Explosive list of some crazy things you can say to a woman to attract her even more…

Here’s a short little list of some flirty and playful things I love to say to women that I have approached. All the things I am giving you today are some of the exact same things I have given to my students who have paid for some one-on-one coaching but for free.

I guess you could call them banter lines, teases or flirty statements that will  get her more attracted to you, throw her game off, let her know you’re experienced with women and at times definitely confuse her to her the fullest. All of which are great things to be able to do. Have some fun with them but use them sparingly. If you find yourself talking to a hottie and you decide to drop one of my lines on her, do just that… But ONLY one line and in the rare circumstances, maybe two! But before I give you some of my best lines I’d like for you read just a little bit more. Bare with me!

You see, most guys can get very carried away with banter lines because they work so damn well  and get some pretty awesome responses from women. The more you see something working the more you’ll want to do it… Or on the other hand they will over do it with cocky & funny and what happens inevitably is that they will over game the girl. In a nutshell, the will blow themselves out but not with a bad reaction from the girl and her telling you to leave but you’ll lose the set in a much different way at a much different time(we’ll get to that in a bit). Over gaming is a very common problem I see on a day to day basis with guys I see in the field. Heck, it was a big issue for me way back when I was first learning the ninjistic arts of attracting women so how can I blame them for doing what they’re doing and what I used to do myself?

For me, back in the old days I would use some of the same lines I am giving you today but instead of just saying one or two of them I found myself saying 7-10 of them! So, what would happen with a majority of my sets was that I would open her, get attraction, over game her and get a phone number… You may be thinking, “Sounds good to me. You got her number”… Well, it did make me feel good because I got a number from a cute girl I was talking to but did that cute girl answer my texts, NOPE! Did she flake on me, YES! Did she respond to my texts for the first day and the never respond again, OF COURSE! And all of that made me feel even worse than if she had just blown me out when I first started talking to her. I hate flakey behavior from chicks….

At the time I was so confused as to what I was doing wrong. I was getting tons of numbers and massive attraction from women but I couldn’t get them to meet up with me again. I was so frustrated. Then one day I figured it out what was going wrong and why.

The answer was simple. I was just over gaming them and saying some of my banter lines at the wrong time. I was giving them to much attraction material and no rapport at all. I was relying entirely on my routines, openers and banter techniques to do all the work and help masquerade my own insecurities about my attractiveness to a woman.

You see, the more insecure about yourself you feel the more you will rely on techniques, tactics and lines to get the woman. The more secure about yourself the less attraction material you will be using.  Guaranteed. This rule not only applies to the beginner but to the seasoned veteran of pick-up as well and we are all guilty of it.

It’s pretty obvious why a beginner should want his routines to do most if not all of the work for him because of his lack of confidence and deservedness but I think with the guys who are lucky to have some better pick-up skills it’s a little less obvious as to why he would feel the need to use many different routines on any particular girl!

You see, even the guys who are really good at getting women don’t feel good about themselves 100% of the time. We have our ups and downs like everybody else, so if we are having a down moment and see a hot chick there are times where he will still find himself approaching her but he will feel the urge to spit out a bunch of routines and fancy lines to have them compensate for his own feelings of lack  and self-worth at that moment. Make sense?

So for me, back in the good old days of getting good with women I had some issues with my own self worth and to offset that feeling I would use way too many routines and banter material to do the job and inevitably I would over game the chick. I just wasn’t thinking that she could like me for me at that stage of my life. 8(

Another problem was the fact, like I said earlier that I was using way too much attract material and not enough rapport. Rapport skills are essential and I was underestimating the power of rapport to get the girls to call me back and meet up with me again.

Now that I think about it…I was purposefully avoiding rapport with women at all costs.

The reason I was avoiding it was because I was actually scared of getting into a rapport based conversation. When I found myself talking to a chick and the conversation was leaning towards a form of rapport I would blast out some more routines or banter lines to avoid that road. The reason being was that I knew if her and I were just in a normal rapport based conversation I wouldn’t have any of my lines(my security blanket) to use on her and I would be just sitting there talking to her with JUST myself. I would have to rely on me and me only to get the job done and that was scary as hell especially since I didn’t think that women should like me for me.

I was then left with a decision and that decision was to either avoid rapport and connection making with a woman, blast out some more attraction material and get flaked on(which I hated) or connect with her emotionally by means of a rapport/comfort based conversation… And being that I am now a head coach with BradP and have tons of chicks in my life you could only imagine which road I finally followed and how I feel about myself now.

Here’s a little formula I learned from all of this…




If you can follow this simple rule when you’re out meeting women you will almost always get the girl. Now, if you’re out looking for a same day lay or one night stand, does this rule apply? NO! You can pull a girl with just attraction and no rapport. But that’s a topic for a different post.

Ok. I’ve rambled enough and thanks for listening. I hope you learned something from this.

Here are the lines I have tested out, use all the time and are funny as hell when used corectly. Have some fun with them…

I am so attracted you (pause, look deep into her eyes)….. As a friend!

If we were walking down the street together, I wonder who would get more attention?

Keep touching me like that and I’m gonna make you my new booty call.

I’m just looking for multiple monogamous partners

Are you always this masculine with your touching? You sure there isn’t a dick under there?

Hey… I just noticed one of your ears is bigger than other. WOW! That is so cool

Don’t stand so close. I need to look single

Wow! Did you just see that?  That was like the 5th  chick who’s winked at you since we started talking

You look like you’d be really good at chess or You’ve kinda got this chess player vibe. I like it, it’s different

Lemme know what you think of these lines, if you could see yourself saying them or not saying them… If you wanna share some of your own for other guys, that would be great as well. If you feel like sharing your thoughts about rapport, please do… and definitely let me know about when you use them in the field. Have fun….

15 thoughts on “Explosive list of some crazy things you can say to a woman to attract her even more…

  1. MAN these are very very funny lines. will definitely use some of these in field. something else i wanted to say was thank you for sharing the attraction+ rapport lesson you just shared, i have lost COUNTLESS women becuase of my overgaming, im reasonably good looking and am great in convertsation, but i tend to go through at least 5 routines a set, surely what has happened is what you described above, NO problem getting the digits then FLAKE TOWN here i come! i dont mind getting flaked on, WHEN i know WHAT happened and how to fix it for the next beatiful chick whose life i ejaculate into. i wish i would have had this info long ago but now i am armed and loaded with new info to get back out there. Again thank you and keep the great advise rolling.

  2. I’ll try all of these over the next few weeks. I already know the “masculine touching” line should work, because I used something similar a few weeks ago. I was talking to a seated 2-set, said something about how “I’m X kind of guys,” and one of the girls says “I’m X kind of guy too!” I said “Wait, you’re a guy? No way I think I’d better check now” and pushed her legs apart to look at her crotch. She loved it and we made out, and she tried to get her friend to make out with me, but the friend cockblocked instead. Lesson learned about focusing on the target and ignoring the obstacle, but it did generate mad attraction from the girl I used it on.

  3. I like how you broke down that why we overgame thing. I never thought of if that way, and I’ve been experiencing that lately, using less and less routines or one-liners, being more “natural”, having deeper and even easier interactions, and it isn’t a coincidence that I’m feeling so much better about myself, much more confident.
    I’m going places and it does show in how I interact with women, or maybe it’s the other way around.

    I’ll share my favourite line right now… “you’re not confused, are you?”

  4. Yeah I think I’ve been under-doing the rapport talk lately too, and it comes partly from being embarrassed about being unemployed, and partly from worrying about holding their attention in high-energy venues. Both things I can solve in other ways, now that I think about it.

  5. Glennp,

    Just wanted to let you know prior to training, that I’m not comfortable with routine lines.
    I took an ABC attraction a few years back in San Diego with Kevin Feng. We spent most of the time in lecture developing DHV stories.
    I was blanking out infield at Stingeree. We had to use opinion openers during the first day. ) I ended up leaving during the 2 day of bootcamp.

    I’ll have to rewrite some of the openers that Bradp used in the Instant Attraction ebook that I feel more comfortable to use.
    Do you like smurf?…
    Do you like cows?…
    Do you like bushes?…
    Do you like Dildos? … 🙂

    I take it you want to confuse the girl in your opening to create dynamic tension which leads/builds attraction (or blow out)! Correct?

    Basically it seems your playfully teasing the girl from the opening creating a push pull scenario.


    • Ken…

      Gonna be exciting to work with you and where ever you are and whatever your resistance is to certain things I am sure we break through most of them…


  6. Hey Glenn!

    I don’t even care about trying those lines, even though they are fucking great, because what you talked about in the first part really hit home with me, and I can really relate to that. So where I am right now is working on just relating to people instead of constantly building my value through the roof. Who would have thought it could be so simple?!?!

    • Chris…

      Hey, it’s not rocket science. Pick-up is a mind set along with real life experience. It’s just two people getting to know ech other and figuring out that they’re attracted to each other..


  7. I love them! I’ll be using the “Are you always this masculine with your touching?” and “Hey… I just noticed one of your ears is bigger than the other…” lines for my attraction material.

    Making it part of my stack after Horse-girling the FUCK out of these girls. I’m currently in my month-2 of 30/30.

    Could your write a post on rapport building? I feel like I’m great at listening, but not at all at furthering a conversation…

    When you coming to N.Y man?! I might be moving to Texas soon. I don’t wanna leave P.A and then hear that you’re in N.Y when I’m not close by anymore :/

    By the way, are you in Cali now?

  8. I really enjoyed everything up to the lines. I loved your honesty in admitting that even a great PUA such as yourself doesnt feel confident ALL the time and I can empathise with not always feeling that attractive myself.

    I agree that techniques are often used to cover up core insecurities and self-esteem issues and that shouldnt be the case.

    I didnt like many of the lines. I thought they were pretty rude and stupid. I dont know though maybe I’m just a big nice guy.


    • Miller…

      You are entitled to your opinion about my lines being rude but in fact if you understood flirting, teasing, and banter I think you wouldn’t be saying what you did. Try them out for yourself and tell me and all that are reading this if girls think that you are rude and get back to us…

      And being just “A big nice guy” is the one sure way to not have the type of dating success you may be looking for. Nice guys, finish last when it comes to meeting women. Nice being supplicating to women and their irrational expectations of men. We are speaking of being Alpha, being a man that knows what he wants, what he doesn’t want and takes charge of his life and gets the finer things in life he wishes to pursue.

      I am not saying treat women badly… Actually by teasing, flirting and all the rest, you are giving women what they truly want and need from a man. Adore women as beautiful creatures but give them what they want, need and desire from a man.


  9. Thanks Glenn for another great post. I used to have the problem of teasing too often too soon. If I got a number it would be flakey. If I didn’t get a number even if I got initial attraction it was because she thought I was being an asshole. Now I just throw out a couple of teases during a cold approach. My favorite tease that I use regularly is the following: When she asks what I do, I say with a flirtatious smile, “I give women pleasure.” It’s a great way to tease sexually by using misinterpretation.

    • Hey Johnrendon…

      Thank you for commenting and getting into what I have to say. When I hear people say that they are enjoying what I write it only inspires to write more.

      And sounds like chicks are loving it when you say “I give women pleasure”… Nice one! What do say after when they ask more?


  10. Wow! Did you just see that? That was like the 5th chick who’s winked at you since we started talking

    I dont understand that one, is that framing her as lesbian or hinting at her that chicks really might be winking at you, but you say its at her because its in your direction and your just being humble? Or teasing her that girls are checking her out?

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