-zoned somewhere along the way… The thought of spending my night like this instead of having sex with this woman was horrible and rather than give up I was like fuck that… She’s either going to sleep with me tonight or she’s not.

I decided to raise her state her a little by grabbing the check and taking a little stroll down the street where my plan was to get her laughing, start kino-ing and then just pin her to a wall and start kissing her but on our little stroll to kissing-ville, she once again was closed off! Fuck me harder!

Know, I know that I could have always gone for the kiss but her perception of me through our first meeting at Whole Foods, flirting and texting was of a man that is very experienced and if I bust out a kiss with some bad timing it would do more damage than good… So, I was biting my tongue as to when I should do it.

I said to myself… I’ve been on hundreds of dates and I know when it’s just not working and even though I can’t figure her out, she’s still hanging with me loving it so she must like me… It’s now or never, this is taking way too much time! I ask her if she likes beer? She says that she loves beer. I said, “Great… I  know a really cool spot to grab a beer. Let’s go” I put my hand up in the air and hail a taxi.

We get in and I give the driver the address to my apartment. We arrive, she pays the fare and we go in… She’s totally into it! I finally got my long awaited answer!

Needless to say, we pop open a beer, put some music on and get nasty! No LMR at all! Ahhhhhhhhh… Platinum blonde with high heels and luscious green-eyes in my arms with no clothes on! Paradise really!

After all of these years of learning female psychology and after all the women I have been lucky enough to have had in my life it was really strange for these old feelings to come up and when they came up it felt exactly the way it used to. It was equally as challenging for me to bust through them and facilitate the pull…  But I guess it’s got to happen once and while, right?

It’s always better to get the answer your looking for than to go to bed wondering! I can’t speak for all the men and women reading this but I will never again tolerate not knowing what a woman’s situation is. I will find out no matter what it takes if she’s in or if she’s out.

The moral here would be if in doubt, find out!

Hope you gained something from this post and please leave me comment, say hi to me and let me know if you know what I’m talking about.


21 thoughts on “L.R.- I almost gave up… Was she going my way?

  1. Glenn, I’m missing a puzzle piece here. You almost gave up because she was giving a bad vibe to you or it was a bad body language? She sounds like she was responding to you really well, at least verbally anyway. Also, instead of going for a kiss, you just pushed to go home with her straight. In this case, you just wanted to swing for the fences instead of making a dent with her (kissing her) -> causing her to reject you -> spiral of bad vibes after that?

    • StephenB…

      What’s up man???

      I almost gave up because I was incapable of reading her. Her vibe was fine but her body language was totally closed off and very little eye contact. She was just very hard to read…

      It wasn’t about swinging for the fences. I just wanted the kiss to come naturally and smooth so all the sexual escalation would be the same. Bad timed kiss is a big turn off for chicks and will ruin any sexual tension you have built.


      • When I go for the kiss, I just get in front of her while were walking and randomly go for it. Hasnt been working. So Im going to just start using the kiss test routine from now on, & practice creating the mood and sexualizing my state during interactions.

        So you dont go and create the kiss when shes attracted, you do that when shes sexually attracted. Because I read your other post about kissing.

  2. Hey Glenn! I just want to let you know that I love all of your posts! I actually laughed out loud with your texting haha! You are hilarious! Quick question. Is the supermarket your favorite place to day game?


    • NickGp…

      hey man.. thanks for reading..

      When I’m out doing day game my favorite places are the places where the hottest girls might be found! i really don’t care if it’s a supermarket or a mall or the street. I’m not really thinking about that… Just go where the girls are and where the biggest turn over with fresh new faces is!


  3. So how do you explain her behaviour? Why was she so closed up during the first part of thedate kino wise, and super open at your place? There got to be some kind of explanation you concluded and its very unclear from description.

    • QTE…

      hope your having a great weekend!

      She was obviously now that I know into me the whole time. Now that I think about it, I think she was just be very shy because my value was way higher than hers in her head. I was almost unattainable in her mind and it took time for her to see me as a potential partner… once she felt comfortable with me and my humor she was all in…


      • I read this post just a few days after something similar happened to me! This has given me some insight! Thanks for that!

        I had grabbed a hotties facebook on my out of a club two weeks ago; got her number by private message a few days later, and started texting right away. I wanted to strike while the iron was hot, and amp her up…so I was super bold, super flirty and sexual to the point that I knew I might be pushing the boundaries and maybe turning her off..

        Surprisingly, at least to me, she was super stoked and attracted. Became super flirty and compliant with my sexual advances, and was super rapporty. A good experience for me to learn.

        Flashforward a week, and me and my buddy rendevouz with her and some girlfriends at another club. And just like you said Glenn, SOMETHING WAS OFF!…she was super quiet, a bit aloof. Not rude, or impolite. But suddenly socially awkward. Definitely not physically warm….didn’t respond to even the lightest kino, closed body language etc…

        This was NOT the girl I had gotten to know by text. So I was confused!

        Did I do something wrong? Did one of her girlfriends cockblock? Maybe she was turned off by my text game? Maybe I don’t look as good as she remembered? Really insecure stuff. I thought about breaking rapport, making her jealous, doing freeze outs etc…

        Then I started thinking….hmmm…well she’s still seems a little into me…and her behavior is more shy/awkward than anything…maybe she just needs some validation! Maybe my text game actually shot my value through the roof and she’s intimidated

        So I opted to take steps forward instead of back. Offered to buy her a drink, did some super simple rapport type stuff…didn’t slow down on the kino….and VOILA! She totally melted and warmed up! It was interesting to see and a great lesson!

        I’m happy I read this post because it helped consolidate and verify what I read. And of course it was a pleasure to read!

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  5. I know this article isn’t about text game and I’m a bit late to the party but I just wanted to say that your text game is AMAZING!

    I thought it was so great all the fun ballsy games you played with her and how unafraid you are of losing her. I know you don’t need me to tell you this but your really so brilliant at this stuff!

    If I may ask a tiny little question, You say:

    “She always replies when I text which is one of the best signs you can get from a woman that you are trying to meet up with and I have always sent the last text in our exchanges!”

    Can you explain this please? This contradicts what you said in your text game article about women secretly love it when you “dead air” them (have them send the last text message).

    all the best,


    • Miller…

      Hey thanks for praise! It took a very long time to get really good a texting a chick. They can be tricky and you really need to dominate them with your texting!

      Let me clarify… “She always replies when I text which is one of the best signs you can get from a woman that you are trying to meet up with and I have always sent the last text in our exchanges!”
      This means… That I text her and she texts back and then I don’t reply (dead air)! I make sure that she is the last one to reply, always! It doesn’t contradict my last text post. They are both the same!

      I hope that makes it more clear?


  6. Thank you for this post Glenn. i know this is going to sound weird but, it is awesome to see you struggling(even if for a little bit) as it reminds us that you got as good as you are by pushing through limiting believes, and taking chances despite those limiting believes, no matter when they arise. keep on posting and c u Saturday.

    • Lithius…

      I think a lot of guys love it when they hear that even the best of us still struggle at times… it can frustrating because sometimes you think once you’ve gotten good at meeting women that everything should be easy and all your old fears and insecurities should be gone but then you get a wake-up call!!!

      Acknowledging your fears and weaknesses it what truly makes you a man and the more of a man you can be the better women will respond to you!


    • Kyle…

      Let’s just say I look very much like a rock-star and it’s quite obvious in the way I look and my delivery that I don’t work there. I’m not trying to convince a woman that I really work there. I come from the mentality that I noticed an attractive woman and wanted to just go and flirt with her with something completely random and funny!


    • Hey Tempted…

      I didn’t get her to do anything…. I payed for drinks and dessert. She offered to pay for the cab. I never manipulate anyone to do something that they don’t want to do themselves…. It was an even exchange!


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