Is this a “Sticking Point” for you? (video at bottom)

I’ve been wanting to post about this particular topic for quite sometime now and last night I was this chick and it totally reminded me to finally do this and at the same time proved a little theory I’ve been formulating in my head once again. It’s in regards to a sticking point that I know some of you have but would never think of a an actual so called “sticking point”. So… What is the sticking point?

The sticking point is… and don’t laugh! It’s Bra Straps and your ability to unhinge that little clasp with just a 1/2 second little flick with your fingers…

For years now I have noticed that if you can take a bra-strap off, even the more cumbersome 3 prong with unusual lightening speed you will get MASSIVE sexual attraction from a woman and almost no last-minute resistance from the woman in your arms. I know what you might be thinking but once again I am a man who only justifies his words and actions through actual real-life proof and I’ve seen a woman’s eyes go from…. Yes, I’m really enjoying this to fuck me right now eyes as soon as I’ve undone her bra strap.

The chick I was with last night said to me in these exact words… “You are just way to good at that. I’m scared!” and then immediately got down on her knees and gave me the ride of my life. Afterwards, she said… “How did you learn to take a woman’s bra strap off that quickly? That really turned me on. You did it faster than I can.”

But this is not unusual for me. Over the years I have had dozens of women react the same exact way when I undo their bra’s this quickly and effortlessly. I think when you are able to do this so quickly it tells a woman many different things about you.

First- It obviously tells her that you are VERY experienced and being that experienced you must be good in the bedroom which will only make her want to be with you sexually even more while at the same time, she will be thinking that you are very used to having actual sex when you hook up with a woman and that if she doesn’t have sex with you, you might judge her unfavorably! Hence more willingness to submit.

Second- It doesn’t allow her ” Sexual State” to be broken. Momentum, sexual tension/anticipation and flow are essential when it comes to seduction in the bedroom and if you are fiddling around with a woman’s bra strap and maybe even to the point where she just has to do it herself and stop the fooling around process it will break that flow you have going on and hence her highly aroused sexual state will drop! Think about it, if you are with a woman and you try to take her bra off in an UN-SMOOTH fashion what does that say about you as a man and how do you think the flow will be broken if she actually has to do all the work herself. BORING!

Third- When you take it off that quick it will give her less time in her head to start thinking with any sort of logic that may in turn have her put up some resistance to your sexual advances. It will just be happening so fast.

Now watch this video… It’s funny but gets the job done!

So, I can try and write about how to actually take a bra-strap off but I think this video did it justice.

Let me know if anyone else has seen what I am  talking about first hand with favorable reactions from women when you take their bra’s off so fast and be sure to leave some comments about your experiences or failures in this area.

14 thoughts on “Is this a “Sticking Point” for you? (video at bottom)

  1. Funny. I know exactly what you’re talking about. My ex had taught me very well on this. All you have to do is just pinch the bra strap together and it comes off pretty easy. (didn’t watched the vid but that is what I’m guessing). Recently
    I did to the girl I’m dating and she was very impressed and accused me of being TOO sexually experienced. EXPLOSIVE indeed 🙂

  2. Hmm. interesting. Of course this is a classic cultural reference point for every teen movie EVER and every guy struggles in the beginning and it IS difficult to get them off at first but I find now that I’m a grown up, I still get stuck sometimes but you just laugh about it and tell the girl to do it herself!

    However, I never considered the fact that maybe it can be used as a turn on – in fact, I was always self-conscious every time I was able to pop it open in seconds in case it made the girl think I was a player and turned her off.

    • Gift….

      Being an assumed player is only a good thing. Pop that bitch off fast and assume the roll she gives you!

      Funny, but I actually took some students of mine out bra shopping today! It was awesome. We bought some bra’s and they practiced! Best ever! I love those guys, their hearts are in it for the long haul!


  3. I fucking love you man. Month #2 almost over. Currently ended at approach #23.

    P.S any tips on some good contingencies to say after Cotton Candy opener?

    P.P.S This one college girl on campus thought I was talking about — in her own words — “blow” when I opened with Cotton Candy LMAO!

    Fuck One more thing: Would you mind looking over my baseline (first 30) approaches and provide feedback on it? I know I should be doing more than 30, but it’s been hard finding any busier spots than the college campus during the weekdays and the malls and bars during the weekends.

    • Irv…

      After cotton candy… If they say no just say either… Come on, you totally look like you go to the circus! or Where I come from you can get cotton candy any time of the day!

      Sometimes I will even say… It doesn’t even to be a particular color. Red, blue, pink I’ll take whatever I can get my hands on. And then ask her what her favorite color is and not to say pink!

      As far as the 30/30 goes… I’m rarely on it but if I do log on sometime soon I will take a look but no promises!

      And cotton candy meaning cocaine?!?!?! That’s awesome! Priceless…

      one time I opened some girl with Horse Girl and when I asked her if she liked horses she said, “Why are you going to try and sell me one?” i was in love immediately. chicks will say some crazy ass shit sometimes!


      • I had a girl once wh thought I was talking about coke. It’s easy attraction when you bust on them for thinking that. I also once asked directions to the candy shop at the mall while doing my social freedom exercises, and this couple who was with their kids thought I was asking for directions to a strip club called the candy shop.

        Best misinterpretation ever though- trading hair opener, a black girl thought I was making fun of her for wearing a weave. I played dumb, then acted curious and played with her hair and made out with her. Racism for teh win!

  4. Amazing!

    I’m not totally crazy either! I’ve always felt that taking off the girls bra was a critical point in seduction…especially when I was less experienced …for the exact same reasons you listed…I just never knew how to articulate it, the way you did so well.

    For me it’s always a very conscious move when things start to get very frisky! And I feel like I’ve experienced what you noted to the tee:

    1)When the bra slides off like butter, I see girls’ eyes go wide and they get turned on cause it’s dominant, smooth and sexy….and then that’s quickly followed by a small insecurity or curiosity like: “oh, you’ve done this before?” or “you’re almost too good at that mister!” or “how many times have you done this this year?” or …”how did you even know my clasp was there?!” or “hmmm, that was very smooth, too smooth. you must be a player!” …I’ve had all these things said to me!

    It’s like they can sense all the experiences you’ve had with girls before them, in the dexterity of your fingertips! It’s really interesting to see. Its actually worked against me a few times, when girls get defensive because all of a sudden you go (in their mind) from being this cute guy, to this guy whos fucked…how many chicks??? Which is both a turn on, but sometimes intimidating to girls!

    I’ve kinda lumped 2 and 3 together intuitively …when I was less experienced, and moments like this held greater weight …I remember times when I’d fumble and I could almost HEAR the girl thinking: wellllllll……if my bra doesn’t want to come off….its probably, maybe a sign I shouldn’t have sex with him yet/tonight/on the first date/etc…and she starts thinking lots, while you fumble and fumble…and her state starts to droop…but if things just keep rolling and rolling, when the bra comes off, it sometimes feels like you’ve just tipped the snowball over the edge, and things keep tumbling down!

    Awesome awesome! Excited to read this! I thought I was a silly madman for thinking “the offing of the bra” was an important point in sexual escalation…i feel validated! great post!


    ps: just for my own enjoyment, and the girls, i like “de-bra-ing” in a handful of different ways now. its fun! they love it!

    • Shwayneone…

      If chicks are saying those words to you, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!

      I’m surprised you’ve encountered some adverse reactions to you taking off their bra’s so fast. But I guess anything is possible with chicks. They never cease to amaze me! If they get defensive, just shut them out. Cold shoulder. Because if they think you’re a player and they intuitively know you will give them a good time and that prude behavior will not work favorably in your eyes they will need to use their bodies to get your attention and affection back. This tactic is lethal in it’s ability to get a woman to do what it is that she really wants to do! And that is what we are learning to do. We’re learning to allow women to be women without the fear of being judged. We’re allowing them to express their sexuality that they so desperately try to conceal because of societal norms!

      This is a great insight. I would have to agree….. Thank you for sharing it with us!
      ” …when I was less experienced, and moments like this held greater weight …I remember times when I’d fumble and I could almost HEAR the girl thinking: wellllllll……if my bra doesn’t want to come off….its probably, maybe a sign I shouldn’t have sex with him yet/tonight/on the first date/etc…and she starts thinking lots, while you fumble and fumble…and her state starts to droop…but if things just keep rolling and rolling, when the bra comes off, it sometimes feels like you’ve just tipped the snowball over the edge, and things keep tumbling down!”

  5. Another great post Glenn!

    I have a question about using routines. Are there certain routines that you shouldn’t use at certain times? For example, I want to practice the penis implant routine more. I’ve used it mainly at night and I think once in the daytime. It seems to be more appropriate to use a routine like that at night for some reason. Any thoughts??
    Also, I’ll usually wait for the right opportunity to use a routine so that it doesn’t come off too random. I’m still a bit skeptical about just jumping right into it.But, It usually ends up with me going into normal conversation that usually ends up going no where. I’m guessing it’s better to just jump right into the routine if I find myself stalling out. I could just say ”hey have you ever had a surgery ever in your life?” I guess i was trying to avoid coming off too random. Lol

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