Direct vs. In-direct… The battle continues!

So, it looks like I’m going to give a talk in late April or early May for one of the local NY lairs and I’m really excited about this one in particular because I am going to be discussing direct game vs. in-direct game. I want to settle the battle once and for all!

I’ve been preparing for the past month and I will unload a massive amount of insight and theory on you guys as well as some new openers and routines never before shared with anyone.

Out of curiosity… I was wondering what style of game most of you guys like to run on the ladies?

I myself can go either way. Sometimes I am very direct and walk up to her and tell her that she’s fucking delicious and grab her hand and go sexual on her quick, depends on my mood and the chick’s responsiveness to what I have just said to her.. Or maybe I’ll go direct by telling her she’s cute and not be super aggressive. Sometimes I just walk up to her and high-five her, hold on to her hand and tell her that if she thinks she’s gonna walk away without talking to me she’s crazy!

And sometimes I am the most aloof in-direct guy out there and she has no idea what’s hitting her. I may walk up to her and just start roll playing with her, or making fun of something she just did before I walked up to her, I may run Horse Girl on her. Who knows… When it’s in-direct for me I can do a million different things. Funny but I never have iny idea of what is going to come out of my mouth until I’m actually saying it. I LOVE split second thinking and going up to the girl with nothing to say.

Usually I will be looking for something to say and I’m never quite sure what it’s gonna be until I’m on my way there. Usually about 2-3 actual steps away SOMETHING just pops into my mind that’s funny, flirty, sexual and WILL open amazingly well and generate explosive attraction.

Fot those of you who don’t know what direct game is and what in-direct game is let me give you a quick breakdown.

Direct Game- You approach a woman and immediately(usually in the opener) let her know your intentions about why you are talking to her. It will either be her looks, style, hair, energy, etc… Basically you will telegraph interest at the very beginning of your conversation with her. She will know why you are there talking to her!

In-Direct Game- Is when you find a woman attractive for whatever reason and you decide to approach her and say something that does not or conceals your interest in her. She will not be clear as to whether or nor you attracted to her. She may think you’re just having fun, she may think you like her, she may think she is part of some story you are telling or she may think that you and her are just having a random conversation. BUT she will NOT be 100% sure of your intentions or attraction towards her until you somehow communicate that with her.

Just let me know which game you prefer, what styles you’ve tried, the results of each or why one style is better than the other. Also, let me know if you’re using routines in either style of game.

I will reply to EVERY post…


22 thoughts on “Direct vs. In-direct… The battle continues!

      • Awesome! Expect me to be there then! I’m as short as LA Phil. So you’ll recognize me ASAP.

        I actually met you at a bar in N.Y while I was on my 1-on-1 with Hyper. It was last year, that day when the bartender freaked and started screaming at Hyper because Hyper wouldn’t buy a drink, LOL!

      • Irv…

        yeah… I remember you! How are you?

        As soon as I get an exact date I will post it up for all to attend. I would love to meet many of you guys in person!


  1. First I’d like to say thank you for another great post, heres my opinion on the topic.

    I personally lean towards in-direct, but I feel its totally up to the scenario that you find yourself in. Its kinda like sluggers vs. finesse fighters both lethal once that skill is honed.

    In-direct: I almost always use this method when i’m out, possibly because its what I started with so there is a certain feeling of comfort in it for me. On some level its like playing chess and this is just my opening, It feels much more calculated. I also enjoy meeting woman out in a non bar type setting, clothing stores, restaurant host, book stores, street. ect.

    Now I have used “You Look Fucking Delicious” in a bar type environment, it worked actually but it seemed more like a hail marry throw. I must admit that “Direct” is pretty intense especially when your dealing with anxiety. Its funny I tend to shy from it but I totally see how powerful it could be.

    • Steven…
      Thanks for liking my posts…

      And in reality there really isn’t such a thing as a “hail mary” opener or thing to say to a woman.

      If you have the mentality that anything you you are saying or might say is a “hail mary” then guess what??? A “hail mary” response is what you will get. Which means sometimes you’ll get a great reaction and sometimes you’ll get blown-out super hard.

      “Hail Mary” is hoping not knowing. “Hail Mary” will not lead to consistent results. You’re kinda just saying something for the sake of saying something and saying anything is better than saying nothing. Agreed? But the intent behind what you say is what is important!


  2. I have used direct in the past with.. mixed results but most often than not i dont get to fuck the girl. usually its the same, they light up like a christmas tree(i use “you are really fucking hot”) then i lose them either later in the conversation or through texts as i fall into the “lets test this guy for boyfriend material” bullshit. becuase of this, i use mainly the openers from 30/30(horse girl, cotton candy, customer service) as they give me better results. i was always told the direct thing doesnt work for me becuase of my body language and non verbals so i dont know.

    • Lithius…

      What you are experiencing when you go direct and get a great reaction but NOT getting the girl is a classic problem most guys get with direct game… When you go direct with something like “You’re fucking hot”, you’re using a very strong confident opener and attracting the woman with what and how you’re saying that because she is assuming you are a very experienced, confident man with a strong identity. What is likely happening is that once you’ve opened so strongly, you are not able to follow up with you’re game and you’re losing her.

      You’re game needs to be in proportion to the types of material you are using on her. After a few minutes she’s is figuring out that you weren’t your opener.


      • so how do i fix this? work on my non verbals? or just plain continue to go out and gain more experience till the opener eventually flows with the rest of my game? is there something in specific i can do to improve my direct game?

      • Lithius…

        It’s not going to be a quick fix.

        First, Work on your entire game
        Second, Work on your deservedness
        Third, Work on confidence
        Fourth, Get laid more

        If you can achieve all of the above you will find your direct game to go through the roof but if your in-direct game is working decently… Why work on direct?!


  3. I dont believe in dictating to a particular style. As you know, in the community,for every idea there is an opposite idea to counter. And its a never ending debate.

    I do believe in learning and applying knowledge/theory/concept and see if it is effective and fits your comfort. Basically you have to figure out what suites your needs the most.

    As for gaming girls, my take on it would be
    I think everything should be taken into context when gaming girls. What environment is she in? Day/night? Is she alone? with friends? family? Is she working? How is she dressed? What mood is she in? Whats her body language? *** Its the reason why I like IOIs***

    If she is a lone wolf, dressed provocatively,and she’s giving you a “fuck me eyes” stare. Then why beat around the bush? just go in with strong sexual intent.

    If she is working at Starbucks. Its probably best to go indirect, try to avoid any ire with from her co workers/boss which could cause her to lose her job.

    I believe that throughout your interaction with the girl your gaming, you should be gaming with emotions and feelings.

    Lines by itself isn’t going to mean much if you deliver your lines with no emotions/logical frame like Leonard Nimoy e.i. Spock.

    And that throughout your interaction From you opener to the end of your conversation that you have to sub communicate: Confidence.

    Confidence is the basic idea/principle that every pick up coach and every pick up company agree on.


  4. I’m a big believer in going direct. It’s because I led and conducted and 2 year long, double blind study with thousands of participants that concluded that going direct was 16.7% more likely to get you the pussy than going indirect. OK its because I suck at going indirect.

    I think it depends on what kind of person you are, I’m generally a pretty forward and self-expressed person, so it feels very natural for me to go direct.

    I also feel that its more open and honest to go direct and women find that refreshing.

    thanks for your post!

    • Miller…

      Ok, you love direct because you feel more comfortable with it and you suck at in-direct but what are your results?

      Are you getting laid often? Are they with hot chicks? Are you happy with your game?

      I feel to become a great pick-up master you need to have to be able to fully utilize both areas, direct and in-direct! You will learn so much from both. Because even when you go in-direct you are going direct in your mind because you know that you are attracted to her. The only difference is that she doesn’t know and the style of words coming out of your mouth. SO with that being said…


      Chew on that for a bit… Luv ya’ man!


      • Thanks for your reply. I love this!

        “Because even when you go in-direct you are going direct in your mind because you know that you are attracted to her”

        I’ve never even heard this idea before, thanks for sharing it with me. You think differently to anyone I’ve ever met before, its refreshing.

  5. I love indirect, simply because a lot of girls have “boyfriends”. Using indirect and getting the number, I have had times were the girl will get in touch with me after a breakup. If I go direct during her relationship brings up ASD. I’ve tried both, they both can work but I think indirect gives you so much more power.

  6. I’ve never really considered indirect vs. direct game…. but this is giving me a great insight in to it! I will start paying attention and see which I use more and what results I get from each. I love those moments when you don’t know what’s gonna come out of your mouth next too haha. I think I lean more towards indirect idk.

    Oh btw I’m loving the pics you’re posting with your articles lolol

  7. I LOVE confusion game. It was hard for me to understand how it works at first but, I understand how it works now and it has gotten me results. Confusion is a fun way to attract the girl because she is never too sure if you like her and it’s more challenging to them.

    I used to go direct. My favorite direct opener was “hey I know this is really random but I noticed you and had to come meet you” I got some results with it,but it does usually end in the girl already knowing you like her and it’s not as fun for them. I stopped using direct and use a more indirect style because it works better for me. I do go direct sometimes if my calibration is good like when escalating the girl and she’s already attracted. I may run some confusion game on her at first,but when things are heating up and I can tell she likes me I can say something like ”if know body was in here I would bend you over the table and take care of business” that’s more of like a push pull,but when I have attraction I can get away with saying things like that.

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