And the winner is….

About two weeks ago I asked a bunch of my readers to write a blog post/article and offered the winner a free coaching session with me. I did this with the hopes of making this a more interactive forum for people to debate each other, agree with each other and learn from each other and I hope I accomplished this goal.

Picking a winner was a really tough decision! All of the essay’s were great and took me days to read! But I promised a winner and a free coaching session. So, I read them all and then re-read them all again just to be sure.

I chose this particular post because it was insightful, gave references and was very technical in it’s entirety. Most of my posts are light hearted and inspiring with a fair share of practical and technical advice thorughout but I thought the thoroughness of this particual article was slighty more in-depth than some of the other entries.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone for giving it a go. And now for the winners post!

Body Language

Almost everyone knows about body language. If you learn how to read a person, it is almost as if reading their mind. You know every thought, gesture, and one can even predict what they are about to do. Paul Ekman for example, a psychology major psychiatrist, is one of the best body language readers in the world. He even has his own show based on his discoveries from the field. The show is called “LIE TO ME”. The show has a doctor taking cases in murders, theft, affairs, and terrorist threats. His job is to determine if they are lying or not, and he is nearly right 100% of the time. If you want to become this good, learn about body language.
The average person can read a person correctly 30-40% of the time. The above average is correct 70-75%, at this level you are also correct 100% of the time in some cases. Most people say to read a person correctly you must look at their face. This is entirely wrong because people have the most control over their facial muscles. A person show happy, sad, and angry gestures at a blink of an eye with great control. A person must read the entire body to be the most accurate. This means reading eyes, mouth, eyebrows, chin, neck, arms, elbows, fingers, hands, knees, and feet. Look at their entire posture. Each body part signifies a meaning. For example, a closed fist means anger, a raised left eyebrow also means anger, and both hands crossed behind the head means you think you know it all, extreme confidence. Beware of the gestures that you see because they also have more than one meaning. Crossed arms means a negative attitude, closed attitude, that you do not like what you are seeing or what you are dealing with, but if you are in the cold a person will cross their arms to keep warm. Also, if you do a gesture of any kind, you will begin to have that feeling. A positive person can cross their arms, and they will begin to have negative feelings. A person who is not confident may hold their hands behind their back with arms straightened out, and they will begin to feel confident.There are some gestures to tell when a person is lying. In order to read accurately read the body language gestures in threes. Put each gesture together and make a sentence. A person will cross their legs, their arms, and raise their left eyebrow if they are very unhappy. Crossed arms are negative, arms crossed is negative, and a raised eyebrow is negative which is all congruent to what you see, but if a person tells you they are angry but have arms and legs wide open with a smile on their face, you can tell they are lying. A person will begin to perspire because they are nervous, and a natural gesture when lying. They will try to hold eye contact for longer than usual or merely none at all. The most common gesture with all liars is that they will put their hands in their pockets or try to hide them. The cause for this is to “not show their hand”, like in poker because they do not want you to know the truth. Their tone of voice will be higher than usual. To catch this try to get a base line which means ask them something that you know they cannot absolutely lie about e.g. where are you right now? What color is your shirt? Their voice will be at a normal tone, and as soon as they begin to lie their voice will jump higher in an instant. The person will turn their back to you so that you do not see them. Turning a person’s back means that they are hiding something. Sometimes they will cross their arms, legs, or ankles in order to conceal the truth. If a person is sitting down with their legs crossed or ankles crossed, you can uncross them by standing behind them, and they will simply open them up. This technique is used widely among interrogators. A liar will begin to twitch constantly and have nervous ticks like tapping their fingers, pencil, feet, and will want to leave to avoid getting caught. There is a saying that goes “The eyes are the window to the soul”. This is very true. You can tell when a person is lying by reading their eyes. First you will need to know how a person thinks. When a person is thinking very hard, they will look up. A person will look up and to the left when remembering something visually. They will look up and to the right when creating a visual image, will look horizontally to the right when creating a sound, to the left when remembering a sound, and down and to the right when remembering a feeling. A person will look down and to the left when speaking to themselves. A left handed person can have these gestures reversed meaning they will look up and to the right when remembering and up and to the left when creating a visual image. A liar will speak and tell you the lie and look directly to the left. They may also cross their arms or legs in the process. A truthful person will look to the left. A liar will try to avoid your question. A truthful person will show anger if accused of lying and will defend themselves while a liar will try to avoid questions all together. If you ask a person to tell you where they were last night and they look up and to the right you will know that they are lying because they are creating a visual image and try to tell you a lie.

There are body language gestures when courting. Courting is when a male and female will begin to flirt with each other. When a male sees a women he desires he will stand up straight, puff out his chest, lift his chin, and tuck in his stomach to show he is fit to mate and to show his manliness. He will comb or adjust his hair, clothing etc. He will also use a mint to smell good. He will try to make eye contact to get the attention of the woman. Both the male and female with begin to have dilated pupils which indicate being turned on and being highly interested in the opposite sex. That is why bars have very dim light to create that emotion. A woman will sit up straight, cross her legs and slide her shoe off her foot to where it dangles. She will play with it dangling it up and down. This common gesture will drive men wild. A woman crosses her legs to show her femininity. By crossing her legs it makes her legs look more attractive, and women know this. Women will play with her glass by fondling it. She will caress the stick of the wine glass by rubbing it up and down to show what is on her mind, and that you may get lucky if you play your cards right. She will puff out her breast to make herself look more attractive. A woman’s nipples will get hard when she is turned on. If you see this with the female you are speaking with, you are playing your cards right so far. Women will purse their lips to make them look attractive. She will also reach for lipstick and put it on to draw attention to her lips and face. A man will tuck his thumbs in his belt buckle, pockets, or he will stick his hands in his pockets with his thumbs sticking out. These are all gestures that make the male look more attractive to women. When you want to court a female, stick your thumbs in your belt and you will have a better chance than crossing your arms and being negative. In order to have the best chance when approaching you should make eye contact at least three times so the both of you know what is going on. When speaking to a woman, an interested woman will point her feet towards you. A disinterested woman will point hers legs and feet away, sometimes ever her entire body. Feet indicate interest or disinterest. It is harder for a person to control their lower body, so look under the table next time your speaking to someone to find out if they are interested (try not to get caught). A man will touch the woman to indicate interest, a woman will touch you back to tell you that she is comfortable with you and keep going. If she does not touch you back, make contact again and if she returns the touch you may move on to step 2. If she doesn’t return the touch she may not feel comfortable with you. Try to speak to her so that you get to spend time with her. People that spend time together will begin to feel more comfortable with each other. All that you may need can be time for comfortability. If a woman touches you first this means very high attraction and interest. She likes to go for what she wants. Each time you touch her try to escalate where you touch her. You may begin to touch her arm, then touch her lower back , and then her thigh. If you feel she has backed away from you, you are moving too fast. Wait a minute and try again. As you both escalate you will both begin to move closer to each other. Both of you will lean in towards each other with minimal space between the both of you. Touch her face, hair, look at her lips (this means you want to kiss her). Lean in and act as if you are going to kiss her, but then whisper something in her ear. The final step would be to kiss her. After kissing her, the both of you will look more attractive each other because of the highly responsive nerve endings. In their mind, you will look extremely attractive. That’s why ugly couples see each other as hot when they kiss, and people in love like how each other looks. After kissing her, you may ask her what are her plans for the night or run some Brad P game on her.

Women can read body language more accurately than men. This is proven science time and time again. It is because women are more emotional, and are able to feel what another person is going through. The reason that they are more emotional is because their brain has more activity in that region than men. That is why women can always tell if a man is cheating. The next time you want to read someone accurately, try to feel what they are thinking.
These are just a few gestures about body language. You can tell when someone is lying by simply looking at their body. You can tell if someone is attracted to you or not. When you are able to read body language accurately, you will have more confidence, and your life will become easier because you know what everyone is thinking. To learn more on body language you can watch “Lie to Me” or read books from the author Paul Ekman. A good book I will recommend is called the definitive book on body language. Read body language in gestures and make a sentence. Don’t forget to run Brad P game on her.


8 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. I just found out right now. I didn’t believe it at first. Thanks Glenn. I will want to take the infield session. How can we schedule it?

      • Alright sounds great. I did want to fix one typo. I said liars will look to the left. I meant that a liar will look down after they have told the lie. You can find this typo on paragraph 3, and 4 sentences up. Other than that. Thanks Glenn P.

  2. Hey Glenn

    Just skimmed thru the article and its very well written. There is a basic argument within the pick up community on whether to game a girl by reading IOIs (Indicators of interest) or not. In this case, its reading her body language.

    I know there are certain PUA coaches that disregard IOI’s to game women.

    Personally, I like to read a girls body language to see if they are attracted to me or not. It makes me feel more confident and more aggressive if a girl is giving me strong IOIs.

    Kinda of want to know whats your take on it.
    Btw Glenn, I’ll be taking a 1on1 training in May.

  3. Hey Glenn quick question…

    I know that you have your own style of pick-up thats different from everyone else. How did you find your style? Did you just practice alot of Brad P routines and then from that came your own natural style?


    • Jordan…

      I practiced more than the average guy. On an average week I would go out in field for about 40hrs a week. I was relentless in my pursuit of finally being able to attract women into my life. I quickly realized that the only way to get good and better understand the female mind was through ACTION, reading was just not enough! You have to apply and learn all that you read over and over again. Not just try something once or twice but try something 20-30 times before giving up or getting success.

      I studied just about everything out there and tried all the material out until I found what works for me but I kept to one style of pick-up! Within that 1 style I would fine tune and tweak my game until I was getting the results I was looking for.

      Sure, try tons of material out but stick to one system.


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