Shit tests… Can you handle them? Some examples from me at the bottom of this post…

Good ol’ shit tests. You gotta love them. When passed, you can see attraction go through the roof! Her pussy gets wet and tingly. You just told her that you ARE the man who is gonna ravish her from head to toe. When failed… You are almost certainly put into the chump category along with all the other undesirables. If anyone needs an explanation of what a shit test is, just ask and I will explain it but for now, I wanna tell you a little story and see how you would handle a certain “SHIT-TEST!”

A good friend of mine Eric-Disco has a great blog called and he recently had a post about a chick he went out on a date with that was a master at putting guys into the friend-zone! As I was reading his field-report he spoke of a shit test that was given to him and I said to myself, Hmmmmmm, I wonder how the readers of my blog would handle this and what a great post this would be. I’m sure you guys won’t let me down!

Here’s her shit test:

“I’m weird. I normally hang out with guys for like a year and then all of a sudden we start to get sexual.”

Ok… Let’s hear your responses to this obvious shit test! Even if you are not sure what to say, please give it a try. Hey you never know, you just may hit the nail on the head! And where else are you going to get free advice on how to handle her shit tests?

I can’t wait to hear your responses…

here are a few of what I would have said to her.

“Wow…. You must be really horny!”

“Well, you must be really good at giving blow-jobs”

“I guess you must have a lot of batteries” (alluding to her vibrator)

57 thoughts on “Shit tests… Can you handle them? Some examples from me at the bottom of this post…

  1. Thats cool. We should definitely stay friends for a while, I have to get to know a chick real well before having sex with her.

    • Dwizzite…

      I know you can definitely do better. You’re basically agreeing with her on this and she knows that you are full of shit and just saying that for the sake of agreeing with her to win favorability.

      Let’s give it another go!


  2. This is what I would honestly say.

    “That’s too bad.” or “You’re right you are weird.”

    Where do I stand Glenn?

    • Jordan…

      Both of these could be more powerful. I would suggest giving it another try.

      You’re acknowledging her shit test but not handling it in a way that will communicate that you are the Alpha Male. When girls say stuff like this, it gives you an amazing opportunity to demonstrate experience and a higher value.

      let’s hear some new ones… And thank you for going for it. I’ve gotten about 400 views on this and most have been silent with their thoughts. So congratulate yourself on sharing and having the courage to post!

      Glenn P

  3. A whole year wow! i wish i could say the same, it would be a nice change from what i have to deal with on a regular, i swear i cant even get to the end of a date without the girl wanting to find out why they call me “pablo diablo”. this is said in a matter of fact tonality. this usually leads the girl into asking why they call me that. at that point i ignore the question and just lead into the next part of the date or conversational thread of my choosing.

    either the above or just completely ignore what she just said and talk about something else…. like right after she throws the shit test i would say “do you think the train announcements should be said in other languages as well as english?” then lead into the next part of the date or conversational thread of my choosing.

    • Lithius…

      Your first example is quite good but the second one although does work it won’t be as powerful as handling what she says. You don’t want her to think that you might be purposefully avoiding it. Ignore plus harder escalation would be better.


      • I’m picturing how funny that would be actually.

        Hot Girl:“I’m weird. I normally hang out with guys for like a year and then all of a sudden we start to get sexual.”

        You: “I totally understand…” (as you lean in and kiss her.) hahahaha

      • Steven…

        FUCKING AWESOME…. Nice one man! Leaning in and kissing her in the right moment would be priceless… Even if she gave you the cheek, she wouldn’t mean it! Great job!


  4. Hot Girl:“I’m weird. I normally hang out with guys for like a year and then all of a sudden we start to get sexual.”

    Me: Yes, you are weird… your also full of shit. (laugh and poke fun at the fact that people actually buy that.)


    Me: clap my hands together, stand up “Well this has been fun but I have to go now.”

  5. Me: Interesting…….cause I usually fuck girls on the first night and then never talk to them again. I doubt this relationship is gonna work out….


    Me: Awww…thats so cute! I bet guys are bringing you with flowers and chocolates and taking you out on awkward dinner dates….you’re such a hopless romantic!

    • Rodney…

      I think you might have won this one!

      I laughed my ass off at this one! i think she’ll spread those legs of hers before the “year end” for you!


    • I was thinking something similar, and then i read this!! something along the lines of:

      I’m weird too! I usually fuck girls on the first date, and then for like a year later…and then for some reason, I stop hanging out with them!

      • Shwayone…

        This was an amazing reframe. It was bound to do the job!

        I kinda wish I got some shit testes like this from girls… once you can recognize them when you get them it’s sooooo much fun to handle and give her your “shit rebuttal” right back!


  6. That is weird. Once a girl is in the friend zone I don’t normally let her out…I mean, it’s happened a couple times, but you’d have to get me really drunk and give some amazing head for me to let you out of the friend zone after a whole year.

    • Captain Caveman…

      Not to bad! This could definitely work depending on how you deliver it! It’s strong for sure, but remember after saying something like this you need to have the game to back it up in other ways…

      but all in all… You definitely passed her little test.


  7. Her: I’m weird. I normally hang out with guys for like a year and then all of a sudden we start to get sexual.
    Me: Nah, I’m normal, I just fuck them in the first date right in THAT bathroom

  8. Glenn,

    So I’m confused a little bit. I thought that mirroring her interest level and being indifferent would be a great way to that I”m not being affecting. I person, when I hear that stuff, I usually ignore it if it doesn’t roll with my intent. So going along with the friend thing isn’t a way of mirroring interest? Confused.

    • Just imho, I think from what I’ve learned (30 30 club) and experimented/experienced…I say there are classes of responding to shit tests from least to most powerful…sorry for cheesy analogy
      1)agreeing to frame–no beuno, she wins
      2)disagreeing with frame directly–low value, and you lost in verbal spar
      3)silence, unresponsive–blocking her verbal jab
      4)some sort of reversal or absurdification–most powerful, taking the momentum of her jab and flipping her on her back 😉 before you mount her..
      If i cant think of a witty comeback, then I default to silence/ignore
      I think of shit tests and frame games as verbal sparrage…you wanna fire back something strong… 🙂

  9. Hows about if in doubt…..

    Honey, thats just the way you treat spineless wussies who are too afraid to go after what they really want, I have tonnes of options baby and I amn’t going to wait more than one week to get into that sweet little pussy!

    • What do you expect her to say after that? “Oh, ok, please sleep with me and no one else?” Your answer reeks of insecurity.

  10. Here’s a little shit-test breaker I read on the 30/30 forum a long time ago and I’ve had it in my arsenal ever since. I’ll share it here so we can see how it would work in this situation:

    “Oh my god… you’re kidding me?… You’re not one of THOSE girls are you?”

    • … but if I were to think of something on my own instead of using a line from my arsenal I would say…

      “check please”


      “yeah you’re definitely giving me a creeper vibe”


      “let’s go have sex in the bathroom”


      “sorry I only have sex with strangers”

  11. hey glenn

    i just want to get this straight. i think i got on how to deal with shit test. (sort of, lol) here is an example that happened to me awhile ago. (at the time i didn’t know much game) :

    this girl i approached outside this bar kept asking: “why you talk like that, are you gay?” blah blah. (i am hearing impaired by the way, and sometime i get lisp)

    and what i should of said:
    “wow, you must be turned on by gay men, etc…”
    “i talk funny to everybody,etc…”

    did i get this right???

    • Alexander…

      You are definitely starting to get it right…

      Ok, so maybe with your lisp you do sound gay at times but if you listen to my audio’s of my live in field approaches, I sound gay as shit! Who care?!?!?!

      If a girl asks me if I’m gay I say…
      “Why? Are you looking for blow-job tips?”
      “I talk like I’m gay because every time I go out annoying hot chicks are always tryin’ to get into my pants”

      I hope these examples help you out…

      But… A shit test can come in a myriad of different forms. Not all will be sexual.
      Some chicks will say… What is this a pick up line, I don’t know about your jacket—-not feeling it, what’s up with that shirt, etc…

      In these circumstances it’s better to absurdify whatever she says to you right back at her. Like…
      Yeah, it’s the worst pick-up line ever. Yeah. You’re right, this is the worst jacket ever. I can’t believe I wore it. My shirt? it’s the ugliest shirt on earth…


      • Thanks glenn! that definitely helps a lot. i will model off what you said in the comment. Can’t wait to go out tonight (yes on a monday night in a college town) and practice these stuff. so a message to all the girls tonight, throw me as many shit test as you can. i need some experience!

        but one last question. the part that i am confused about is when shwayone said that “agree with her frame” is the least effective way of responding to shit test. and to what you said on the last part of the comment, “yeah its the worst…blah blah” isn’t that agreeing with her though. or you agree with her but take it to the extreme/absurdify??? i know i am thinking way too much about this but i just want to get this correct.

        again thanks,

      • Alex…

        Although thinking to much can be bad it only tends to be extremely damaging to your game while you are in the midst of actually gaming. Thinking while your reading especially if you’ve been challenged by the author is just fine!

        But basically you answered your own question! Absurdifying a shit test is definitely not the same as agreeing with her frame. It’s like agreeing with her frame on crystal meth!

        I think you got a lot out of this thread and I want to thank you personally for contributing to my blog. When you write your thoughts, you not only get great feedback and learn but ALL the people reading this learn as well.


  12. Her: I’m weird. I normally hang out with guys for like a year and then all of a sudden we start to get sexual.

    Me: Awesome! Usually girls are trying to take advantage of me within the first few minutes of meeting me. SO it’s nice to meet someone who can control herself for once. Thanks for that…Your my new BFF! ( while physically escalating her)

  13. heeey where are the shit tests?am twenty and in Africa,l dont have that much experience so l mostly flunk at shit tests.but this was a great post.thanks

    • Dabie D…

      Welcome… nice to see such a far away reader of my blog…

      Never gamed women in Africa myself and I’m kinda curious if women even give you many shit tests there?! How is the gaming in Africa??

      Shit tests, in a nutshell are basically a woman’s way either intentional or unintentionally of testing you as to whether or not you meet their criteria or to test you to see if you’re really the type of man they think you are! When you get shit tested you can assume that you are doing a good job at seducing her. Women will not typically shit test men that are overly nice or needy because they have already disqualified you to themselves.

      When you pass a shit test your value will immediately go up in her mind as well as display a multitude of attractive qualities that she looks for in a man.

      Some common shit tests are:
      I’m looking for a relationship.
      You’re a player.
      Do you say that to every girl?
      Your bad news!
      What’s up with your hair? Shirt? pants? etc… Or I don’t like your (whatever)
      You’re not my type.
      I wanna hook you up with my friend.
      You just want to have sex!

      There a thousands of shit tests but the key is to recognize them when they say them and answer immediately with an appropriate response! Also, you want to make sure that it is an actual shit test and not a legit statement. There are some times where it will sound like she’s testing you but in reality she will be telling you exactly what she needs you to say or what she wants to hear for you to have sex with her.

      Hope this helps…

      • Hey GlennP, while I can easily absurdify all the tests here , first one apperas a little tricky.

        How do you handle “i’m looking for a relationship” one the best?

  14. Hey Glenn,I wasn’t sure if that was a shit test at all.Doesn’t seem like one to me.It’d be nice if you give a better example of a treacherous shit test that an HB would give.

    • hey Mr. Social…

      If you read a reply that I gave in one of my posts on this thread you’ll see some examples of shit tests.

      And what this chick said about only having sex with a guy after being friends for a year first was definitely a shit test. Unless of course she was a strict Mormon with an unshaven pussy and a fear that jesus is always in her bedroom! But who knows? maybe that was her case! lol

      but thanks for reading and checking me out! Would love to hear more from you and what you think about Pick-Up and my posts!


      • Hey Glenn,I’m feeling yor blog definitely.I’m a pick-up coach also.I basically blog about PUA insights just as you do.Keep the good articles coming.A lot of newbies and even advanced guy could learn.

  15. Her: I’m weird. I normally hang out with guys for like a year and then all of a sudden we start to get sexual.

    Me: haha! you are so funny……… (with smile)
    haha! you have so much fun sometimes……(with smile)

    ……and immediately change the topic of conversation.

  16. Me: I can’t wait to see what it’s like after two years, when we’re married. I just love to hear that girls are starting to give nice guys a chance again. One year, that’s unusual, most girls just keep guys in the friend zone after that long, you must be crazy!

  17. I’ve been looking for a nun all these years. I’ll have to dust off my priest costume.


    Yeah, it felt like you’re a little sexually dormant. How’s that working out for you?

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  19. I love this thread.. just read through it.

    I just came across a shit test – i was w/ a girl at night, we made out then she went home. Texted me at 3:30am saying, “I am a big loser.” What should i respond?

  20. “I’m weird. I normally hang out with guys for like a year and then all of a sudden we start to get sexual.”

    how about?

    …really? *laugh at her* it takes you a WHOLE year to seduce a guy.

  21. Hey Glenn,
    So I met this girl from a club the night before. We were dancing/grinding the shit out of each other, she even turnpiked me several times. The entire time she was more into it than me, like she was groping hair, had her hands under my shirt groping my stomach, grabbed my ass, constantly sucking my neck and kissing my cheek and made out several times on the dancefloor for like the last half hour before the lights came on and club ended. I get her number and was like i’ll hit u up and we’ll do somethin. Then I leave. When i got home(15 mins later) i texted “Its ****. had gr8 time. drive safe” ..Next day, I texted her around 4pm:
    Me: Heyy wuttup
    Her: Whos this
    Me: “ts **** from ***(club).
    Her: Sorry, I was drunk..
    Me: Thats the only way to do it 😉
    Her: Please dont text back
    Was this a shit test? I tried to sarge through anyway and nothin. Either it was a shit test or if not, I’m most certain she expected me to pull her home for a same night instant lay and she was dissapointed/turned off that i didnt go for it.(Based on all the sexual escalation, being the solid indicators of her wanting it then and there. Oh and she did pull/tug on my pants a few times while dancing) Or did she expect me to call her being that our interaction was very sexual and physical? (Shes 18+ .. I feel like it’s more often the younger girls that are strange like this.. any input?)

  22. “I’m weird. I normally hang out with guys for like a year and then all of a sudden we start to get sexual.”

    So what your saying is, in a year your gonna start molesting me…. Wow your such a charmer

    Oh yeah, I can imagine you have me in your room with all the lights off then you have this spotlight shine on you and you try and act all seductive rosane style, with your granny panties, then what are you gonna do to turn me on, start licking my face & rolling your R’s!?(Make fun of her in a voice tone while squeezing your nose”Lick my crusty feet baby”) I bet your gonna pull some wierd shit on me to like suck my belly button clean. You do seem kinda kinky like that anyway, maybe I wont mind who knows ;D

  23. “I’m weird. I normally hang out with guys for like a year and then all of a sudden we start to get sexual.”

    playfully says….”does that mean you dont have herpes?”…..

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