Are you moving forward?!?!

One of the fundamental laws of the Universe states that a body in motion tends to stay in motion unless something or some force slows it down or prevents it from moving on it’s current course. But, how does this law of physics affect your game when it comes to picking up hot chicks? Easy…

Learning pick-up and the actual act of pick-up is all about momentum, i.e. moving forward if we were to view this on a linear scale. The act of actually seducing a woman can be viewed in linear terms but the pick-up itself should be executed thoughtfully in a non-linear way or viscerally speaking. This could get confusing fast so I’m going to stay away from the perceived lines and causality of seduction and keep on course with what I call momentum.

The whole process of learning how to pick-up women and actually picking up women itself has a certain momentum to it. Momentum can actually be one of two things but confused with a third that doesn’t really exist in reality. What are those three things? 1.) There’s speeding up or building up of momentum. 2.)There’s slowing down or reversal and then there is the constant which is a rate of speed that doesn’t change but for our analogy we’ll use constant as a so called stand still the #3). A constant rate, stand still or movement will eventually lead to the build up or loss of momentum or a change of direction. Are you with me?

Now, what I have said above is directly related to learning pick up and the act of seducing a woman.

When you first find the seduction community I would like to say that your learning process because of the new found excitement and plausibility of you finally getting good with women and escaping the old self defeating beliefs you may have about women will help build up a forward momentum towards your goals of success and this is the path that you should be on at all costs but are you?

So, why then do some people achieve that success and others don’t? Their momentum has changed! The people who succeed tend to, once they’ve built up substantial momentum, keep that momentum moving ever forward and avoid slowing down or a constant/stand still.

The people who fail, allow themselves to lose momentum and slow down which will eventually lead to a standstill or a constant like stated above. Constant is death when it comes to learning pick up. Constant is death during the actual act of pick-up!

While learning to seduce women you should ever be on a path of moving forward and recognizing failures as an actual step forward. Most people do not view learning this way. They see setbacks as not just a setback but a failure and start to lose momentum. Hence destroying their chances for success. This all happens because of the way you “view” things.

With this in mind remember what I was saying earlier that an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless…

What if this object is you? And what if this object starts to lose speed or is moving backwards? It will certainly stay on it’s present course unless YOU do something about it. If this applies to you, are you actually doing something about it? Answer honestly!

Let’s get into the actuall act of seducing a woman now that we’ve touched on the learning aspect a little.

Seducing a woman actually starts way before you even meet her. For me, it starts as soon as I wake up. From the moment I wake up I’m building a momentum towards a possible seduction, everyday. I’m building momentum to having a better life and learning the things that I want to learn. Day after day I do this. My life is a giant forward momentum building machine.

I’m not going to give you a step-by-step detailed description of my day but what I will do is prove my momentum theory when it comes to me seducing a woman.

From the moment I step into the street from my house when I’m specifically going out to meet women and even when I’m not I start to build a momentum. I know that if I can build up enough forward momentum I will pull that day or night and I will also be a more productive person in general!

I start by getting my self into a positive flirty state. I start talking to everybody I see. I start making people laugh. I see good reactions and it reinforces my state and forward momentum. I get to the bar and open a few sets, ever building momentum towards my goal of a same night pull. My state is getting high and women all over are reacting to me in a very sexual way.

I’m purposefully creating enough momentum that the only logical outcome for some one with my experience will be a pull. Now, if you are not as experienced as I than the momentum you create will further you to the levels which you are seeking. Maybe a phone number, heavy kino, massive attraction, hooking large mixed sets, etc…

Momentum does not work with just actions alone. Attitude, thinking, feelings, desire and intent come in to play as well. Momentum needs to built on all levels for it work!

When I work with a student I am always building up his momentum and teaching him ways to do this along with top-notch coaching advice… Usually about 2-3 hrs into the training session my students start to see some positive results. When this starts happening it becomes very easy for him to keep the momentum going in a forward way without losing speed because of the positive reinforcement he is allowing himself to experience.

If he is not getting the best results than of course his mind starts spiraling downeward into the land of limiting beliefs-ville! This is when great coaching and practical excercises come into play! This stage of my coaching sessions are critical, as I know how hard it can be to turn these thoughts around before it’s too late.

My focus is to create a forward momentum that ensures success along with enough technical knowledge to make my students head spin.

My ending advice is for you to always be creating forward momentum and avoid a constant or reversal at all costs. Not getting better at seducing women is just as bad as a standstill. You should always be learning and moving forward! If you are not moving forward than you’re not living?!

Challenge yourself day to day. Learn to view setbacks in life and bad reactions from women as forward momentum. It may not feel this way because of how we have been taught to view things since we were sucking on Mommies nipples for life sustaining milk and because it is very hard to constantly see the light at the end of the tunnel and keep running towards it.

But even the analogy of a “light at the end of the tunnel” is a limiting one. A light at the end symbolizes an end and in life is there an end? There is no end. Only infinity.


11 thoughts on “Are you moving forward?!?!

  1. Nice. When I started out, I didn’t realize the value of warming up the entire day. Nor did I realize the importance of doing this every day. Once you start to do it all the time, it gets into your blood and becomes part of who you are.


    • Disco…

      Into your blood! I like it! Us PUA’s bleed a different color.

      But I’ve hung out with you hundreds of times and every time I meet up with you, your warmed up and in state! Very inspiring!

      Most guys can learn a thing or two from us.


  2. Glenn, you are an AMAZING motivator. Really, you have a way of saying things that do hit the note, it’s really eye-opener the way you phrase things.

    That post of yours “best routine ever” was so short but also so powerful that I’ve re-read it many times. The one about the percentage of people spreading their seed also, that one fucking opens your skull and lets you realize this is your life and is ending one minute at a time.

    I’ve been coached by some great sport coaches, so I know a good motivator when I see one.

    • Coinboy…

      Nice to know that my posts motivate you. They even motivate me when I go back and read them! I think we sometimes need all the motivation we can get. It’s easy to become lazy and just say… “I’ll just go out tomorrow!” or “Next week” and you and I both know that tomorrow and next week never comes.

      Glenn P

  3. ” A light at the end symbolizes an end and in life is there an end? There is no end. Only infinity.”

    Could you explain this please Glenn?

    • Miller…

      It means that there really is no end in personal growth and learning. Once you achieve one goal, what next? There will be another goal for you to follow. Life is a constant journey.


  4. “Learn to view setbacks in life and bad reactions from women as forward momentum.”

    Deep! This applies to EVERY aspect of life, not just PUA. Whenever I really, really want something, there’s going to be roadblocks, barriers, setbacks, walls, whatever you call it.

    The worst thing I can do is nothing. It’s better…a LOT better, to do something “wrong” and make “mistakes” than to quit moving forward. When I make a mistake, at least I’m learning what DOESN’T work, which is forward progress. The worst idea is to stop engaging altogether.

    • Jeremy…

      It seems like you got a lot out of that post which makes me happy to hear. I’ve been really trying to motivate guys to be their best both inside and outside of the bedroom. This includes their lives, careers, relationships, etc… I love being able to help and inspire people! It’s gotta be one of the most rewarding feelings ever!

      And YES!!! Doing nothing is death. Do something, even if that something is totally wrong. You’ll always feel better if you gave it a shot than if you sat on your ass and did nothing!

      Thanks again for commenting. I hope to hear your voice again soon!


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