I just had a GREAT idea!

I’m going to allow one lucky person to write a guest blog post and take ALL the credit himself for his inspiring piece of literature so that all of the thousands of visitors who come to my blog can read and learn from what he has to say. This is your chance to really have your voice heard by thousands of people in the dating world. But that’s not all…

All winners deserve a prize, right? Winning a guest blog post is just not enough!

Whoever wins this contest is going to get a free 2hr in field one-on-one coaching session or 2 free 1-hour coaching calls with me. Your choice!

Here’s how the contest works and blog-post submission details. Simply choose any topic related to dating education, click the “Leave a comment” button associated with this thread, come up with a catchy title, write your essay in the “Comment” section of this thread and hit the submit button. Please try to be as original as possible and write with a unique voice, YOUR OWN!

I will then read every single entry and pick a winner. Then I will post the lucky persons essay in a new post for all of us to learn from and then contact him personally to arrange the coaching details. Please be sure to use your real email address so that I can contact you (you will not be spammed and all emails are NEVER shared with anyone). You have 10 days to submit your entry. If you do not want your entry to be posted with your real name, I completely understand and will respect that discretion. Good luck! I can’t wait to read what you have to say.

18 thoughts on “I just had a GREAT idea!

  1. I would like to write a play-by-play article about getting coached by Glenn. How the coaching session went, how many panties dropped in the two-hour session, etc.

    Pick me!


  2. Its says a any dating category. Can it be on body language, or does it have to be a pickup where I describe everything in detail?

    • Victor…

      Yes! Would love to see what you have to say about about body language.

      And pretend it’s an essay that other guys will be reading and learning from.


  3. Glenn! Glad I found your blog. I used to listen to your infield audio reports and they were awesome! Learned so much man, Do you ever plan to do those again? Excited about the future of this blog!!

    • Phazer…

      What’s up man?? Hope all is well.

      Yeah… I’ve got a bunch of new recordings that rock and will putting them out for people to listen to in the next few months.

      Thanks for checking in and glad you loved my old live in-field recordings.


  4. Glenn! You’ll probably recognize my name….or maybe not…we met a few times at various places in NYC.

    Btw, I thought I dropped in my essay here a couple of days ago, but can’t find it anymore. Would I have missed something? Where do we place these essays?

    • Kojo…

      Of course I know you… How the hell are you man/ I hope well.

      I’ve got you’re entry. I also have about 40 others so I think it’s going to be close.

      Thanks for giving it a go. I’ll let you know if you won!


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