Uh oh!!! I’m in trouble…

This is a quick weekend update!

I’m on my phone right now and of course it’s an Iphone so typing on this thing sucks, so I’m gonna have to keep this one short! Sorry but it’s way too funny not to share.

A while back I posted about my Double Break-Up Reversal. Now, here’s the deal…I had some hot steamy sex with this chick  a few times and after a month or so we just sort of faded away. Not for any particular reason…

Now, I have this client of mine who’s retarded hot! I mean smoking hot! I always hit on her and she flirts right back BUT she was always in a very and I mean very serious relationship with some dude which I always avoided a conversation about  but then again she never really brings him up but I had the sense that I should keep my business seperate from this one and just leave the thought of sleeping with her alone for now until her situation changed. Just a hunch…

So, a few weeks ago, she comes in to see me, gives me an extra big kiss on the lips and says, “Guess what? I broke up with my boyfriend!” and I said… “Oh great… Now you want me to be your boyfriend? Forget it lady… You blew your chances of getting in my pants a long time ago.” The flirting ensues!

She asks me out on a date, and of course I say yes but only if she’ll wear her best hooker heels and red lipstick. We start texting the next day  furiously… But our schedules are conflicting like no tomorrow and we are way too far away each other to have a random booty call, so we have to wait this out! So, it’s been taking some time to meet up!

The other morning, we make plans to hang out this Thursday coming up… It’s so on and I am so into this girl. During our texting she sends me a Facebook friends request and I accept… So, I add her as my friend and I start checking out her pics and then read her wall posts and I spot this amazingly hot blonde with tattoos! I’m thinking I want to meet her friend, maybe I’ll add her to my friends list and try gettig in her pants as well later down the road… I start to read their conversation to each other and their both like best friends since they were little… I click on the blondes picture and guess what????????? It’s the girl I posted about that I’ve already had some insane sex with… It was my Double Break-Up Reversal woman! Yikes!!!

I know that in reality this will only make me more desirable to the newer girl but I’m pretty sure the blonde is going to try and cockblock me hard-core!! Death to the cock-block!

Not sure what’s gonna happen but when you add some one onto your friends list in Facebook it immediately posts onto your wall for everybody to see who you just became friends with and this chicks wall IS NOT BUSY! The blonde definitely saw this and I’m pretty sure there is some serious gossip going on here…

I will keep you posted on this… but I guess if there is any advice to be had from this post it would be to NOT ADD chicks that you may sleep with on Facebook!

Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “Uh oh!!! I’m in trouble…

  1. Hahahahahah! Play on playa!

    Good luck with your lay-dee!

    I think its going to work to your advantage because shes just out of a serious relationship so shes probably hungry for some random cock!

    all the best anyhow.


  2. Yeah I figured out a few months ago not to Facebook any girls I want to fuck, until after I’ve fucked them at least. Aside from stuff like this, I think it also makes me less mysterious and less of a challenge.

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