I know a lot of you people reading this will probably give me a bunch of shit for what I’m about to say about me approaching women and you will also probably want to slam me because maybe I haven’t been living up to the stereo-typical PUA lifestyle but… I really don’t care.

I know what my journey has been. I know what my journey is right now, what it will be like in my near future and most importantly I feel ALIVE, enthusiastic and certain that I will be doing a massive amount of cold-approach pick-up this Spring and Summer. I hope you guys and maybe even some of you girls who are reading this can and will be able to say the same thing!

You see, for the past 2 months I haven’t done a ton of cold-approaches. As a matter of fact besides the Pick-Up Mansion workshop I just taught, I think I haven’t done any! Wait, that’s not true… lolol I’ve done 2! Only two in 2 months?!?! With one of them being a lay! I’ve got one word for that… Pathetic! Or is it?

And yes, you’re right if you’re thinking that I should be doing more approaches and yes, you’re right if you think that I’ve even posted about doing more approaches than just my measly and pathetic 2. I’ve talked a lot of game and tell guys that you should be doing a ton of approaches but…  Why aren’t I taking my own advice?


Right now I’ve got 3 hotties in rotation that I can basically call at anytime and get laid. I’ve been really taking my online-game to a new level, so there’s those girls as well. I’ve been writing tons of material for a new pick-up product I will be putting out in the next few months (NO, I won’t tell you what it is just yet) that has taken up hundreds of hours of my personal time. My life is also crazy busy with work and to be blunt and honest, it really wasn’t on my mind that often if at all.

Sure I’d see some smoking hot chicks walking down the streets of NYC and think to myself that I should approach them and I even went out to a few bars and saw some more cuties that maybe I should have talked to because they were giving me the “I wanna fuck you eyes” but I just didn’t want to and I was perfectly fine with that.

The reason I didn’t approach these women is truly because I don’t have time for any other women in my life right now and I’m at a level where I don’t have to approach JUST for the sake of approaching. I have total freedom from that old mentality.

Despite feeling like I didn’t have to approach, I knew in the back of my mind that the approach was always there for me! I knew from past experiences where I have taken a small amount of time off from the cold-approach pick-up game and my own personal expertise that I am more than capable of taking some time off and still have my game be spot on instantly when I needed it to. I knew my game would be there in an instant if I needed it to be and last night it was! I’d tell you all the details about it but that’s not the point of me writing this. The point is…

I’m back! And I FEEL ALIVE!


When I do a cold approach I immediately feel alive again in that area. I feel unstoppable and un-appologeticaly confident in my ability to attract the opposite sex. My desire for new naked females in my bed is outrageously high again. I have some free time on my hands and I can’t think of a better of way of spending it then doing one of things that truly makes me feel ALIVE, the Cold-Approach!

Tonight I remembered all the hard work I put into getting good with women. I remembered all the blow-outs I’ve had and I remembered all the awesome sex I’ve had. I know in my heart that the sex with random strangers will be there again at anytime I so chose! WOW, what a feeling!

I still have to pinch myself when I remember just how good I have gotten with women. How lucky I am to have become a head coach for Brad P and to have had the privilege of coaching men to help them achieve levels of success they never would have thought possible!

It’s amazing that this skill set, once mastered will always be there for you to use and take advantage of. Always! It’s like riding a bike, you never forget!

When I do a cold approach the feeling is undescribable to many men who just don’t understand it. I fucking love it! I love the fact that you can walk up to any women, in any situation and have an amazing chance of sleeping with her. Once again, pick-up makes me feel alive in ways that nothing else could. It is truly an empowering feeling.

After 6 years of doing this I love that I can write about this with such passion like it was the very first time I found the community. After taking a 2 month break, I still get all happy and excited to do my first real approach again! It’s awesome at how soon after I first open my mouth to a woman that I decided to approach that all of the theory and technical stuff is instantly recalled and immediately put into diabolical use on their female psyches to make them dripping wet with anticipation of being lucky enough to have you for their own!

I’m not writing about how I’m feeling to brag to you or to brag about my ability to attract women into my life. I’m writing this to hopefully inspire you to become GREAT! I want you to use me as inspiration to become GREAT. I want you to feel just as ALIVE as I do when YOU approach a woman.

I’ve modeled myself after many people on this planet. I have many different mentors for all the different areas of my life and I listen to them talk with ears wide open and all judgement aside because I know that they have traversed the paths I am looking to take myself. I study, learn and observe from people better than me in any area with the intent to usurp all that I can from their ramblings and writings! They inspire me to be GREAT!

What I have just written about is a level of success and a attitude in a very particular area of our lives that means a lot to us and I encourage you all to learn from it. It’s an area that is very sensitive and causes a lot of pain for countless men. I know because I once that man.

I have been dumped and cheated on in the past. I have bought expensive dinners with the hopes of getting some sweet vagina action from these same women only to be told, “Let’s just be friends.” I’ve known women that I had crushes on that slept with every other guy but me. I’ve been out on dates with a girls that had reputable reputations for being easy or slutty only to be the guy they weren’t easy or slutty with. I’ve cried myself to sleep over women and I’ve had millions of chances to approach women but was always to much of a pussy to walk up to her. I battled approach anxiety and identity problems when I first arrived at the pick-up community. I have personally gone through it all, from A to Z.

I encourage you to walk in my shoes and take care of this area of your life because once you do…


How good would that make you feel? Imagine waking up one day only to realize that you have arrived! How do you think you will feel? How do you think you will look when you’re walking down the street? How will you look at women? How will women look at you?

Believe me, success is within your grasp. If I can do it anyone can, that is certain! If you’re reading this, you’re already on your way! Congratulations, pat yourself on the back! You’ve already taken the first step. Stop reading and go take another step towards the end goal and then another and while you’re at it… Go take a few more! Don’t stop!

Strive for GREATNESS. Feel ALIVE!

I hope this inspires you. Not only do I want to share all of my knowledge and secrets about seduction with you, I want to inspire. Please share some of your thoughts. tell me about your mentors in the areas of your life. Just as you can learn from me, I CAN learn from you!

Glenn P

10 thoughts on “I FEEL ALIVE… Do you?

  1. Hey Glenn,

    Thanks for your post. I’m so touched by your honesty and sharing. Man-love to you by brother. 🙂

    I’d like to share with you the idea of projection. Projection has made the biggest difference to my personal growth in the past 6 months.

    Projection is the idea that when you get frustrated by something. Oftentimes its an unconscious reflection of something that frustrates you about yourself.

    For example, I got frustrated at my boss when she forgot my name, like really frustrated.

    But then that same day, this other girl at work was mad at me cause I dont know her name at all!

    Now, firstly, projection removes some of the self-righteousness that we (as human beings) are. Obviously theres a level of blindness in getting REALLY frustrated at someone for displaying flaw [A], while also displaying flaw [A].

    More profoundly, projection offers us the chance to fix our own “flaws” (or increase our tolerance of them). For example, what I’m getting now from that interaction at work is that I REALLY HATE that I dont listen sometimes.

    This opens up the opportunity of working on my listening skills and developing in that way.

    So, I would notice next time you get annoyed (although you seem like a really happy camper) and try to fix what it is about yourself thats annoying you.


  2. Lmao I don’t knock you on being lackadaisical over the Winter.At least you have a few HB’s in rotation.Hope that you don’t become rusty and gun shy when sarging in Spring and Summer.

    BTW,are you a fellow New Yorker as I am?

  3. ” If you’re reading this, you’re already on your way! Congratulations, pat yourself on the back! You’ve already taken the first step.”

    I’ve been reading those kind of statements for the last 6 years and I’m still here! Ha!
    (the world’s longest first step)

    Sounds great though, can’t argue with that!

  4. Glenn,

    This entry really connects with me right now. I’ve arrived in a place where no more am I saying, “Omg a hot girl! I have to approach!” to knowing I can, but I don’t want to, and focusing on other things. It’s liberating. Although this might not have been the intent of your post, I”m going to take some time off and work on my other skills, and come back with a renewed sense of vigor that right now I just don’t have for cold approach pickkup. Just feelin’ “meh” about it. Still talking to chicks, but not going out of my way to cold approach for a little while. Thanks for providing some great perspective on this. Btw… when do you announce the winner of the guest blog post entry?

    • Dwizzite…

      Thanks for sharing man. Gonna announce the winner in the next few days. out of fifty I’ve narrowed it down to just a few and will re-read them ASAP and then post the winners essay.

      But thank you to everyone who write in. They were all great! This decision is a tough one!


  5. Things that have greatly inspired me most recently:

    Anthony Robbins (giant within and unlimited power books)
    Steve Wozniak (iWoz book, hes really smartest, funniest and kindest guy on the planet, or very close to it)
    Ayn Rand (Fountainhead book. The characters there are so true and they really make me want to stretch myself to become something like them)

    Ive also read couple of antiutopias ( Brave new world & 1984 ) , both are quite inspiring, showing what a great life full of freedom and opportunity we currently live.

    I can relate to what you are saying, although my level of success is still minimal I feel pretty good when I approach and after that.

  6. Hey Glenn,

    Really inspiring man! Working hard on my game. 6 months in and got 24 girls. Now im working on getting them hotter and hotter.

    Something that REALLY inspires and helps are your FRs. They are GREAT. Lets get more of that man.

    You rock!

    Take care,


    • Martin…

      Keep checking in… I will be posting many FR’s and LR’s.

      And 24 chicks and ONLY 6 months in??? That’s a new girl a week!!! That’s fucking amazing.

      Why don’t you tell us all about it and maybe respond to one of my posts with a LR!

      I am sure many guys would like to know how you’re getting so much success and what a newbie is doing that is getting him laid like a rock-star!


  7. I know what you mean about not approaching just for the sake of approaching. When I was first learning, I went out with a mentality of approaching girls, and trying to reach a certain number of approaches for the night. Now, I go out with the mentality of fucking girls, even if it’s my first set, I’ll say to myself “Ok I’m gonna do everything I can to fuck this girl.” Whereas my old mentality would say “OK one approach down, time to go approach more sets.” Once I got past the practice stage, which was like my first whole year, I changed from an “approach” mentality to a “get laid” mentality. I’m not saying I fuck one out of every two girls I approach haha, but it’s a matter of shifting my mentality.

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