Premature Ejectulation….

A very common problem I have been observing with students and lovers of the seduction game as of lately has been an issue of “Premature Ejectulation.” This is when a guy who approaches a woman gets some interest and attraction and all of a sudden decides to eject himself from the situation before he really had a chance to either pull her back to his place or build more attraction and or rapport to help him solidify a better chance of having her meet up with him again at a later date!

I see it all the time.  A guy opens, gets attraction, and then…. RUNS AWAY happy he got a phone number! But, is that phone number worth the paper it was written on? NOPE! Or maybe he opens, gets attraction, and runs away before he even gets her number! I hate seeing this. In my head, I’m screaming, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- get back in there! SHE LIKES YOU!!!!!!!!

We approach to get the girl, right??? Then why not stay in until you get the chick? Makes perfect sense, right?

I would imagine that he runs away for a few reasons:

He puts even more importance on the set because he got some attraction and before he can ruin it, he leaves on a so called “high note”  before he blows it. This is BULLSHIT THEORY! Whoever made it popular to leave on a high note after just a few minutes of talking to a woman has the same ejection problems as my students and is trying to cover his own tracks.

He feels more pressured to be and act in a certain more attractive way now that he has some interest from her.

He just doesn’t know what to do with a woman that is interested in him from a cold approach.

The fear of being judged is now higher because there is more to lose now that she’s into him!

The fear of just blowing it!

All of these are very valid “excuses” and excuses are exactly what they are.

When you approach a woman the whole point of walking up to her and studying game is to get her massively attracted to you almost instantly so that you may now have the chance to sleep with the object of your desire and for some reason only known to the guy doing the approaching himself when he achieves this level of interest from a woman he bails just before he can capitalize on his new found skills and blow any chances he may have had to seduce the woman he just approached!

When I work with guys and start to see this pattern I implement my “NO EJECTION RULE!”

If you have this problem… I am giving you this rule to follow as well.

No Premature Ejectulation! Ever!

Stay in until she tells you to leave or walks away from you is the best cure for this disease! Practice staying in at all costs to your illusory ego! Once you get over you ejecting problem then you can start switching things up but for now stick to the plan.

Stay in, work your magic and if you blow it, then you blow it. How else are you gonna learn? Better you stay in and build some solid attraction and rapport than run away with neither. You will see your results sky-rocket when you spend more time with a woman. In most cases you overall chances of seducing the woman or getting a sold day two are in direct relation to the amount of time you spend with a woman that you’ve just met.

If you are running out of things to say and feel the need to run away… STAY IN and ask questions! Just start asking questions. Better to ask questions and get to know her that leave before the appropriate time!

What kind of questions should you ask? AFC questions! Ask away. They are only AFC questions if you don’t have attraction or interest, other than that they are the NORMAL questions people ask one another all the time. I ask AFC questions all the time and I get laid a lot! Don’t worry about that. Just ask. Get to know her life story!

Be sure to let me know if anyone is suffering from this… I have lots ideas to help you. And also, let me know if this was once a problem for you back when you were first learning as it was for me and let me know how you overcame it… Maybe I can learn something from you guys to help some of my students…

17 thoughts on “Premature Ejectulation….

  1. This was definitely something for me to learn. I would approach sets, then say to myself, “great one approach down time to do another.” I first learned I was doing this when I was at a workshop with Hyper. My first set of the night was going great and the girls were really into me, then I walked away! Hyper stopped me and said “What are you doing man??” I was like, “Ummm I don’t know… approaching more girls?” he was like, “Get back in there!” and I was like, “and then what?” to which Hyper told me, “and fuck her!”

    So yeah I’m glad to be reminded of this again cause I see how important it is.

  2. I am guilty of this 😦
    Sometimes I do it right after the opener and they get attraction cause I get scared.

    But most of the times, I do it after I run out of things to say, cause I start feeling uncomfortable and nervous over the fact that I ran out of stuff to say, or the awkward silence that ensues after I run out of stuff to say.

    Your idea behind the fact that the stakes are raised once the girl IS ATTRACTED instantly does hold true sometimes with me, as well.

    But most of the times it’s the fact that I get nervous from the silence or running out of stuff to say.

    Thanks for writing this part though: “When you approach a woman the whole point of walking up to her and studying game is to get her massively attracted to you almost instantly so that you may now have the chance to sleep with the object of your desire”

  3. Great point Glenn! These quotes in particular really resonated with me:

    “Practice staying in at all costs to your illusory ego!”

    So your saying our egos are figments of our imagination, like they don’t really exist? Or that you should just man up and take it?

    “What kind of questions should you ask? AFC questions! Ask away. They are only AFC questions if you don’t have attraction or interest, other than that they are the NORMAL questions people ask one another all the time. I ask AFC questions all the time and I get laid a lot! Don’t worry about that. Just ask. Get to know her life story!”

    Great point, I remember after reading The Game me and a friend started adopting Jugglers “no questions” rule, it was just really hard and akward and made us seem weird.

    Of course your totally right, questions are only AFC if she doesnt think your sexy, if she thinks your sexy then asking the question isn’t much of problem, I’m sure you throw in some banter with your questions as well so its not like an interrogation.

    Thanks so much for your great tips,


  4. Hey Glenn, I’m pretty sure I’m prematurely ejectulating when I’m out talking to women. Most of the time, my brain’s just so convinced it’s the right thing to do. I’d get her number and then leave “before she finds out I just got her number”. Some times, I don’t even notice it. Before I could say “hey I could have talked longer to that chick”, I’m already a block away from her!!

    I’m just learning now that most of the sets I think are “blowouts” aren’t really blowouts, they’re just giving a little flack or maybe testing me. Before, I would just leave… now I’m trying to plow through that and stay talk to them.

    Thanks for posting up Glenn! Keep it up!


    • John…

      Great insights into your game…

      For now, juts force yourself to stay in. Sure, you’ll blow it sometimes and she’ll lose interest because you can’t supply her with the conversation and stimulation she needs but who cares??? This is how you’ll learn.

      There are times where if you want to pull a girl whether it be the daytime or at night you’re gonna have to talk to her for hours straight… So, it’s best to practice your conversation skills.


  5. Was just thinking of a scenario. What happens during training if a student manages to escalate a girl early on, lets say his 3rd or 4th set during the 1st hour or so?

    Does training cease since the student will have sex with the girl? Will it resume once the student is finished, assuming he still has energy? Will he need to set a day 2 to F close since he is still training?

    As for ejecting during sets, I read up that Bradp will not plow thru sets if he deems the girl unqualified. Other coaches such as JT Tran (asian playboy) will have the gentleman exit, ejecting out of sets gracefully and courteously.
    Others like DJ Fuji will not let you eject sets until he says for you to eject.

    For my own opinion, this is a case by case scenario and you must look into the context of your goals and what you want from this girl.
    Also, use good judgement and reasoning, if a girl says NO but you still keep plowing, its going to end up being harassment.

    Well, atleast I know what to look forward to during our training. LOL! 🙂


    • Ken…

      The questions you asked are very good and insightful… When we get together i will answer them all in full detail! It’s way too much to type.


  6. I’ll eject sometimes before I can get any routines in. What are your thoughts on transitioning from routine to routine?

    • Oliver…

      Good question.

      Don’t worry about transitioning smoothly. Just go into another routine. When you’re able to just go into another routine you will be controlling the frame and frame control is very important.

      I would suggest getting yourself 3-4 routines memorized and making sure you go through them all before you eject and if you do feel the urge to eject… STAY IN. Tell yourself that you’re gonna stay in the next set for at least 20mins. Time yourself and don’t leave before unless she walks away from you.


  7. Ok thanks.

    I used to think that it would be ”too random” to just jump from one routine to the next. I guess if there’s no pause at all the girl will just adapt to my frame. Trying to transition smoothly probably won’t work as well as just jumping right into it.

    So just jump from one routine to the next. The girl won’t even know what’s going on because it’s happening so quickly. haha

  8. yes I do this, specially with the 9.5 or 10s. I can get attraction and have her into me but for some reason eject. To be honest i dont feel like i deserve attraction from a 10 and when i get it it blows my mind so much that i just pussy out and eject. funny thing is that I have no problem spending 10 hours with a 7-8(looks wise) if i have to but for the really really hot chicks i still get the butterflies. Thanks for the post.

    • Lithius…

      Glad you liked the post…

      Deservedness is a huge problem for some guys. it can play mental havoc on your mind for sure! Why do we think we deserve an 8 and not a 10? Odd when you really think about it… One of the best ways to overcome this is to constantly put yourself in a position with 9’s and 10’s to build up a tolerance to their beauty. Spend time with them and you will see that the average 9-10 is usually an 8 or 7 in reality.

      Try to reverse that thinking a little. Instead of thinking “Why do I deserve a 9 or 10?” start to think “Why does deserve me?”

      but the main problem is what I call “Illusory Value Assignment”!

      You are assigning a value to woman without justification! View her as you equal or lesser value. You’re being unfair to yourself by doing this.


      • ok i will start to mix in approaches on really hot 9s and 10s along with my regular 6-8s and will start asking those questions as i do the approaches. thank you for framing it this way.

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