How bad do you want to get GOOD with women? One-Time Coaching Special…

It’s spring time and summer is just around the corner. The women are coming out of winter hibernation, they’re wearing less and they are ready to hook-up with some lucky guys. Are you going to be one of them?
This is the BEST time to learn and take your game to the next level!
For the next few months there will be MORE women wearing almost next to nothing and showing off their goodies for the world to take notice of!
There will be more women to approach than you will know what to do with. I can’t speak for most of you but I will be out almost every single day that I am free, mastering my game even more (Yes, even I can still learn!) with the ladies and I will make sure I have a cornucopia of new and exciting women in my life for the warm season!
Will you be doing the same?
How good will your game get this Summer? How much are you willing to learn?

Are you finally ready to take the next step in Seduction Mastery?

It’s not called the “Summer of Love” for no reason. It’s a scientific fact that when the seasons change and the warmer weather rolls around women naturally get hornier and more susceptible to a man’s sexual advances upon her that they’ve never met before… and YOU should do whatever it takes to take advantage of this once a year phenomenon!
You don’t want to wait around another year to finally take your game to the next level. The time is now and women are waiting for you with open arms to walk into their lives.
Now that I think about it… I took my first coaching session ever in the Springtime.
Winter was over. Girls started appearing everywhere again and wearing much less. My desire to finally get really good with women was at an all time high. I didn’t do much approaching over the winter and my game had slipped into a less than acceptable state of affairs.
I knew that if I didn’t act now I probably never would have.
My success was dependent on a few factors:
  1. My desire to take the steps necessary to get good with women.
  2. My willingness to put all pride aside and GET the coaching that I needed even though my game was somewhat already good!
  3. Timing! Spring and Summer was the prefect time to get personalized coaching and practice what I learned.
I know the value of learning during these critical months of warm weather and because I know that ONLY personal coaching can really take you and your game to the next level.
I have begged Drew (our business manager) to allow me to run a special one-time-offer of personalized coaching so you can take advantage of it!
If you speak with any so-called “Dating Superstar” they will all say that they have had coaching themselves and that if it wasn’t for getting help where and when they needed it they would never be where they are now enjoying the prized label of “Dating Guru.”
For the next SEVEN DAYS you will be left with a choice and a decision to make. That’s it! This is a one week offer and once it’s done… it is OVER!
You will have to decide if you are happy with the way things are for you right now when it comes to seducing women or…
You can choose to finally take some ACTION and take your game to an all new level that you never dreamed about by taking advantage this one of a kind personalized coaching session you deserve!
Here’s what you get if we work with each other:
In-Field personalized coaching with just YOU and ME.
Live Demo’s where I will show you exactly how to do it and I will show you how you’re are doing it wrong.
Create a Routine Stack- This is one the most valuable parts of our coaching session together. You and I will sit down and work on the prefect routine stack that works for you! A routine stack is a series of routines you say one after the other that will get the girl laughing and attracted to you. You will never need to worry about what to say when a hot girl crosses your path!
Fashion Evaluation- This is where I will help you craft the perfect stylized look that attracts the hottest women.
Never before released Openers and Routines! With just this alone you will take your game to levels never thought of.
Storytelling Technique & Dynamics- I will help you craft the perfect story that will generate intense attraction and raise your value through the roof.
Fundamentals Assessment- Most men who aren’t very good with women usually have problems they are not even aware of when it comes to their basic fundamentals. This assessment will cover everything from voice tonality, body language, confident walk to eye contact, positioning, getting physical and more! You will never need to ask another question about any of these topic again. And I will correct any mistakes you may have been making!
Personalized Follow-Up Plan- When our coaching session is over I will make sure you have a solid road map that you can follow that will lead you down the path of mastery.
AS A FREE BONUS for my Blog-Readers Only…
I will give you a 100% FREE 30 Minute phone coaching follow up call with just YOU and ME on the phone or Skype! I have never offered this before and you must be a reader to qualify!
So… What’s the price? That’s really what you want to know isn’t it?
Did you know that most guys who decide that they want coaching and realize the value of what I offer NEVER even ask the price?
They just do it…
But I know some guys are on budgets and have to make very smart financial decisions with their hard earned money. I respect that very much. I am the same in many ways.
Normally I charge $2,500 for a “Personal Coaching Sessions” with me and that DOESN’T include a FREE phone coaching follow up call. A one hour session on the phone with me will cost you $275.
I have also had guys book a Storytelling seminar with me which costs $500 just for a seat. And you are getting this for FREE!
Total price for all of this would normally be $3,275!

Like I said before.. This is a  one-time-special and I need to show my readers that I appreciate them.
I want to show you that I care. I am going to give you the best deal I can.
Drew was very mad at me for suggesting this offer and low price. I’ve never seen him so pissed. But I explained to him how many readers I have commenting on my blog and if it wasn’t for them, my blog would be buried on the internet somewhere. I told him I wanted to pay a special thanks to all of you guys and the ONLY way to do this was a ridiculously LOW price.
After going back and forth with Drew, we finally decided on a great price for you guys:
$1,500 for the whole package!
You will NEVER get a session with me this cheap again!
BUT… I have some BAD NEWS…

Like I said earlier… I want to go out as much as I can this Spring and Summer to meet as many women as I can and because of this…
I am ONLY taking on the first 5 people who sign up. ONLY FIVE and no more! 

And you have SEVEN days to make a decision as to what direction you want your life to take.
You can choose to stay the same as you are now…
Go to bed alone on most nights
Battle with your approach anxiety
Keep getting blown-out
Getting flaked on by women you “thought” you had
Not knowing what you’re doing wrong, what you could be doing better, what your strengths are…
Get the coaching you need to take everything to the next level. Please don’t miss out on this opportunity. I will not be offering this again.
Call  now and be sure to reserve your spot now before all the other guys beat you to it.
Please don’t wait. I know the 5 spots will be gone in a matter of a few days.

12 thoughts on “How bad do you want to get GOOD with women? One-Time Coaching Special…

  1. Sounds like a really great offer, wish I wasn’t living in the wrong hemisphere, when is the moon going to fall and send my city up north?
    By the way, I can’t belive how true that spring-summer thing is, it even affects us, men. My state has really been taking hard this cold weather

    • Captain…

      If you are in NYC obviously that would be better… But on the bright side, I’m gonna be in LA in August or Sept… You can always book now at the soecial price and we can do the training when I get out West. Can you come down to LA for a coaching session?


  2. There is a good chance that I will continue training with you since I believe in long term training to improve ones skills.
    I figure one day and night training wont be enough to develop my skill sets.
    I often make trips to NY. So rather than go on a sight seeing tour, I’d rather sarge and game women.
    I was thinking of having a 10 day vacation and going on training day and night for 7 days.
    Although this will be next year since I’ve already got plans other than pickup for the summer.


    • Ken…

      I have to admit that on-going training will produce the best and quickest results but whatever we work on when we are together for our one-on-one I will make sure you will have to the tools to take your game to the next level and achieve success…


  3. Though I agree with everything you mentioned in this post.I don’t think guys should wait around until the Summers gets here to then try sharpening their skillset.

    Or a full Summer will fly by again with no chics(new chics)in the harem.

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