New Opener… Open with some balls and get laid!

Wow… I never, ever thought I’d write a post about an insane new opener I just came up with a few nights back that has had some awesome results! I’m going to get to that new opener and tell you what it is in a few minutes, but for now read on…

I remember when I first started getting good with pick-up, I was so concentrated on openers! I wanted to have the perfect opener. The opener that worked everytime I said it. I wanted the opener to get me laid! I wanted to opener to do all the work! I used to scour the internet looking for the perfect opener. Whenever I saw a friend approach a girl I would always ask him, “What did you open her with?”. I was in an opener frenzy!

As time went on, I realized that it wasn’t the opener that mattered. It was the guy behind the opener. It was my attitude and belief system behind the opener that made it so effective! You had to “OWN” the opener and 8 out of 10 times I’d get explosive attraction from a woman as soon as I opened my mouth! I rememebr walking around one afternoon with a student and telling him that as time goes on and he gets better with women that he should be able to open a woman with anything!!! He looked confused. I told him that I want him to get to the point where if I tell him to open with just the word “OPEN” the woman should look at him like a giant chocolate cake and want to gobble him up.

He said to me, “You can just say to a woman “open” and get her attracted to you. I said Yup. He said, can I see you say that to a woman. I said, “It will be my pleasure”. I walked up to a woman, pointed at her with a devilish smirk on my face and said “Open” in a loud cocky and confident voice. She smiled and said “There’s no door”(good quick answer on her part). I said “No silly, you arms! Gimme a hug!” She did and after 20mins I got her number!

Now, how does all this relate to my new opener for bars and clubs? I’m going to tell you how.

I was out with some former students of mine and a close friend giving them coaching advice and watching them open sets, when my friend comes up to me and says “Did you just see that?” I said, “see what?”. He says “That girl just squeezed by me and rubbed her tits against me and smiled but now she’s in the bathroom. What do I say to her?”  I tell him to wait for her to come out and when she does to get right up in her face, very close with intense sexual eye contact and say…

“If you keep rubbing your titties against a boy like that… You are gonna get yourself into a lot of trouble!”

My friend looked shocked as hell. He asked if I was joking and I told him, NOPE! He said, OK, I’ll do it. He stops her on the way out of the ladies room and it worked awesome! She loved it. Now, it didn’t really go anywhere for two reasons. She had a boyfriend there who kept following her around wherever she went because she was like the hottest chick I’ve seen in a long time and he knew every guy in there would try to get in her pants. He was being very protective. Secondly, the opener I gave him was strong, ballsy, very sexual and flirty but his game isn’t quite up to that point yet. The opener was stronger than he was. He couldn’t back that type of statement up with his current level of experience with women and I think he was quite surprised when she opened so well with such a strong sexual statement.

But… Why did the opener work so well? He trusted me so much as a coach and believed in what I was telling him to say without any doubt what so ever, that he already  “OWNED THE OPENER” when he walked up to her and said it. He delivered it perfectly. His state was high and he felt ultra confident with my advice.

The next night I went out to a few bars and I was dying to open a some girls with this new opener I just invented on the spot the previous night.

In a crowded bar it’s very common for women to squeeze by you face to face. There would be plenty of chances to drop this new bomb and see the results. I probably said it to abuot 8-10 women that night and only one didn’t really like it. The rest LOVED IT! And I mean LOVED IT!  The one woman who didn’t like it was a little chunky and not good looking but I was dying to say it as many times as I could to thoroughly test it out for myself! I still love to field test the material I come with many times before releasing it to the public.

The next time you go out, try this! But Be warned!!! You will get some MASSIVE ATTRACTION FROM WOMEN and you better be able to back the opener up with some great game or welcome to Blow-outsville. If delivered correctly she will instantly want to fuck you! I promise! The hotter the woman the better for this one.

After you guys have tried this out at least 10-15 times get back to me and let me know your experiences. It may take a few times and a few rejections before you can OWN this opener. Also, Share some of your opener stories with me and all the people reading this. Or if you have any questions about opening, lemme know and I will answer EVERY post/reply to this thread!!


17 thoughts on “New Opener… Open with some balls and get laid!

  1. I can relate so much to the first paragraph, that opener idealization, that opener fever, and lately I started experiencing first hand that YOU work and not the opener. I kept horsegirl to a minimum this month and had been having a really nice february, mostly situational or weird stuff like opening a girl with “drink this if you want to live” imitating Terminator just to amuse myself.

    • Coinboy… YeeeeHawwwww…

      Love your line to just have some fun and get in state!
      “Drink this if you want to live”… Priceless!!

      It kinda reminds of when I used to walk around and stop large sets by saying:
      “Hey guys! Have you heard??? McDonald’s has a great new snack and it’s only 99cents while supplies last!”

      or sometimes…
      When a chick is texting in a bar I’ll just walk up to her or from behind her and just start tapping her screen as she’s texting. I love fucking with chicks and raising my state while amusing myself!


  2. Hey Glenn, I want to open with horse girl on my campis during lunch beeaks between classes. I only did it a few times, but i’m acting like a big pussy. I got no AA anywhere else. What 2 openers would u say to use at a school ill be going to everyday.

    • Mr.X,

      I totally understand why you turn into a gian pussy when your on campus. This is actually aver common problem. It’s much like “small town syndrome”.

      When your at school it’s really scary to open chicks because in school especially college there’s such a strong emphasis on SOCIAL VALUE and somewhere in your mind you’re worried about the outcome of your approaches and what affect it will have on your “perceived” social value and relevance to your peer groups.

      My advice to you is to GET OVER IT AND MAN UP! I know it’s scary but facing your irrational fears and transcending your limited belief system will ensure you success in the very near future.

      Horse girl is PERFECT for campus game. So, stick with that as one of them and try out the Disney Music opener or the Oprah Winfrey.

      Does this help?


  3. Haaa, I’m so trying those ones. The screentapping one is my favourite.

    I realized I really LOVE to tell weird shit to girls and they don’t know if it’s true or not, like “I was in the ARMY for a couple of months but they let me go because I was too lazy, this chain is from the ARMY, it has nothing on it because they give you two, one has all my info but they kept it, and this one is like a back up”, or “I used to be really fat, not long too long ago, like a year ago”, or “I have a twin sister, she’s a porn star, sort of famous”… don’t think that’s an attraction routine at all, but it amuses me, confuses the shit out of them

    the other day in a club two girls kept giving me beer, and I told them to stop trying to get me drunk and they both laughed and shouted “WE WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU”

    • Coinboy…

      “We want to know the truth about you” is gold when it comes out of a woman’s mouth!

      Confusion is a very powerful tool to help you seduce a woman. Sounds like you’re doing pretty good, so keep up the great work man!


  4. Awesome opener. This reminds me of the eye-contact opener you told me about, “If you’re gonna look at a guy like that, you should probably say hi.”

    I’ve also seen you say to women who ‘accidentally’ step on your foot, “You didn’t have to kick me. If you wanted to say hi, you could have just said hi.” It’s brilliant but I always think to use it about 30 seconds too late.


    • Disco…

      I love these types of openers. They can have such a profound affect on the ladies! They are situationally funny and flirty.

      The “rub your titties” was getting some pretty awesome reactions! I mean, they just look at you with those I wanna fuck eyes immediately.

      Glenn P

  5. Used it a few times so far. Half the time I’ve used it immediately after a weaker opener rather than as the first thing I say. Made it work on both hot and ugly girls, actually. You’re right about it needing strong follow-up though, the hot girls I hooked with it got tired of me after a while. I’m currently working on my social freedom though, so in a month I think I can have this one down. What does strong follow-up look like with this opener? I’ve been assuming it’s more sexual, aggressive game in the same vein as the opener, followed by a quick pull attempt, and less of a focus on confusion game, is that correct?

    • Hey Captain Caveman…

      I think your the first person who’s said that they’ve gone out and tested this opener/line with some women. It hooks for sure and it hooks hard because it’s such a ballsy thing to say and let’s her think that you’re very confident and sexual.

      Strong follow up is essential or you will not be congruent with what you just said to her and a fast pull can happen but it is typically not the focus unless that is what you’re after and you’ve properly screened for logistics. Not having the game to run after saying strong statements or making an aggressive move will get you blown out or like you said… ‘She got bored of me after a while.

      you pumped up her state and buying temp and didn’t deliver on the goods. Making sense???

      Dirty old man or 8 girlfriends would be great as follow up or maybe telling her that she should walk away and that’s she is way too much of a good girl. If she says what kind of trouble, give her a slap on the ass.

      By doing some push-pull you can still run some confusion game on her. All the more better!


  6. After trying this opener a few times I found a few issues with it. One is that I don’t get girls brushing their tits against me that often at some bars, depends on the layout. Second is that once they do it has me chasing after them. And third is that if I get too set on using this opener (cause I really do like it), it encourages me to wait for girls to rub against me as an approach invitation.

    So more often now so just say hi to a girl, super sexual eye contact and tonality, then immediately follow it up by saying “If you keep looking at me (or eye-fucking me) like that…you are gonna get yourself in a lot of trouble!” Basically the same opener but with me taking more initiative. And actually, this doubles as a line to use anywhere in the conversation.

    • Captain…

      I feel you. It’s more of an on the spot opener. Sometimes you may just have facilitate her brushing up against you.

      But believe me… When it’s delivered correctly you will see her light up like a Christmas tree with attraction…


      Your follow up game better be able to back that strong of an opener up! Anything less than killer game afterwards will get her to walk away from you quick and never look back!


    • DKNY….

      You wanna deliver this with SUPER ALPHA CONFIDENCE!!!!!!! You also wanna have a somewhat flirty, bad-boy smile on your face. You have to believe you can have her!!!! It’s awesome!!!

      Let us know how it goes with this!!!!


  7. Can you give me an example of a good strong follow up game, after you say something like that.
    Also can you give me some advice on texting? What would be a good opener after a girl texts you.. “sorry i couldnt text you i was asleep”?
    Thank you !

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