LR: Millionaire woman- This one was tricky to pull off.

Ok, like I’ve said before, I’ve been meeting women in real life and on-line but I think I have without a doubt come to the conclusion that I love real life/cold approach pick-up so much more than it’s online counterpart but it’s been fun working on all areas of my game. And… I’ve been having lots of sex from the two.

Here’s how it all went down with the on-line millionaire. This super rich, Beverly Hills older woman sent me a wink from an online dating site. Getting winks are great because it’s sorta of like a warm approach. For those of you who are not familiar with a warm approach, a warm approach is when a woman is interested in you already whether it’s through social circle, a book store, bar, lounge or the like and you approach her. Basically she is already warmed up to you. When it comes to online dating getting a wink tells me that she’s interested in me and wants to get to know me so when I respond to her because she has initiated the conversation I will typically flirt just a little, be extra normal and do some qualifying… But this one woman in particular wasn’t the normal type of woman. She’s super rich, hot as all hell, mega high value and has a wicked, sarcastic sense of humor that is truly hard to match.

Her screening process for weeding out undesirabe men has been perfected to the fullest. There was literally no room for error. One slip up and she’ll walk, say good-bye forever. She’s older and knows exactly what she wants and what she’s looking for and will not tolerate anything else in her life being that she has so many options.

Here are the exact emails in the order in which they were sent. Study them. I spent a lot of time replying to her and really figuring out what was working and what wasn’t.


Me: (after the wink)

Cute, sassy and with just a hint of bratty! I love it… And “sometimes smokes”, even better!

Awesome profile lady! Do I dare say, it
actually made me laugh once or twice?!?! I’m giving you a gold star! 8)

But, the Irish thing is just a little concerning! Lol Irish girls are t-r-o-u-b-l-e and I’m definitely trouble… Yikes, I’m scared! 8) Maybe we should just become BFF’s and save ourselves from all the drama now while there’s still a chance!


ps… chocolate or strawberries?


Strawberries dipped in chocolate, babe. Yep. Strawberries dipped in chocolate.



One of the longer emails I’ve gotten!!!

So, you want both?? Strawberries dipped in chocolate, huh? Nice answer and just a tad flirty as well… I wonder what that says about you?! Either you’re the type of woman who can’t make up her mind or your the type of woman that likes to have it all?! 8) Gonna leave my suspicions to myself for now! Lol

I’m riding into town on Wed from good ol’ NYC… I love it out here but it’s a little to cold for my blood. Ever been? We should grab a drink when I get there… And see how it goes.


Actually, I find myself more of the “…can’t make up her mind…” type. However, when it comes to strawberries and chocolate, the sensualness of both together can only lead me to a snap decision.

New York. Yes, I have been there several times.

Christmas in Manhattan with a tad bit of snow is magical. Fall is beautiful, too. In fact the last time I was there in the Fall I could see from my room at the Ritz-Carlton, the staging area for the Macy’s Day Parade balloons! Summer is hideous, but Spring is my favorite time. You can’t beat laying on the grass in Central Park on a warm Spring day….

Drinks? Now I wish we were having them in NYC, but I guess LA will do! ; )

Get ahold of me when you get here and I will either dick you around or make another snap decision….


PS Do you only have half a face?


Ahhhh, Spring in NYC is pretty amazing. I live for the days of prancing around Manhattan trying to keep out of trouble. Wish L.A. had a place like Central Park, but no rain and constant sun or an occasional walk on the grass in the Park… Tough call! Too bad you’re not here to join me for that glass of red!

And what’s this you say? You might dick me around??? Won’t that be a pleasant change?! I feel like I’ve had it way too easy for way too long! Let the dicking begin!

Will definitely be in touch when I get there. Excited to see which way your mind goes!



So, Glen, you are from Nueva York originally? That adds a whole new layer. A New York Scorpio. With only half a face….. hmmm.

Sounds like you are used to nice, calm, sensible girls. It also sounds like you have had more than a few…. You should adjust your goggles, and re- consider. When you do, and if you find the opposite of what you’ve had, bring her along with you….. ; 0


PS More pictures? Yes, more pictures……


Didn’t your mom ever warn you about native Scorpio NY’ers with just half a face?? If it makes you feel better, the other half of my face looks even better!

And me, with nice, calm, sensible gals?!?! I’m attracted to brats, who’s X’s never spanked them enough! Lol I seem to be only guy they’ve meet who knows how to put up with and handle their cute temper tantrums…

If you send over an email, I’ll send over a full face shot but NO nudes, deal???

And please tell me you’re not surronded by jocks screaming at a tv drunk and in their superbowl frenzy!


Show me the rest of you… Both literally and figuratively.

After all, I need SOMETHING to wash a Scorpion down with….

And no, no football for me yesterday. I like better food plus I had no dog in that fight.

Oh, and by the by, what do you do for a living, Glen?



Hey… Gonna be in town tomorrow! Shoot me a cute text and say hello and I’ll tell you all about what I do and don’t do! 😉

let’s see if our thumbs get along!

917 *** ****

Her: Nothing….. 3- days


Hey you!!! Is this the dicking around?? Lol

Anyway… Sent u my number… If you’re not breaking up with me, say hi!


Sorry, just now saw your message about my seeming silence. Did the old scroll down through all the various pieces of detritus until I struck gold. 

Now I have your number, bay-bay, and I shall call.

Most likely. 

Eureka! Glad you refer to my phone number as gold! Very sweet… Now fucking use it.
We must meet.  I’m in Brentwood.And more pictures please!! I am a very visual animal…..Buenos Noches, from me in fucking Provo, Utah.P
Settle down tiger!!! Such a brat! More pics, fine! But I can’t send them through this site… Either text me and I can send or gimme your damn fucking email weirdo… You’re much more shy than I originally had thought.
Hello darlin’….What do you do when you are not thinking about me?P
(***) *** ****
As you can see this chick is definitely a smart ass and can smell a chump from a mile away! Her screening process for weeding out an undesirable is uncanny! She’s super rich, super hot and at a stage in her life where she knows more of what she doesn’t want than what she does want. This is why emailing and texting with her can be tricky. There’s no room for a mistake. If she even gets a smell of neediness…. I’M DONE! If I chase in any way… I’m done! It’s rare I meet a woman with this type of game. Luckily I’ve had a few. Maybe not as rich but from the same mentality. Handling her needs to be very thought out and carefully played every step of the way. I really loved having to play the game this way. It was great practice and kept me sharper than ever. Now, I have her number and she has mine. I decided NOT to text her first. It took quite a bit to get her to the point where she would actually gimme her number and it was my belief that once a woman like this has committed to meeting up with a guy and has passed her little tests she’s in. It might not seem that way but if you read in between the lines and have read her profile you’d know what I’m talking about. I figured waiting a few days to text her wouldn’t hurt me but would definitely have an effect on her. She’s very used to being chased and getting a lot of attention and by not texting her quickly like most guys would throw her off just a bit which is exactly what I needed to do. She was sorta leading the pace of the emails and there was very little I could do about this… BUT when it comes to texting SHE HAS NO CHANCE! My text game is perfect 99% of the time. I needed to get her to chase and flip the frame or I’d never see this girl! Here are the exact texts:2 days after she sends me her number at 12:40am I get just a picture of her in the setting sun and she looks fucking hot as hell. David Shade  and Phil are sitting with me eating some French Toast as our first exchange goes down. It’s on!!!!!
Her: (Picture of herself)

Me: Isn’t it past your bedtime?

Her: This wittle girl shouldbe tucked in bed with her jammies on…

Me: Dead air- I didn’t respond to her flirt because this is exactly what she is used to and was expecting. Like I said, I needed to take control of the overall frame and get her to chase and to also give her the impression that I am 100% not needy in anyway! She knew I was getting her texts and wasn’t to busy because I responded to her already.

Her: (20 mins later)  problem is, she still has to finish her bottle :0

Me: (right away) “Awwwww… That’s cute, you want me to come over and burp the baby after her bottle. Sorry but I’m out with a friend!” I reframed it like she was chasing and then turned down her fictitious offer. Whether or not she was actually offering to hang at this late of an hour doesn’t matter. The fact that I turned it around and made her the pursuant immediately gave me an upper hand and also showed her what type of game I have! as I’ve told you before… No woman can win in a text war with me.

Her:(10mins later)” Hahahaha WELL PLAYED!’ for that 10mins she was desperately thinking of something witty and flirty to say in response to my text! She couldn’t! Me 1 ; her 0   hahaha

Me: (next morning at 11:45) I send her an awesome picture of myself with the message… “Good morning…Are your thumbs ready to play?” I had to send her a different picture of eventually. She had asked numerous times and it didn’t happen. I also wanted to tell her that I approved of her good behavior last nite by texting me and sending me her picture.

Her: Is it still morning? This is the start of an endless day! Playing thumbs…. Yummmm

Me: (Sent her a picture of a latte I was having and said)  “This is seriously like sex in a cup. Are you getting my pictures?”

Her: Delicious!!! Oh, and the latte to.

Me: Stop… You’re making me blush. I’ve got a crazy day. Grab some rope and come kidnap me so we can go play!

her: Oh I wish! Like you wouldn’t beleive

Me: I’m glad we think alike. You owe me a kidnapping. What’s your day like?

her: Hectic. Not normally like this.. I’m usually a latte at 11am type. Like you it seems!

Me: Totally like me. Love my lazy mornings in bed under the covers! At least it’s beautiful out today.

Her: “So what affords you the luxury of 11:00 am lattes and mid day kidnappings.” Here she is looking for some more information and seeking rapport to feel comfortable to truly commit to meeting me. So, I gave her a little and was willing to give more. I know from experience that when women ask questions like this over text, it’s their way of saying to you… Hey, I’m interested in you but I’m missing some pieces to the puzzle and need just a little reassurance to meet you. I’ve learned that if you typically avoid this you will either get a flake or have a really hard time meeting up with her. I plan on doing the same with her in just a few minutes. If she’s telling me that she needs more info, I’m going to tell her the same thing and maybe qualify her a little.

Me: Nice one!!! I own 2 businesses one being a salon and currently working on becoming a computer geek. But, the geek thing is our little secret! Deal?

Her: I’m currently in a salon getting a blow-out…  I bet my salon can beat up your salon.

Me: Blow-out. What a primadonna!  And I’ll bet my shears are bigger than their shears… I’m kinda an undergournd guy who’s really hard to get an appointment with.


Me: Nice kitty…. Behave!

Her: Noboday can get an appointment because you’re serial truant

Me: lolol… A boy has got to play hard to get

Her: Oh… I can tel darling! Where do you lay that head of yours at night?

Me: If I tell you, are you gonna stalk me?

her: Only if you request

Me: Only if we keep it to 1 night a week… My others will get very protective!

Her: So, You’re an artist who’s not starving. Very refrshing.

Me; I starved for years. I’m still trying to gain the weight back! And what about you? Blow outs, younger boys and kidnapping? Do tell… ( Here is where I try to find out a little more about her. I answered her rapport question but she decided to not run with it that hard which was a little surprising. Sometimes just a little more info will be enough to make her feel good about meeting you.)

Her: I’m an enigma (BAD and BORING ANSWER TO ME…. So, I decide to punish her for bad behavior. If I’m going to ask a question and she’s going to avoid it, I’m going to let her know that it’s not ok… We were texting back and forth and she knows I’m out and about doing nothing. So, for me not to respond to her will definitely have her worried she fucked it up. I wasn’t going to respond to her until she gave me what I wanted and that is either her compliance or an answer to my question. Women do this shit to us all the time, right??? Why not do it back? It drives them crazy! They are not used to a guy calling them out and telling them that are boring and not responding to their texts… This DEAD AIR I did was the game changer and completely turned everything around and made her go crazy and chase like hell!!!  I literally won this girl with what happened next! Learn from this…

Me: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Her: Oh please (25mins later)

Her: Although I do like my nap time (40 mins later)

Her: Hello (25 mins later)

Her: ? (15 mins later)

Me: ? (immediately responded to her with the question mark)

Her: I’m heading your way for a meeting. Maybe coffee? I’ll tell you anything you want to know…(5mins later)

Me: (dead air for 30mins)

Her: You can decide if I’d fit into your harem.  This is where she was in obvious panic mode and scared she fucked everything up. Her only recovery was to make herself totally available to me in every way. She was going to do and say anything to win back my attention… This worked perfectly…

Me: I might have room for one more.. Coffee sounds perfect! How’s 6? ( I reward her for giving me what I want by agreeing to meet up wth her and texting back immediately. She is relieved and also she’s excited that she didn’t fuck it up with me. Now she will be the chaser for the rest of our relationship, ALL BECAUSE OF THE POWER DYNAMIC OVER THIS TEXTING… Amazing isn’t it? It was a totaly frame reversal and and she can not come back from such a loss. She submitted and realizes now and forever that if she acts bad, I will punish her by ignoring her. Ignoring a woman when she needs attention and validation is very powerful.

Her: Yay…He’s back. (8

Her: 6 is perfect

Me: Let’s meet at (coffee shop).

Me: Dress hot so we match!

Her.  I’ll look hot either way!

Her: where is it?

Me: I have no idea… You’ll find it. It’s on Melrose!

her: See you in a little

Ok…. Now we’re at the cafe and it’s totally on between us. Our energy is electrically charged. We’re laughing, touching and having an amazing time… I find out at one point that she’s a multi-gazillionaire! Rich as hell. She said something to effect that she’s worth about 40million?!?!?!?!?!?! HOLY SHIT!!!!

But who cares about the money.. I’d hang with chick all the time regardless. She’s is so much fun and alive with life!

Now, the whole picture is making sense. I knew intuitively by her emails, profile, pictures and texting that this woman has a ton options when it comes to men. She’s hot and rich. This girl was telling me about all the guys who fall in love with her and text her non-stop. She’s telling me about men who want to buy her cars and fly her all over the world just to impress her. She can have whatever she wants! This is why it’s crucial to not give her what she wants when she wants it. She longs to be the chaser. She just wants a guy who’s a man both in the bedroom and out of the bedroom. She wants the man that can make her submit to his whims because more than likely she’s never had a real man that can do that to her. She’s always been in control.

After about 2hrs of laughing and coffee I suggest we go for a ride. She agrees… As we are walking, she says to me “You’re the man… (throws me her keys) you drive!”

We get to her car and it’s like some kind of Merceds Benz rocket ship. I get in and it’s fucking amaing!!! Never been in a car quite like this before.

As we’re crusing down Sunset Strip in beatfilu LA, she says. “Let’s grab some wine and go to your place.” Ummmmmmmmmmm, YESSSSS! lol

I bring her to the Pick-Up Mansion because there’s a giant movie room there with crazy shag carpet and giant bean bag pillows and it’s got a view overlooking all of LA.

When we walk in all the guys are there and they’re like WOW! I mean this woman is beautiful and obviously very well off. As soon as we get there, the guys know what’s up and they all say that they’re going to go to bed! Nice to be so obvious guys!! lol I hope you’re reading this…

When they leave, she looks at me and says that was very impressive! The fact that all these guys left us alone and split showed her that she’s with a guy who has some sort of power and that I’m very high value. I also didn’t mind taking her there because earlier I told her what I was doing with that house and why the guys are there. She found it very attractive that I coach men how to become better versions of themselves and teach them how to meet and attract women into their lives.

We watch a little TV, sip on some wine… And!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!! I had the best night I’ve had with a woman in a long time. She’s great and I’m actually seeing her agin tonight and can’t wait.

I wanted to include all the emails and texts because this was one of the best played seductions I’ve had. I had to be careful all the way thorugh. I had no room for even one mistake with lady and it payed off! I learned alot with this one. It was a true test of everything that I have learned.

Years ago, I would have NEVER been able to seduce a woman like this into my life because I didn’t know any better. I let women walk all over me and they did every chance they got. You guys have no idea how grateful I am to have finally learned to be successful with women. A true blessing.

Funny but I’m sitting in a little cafe right now writing this field report and I’m watching a guy tell some chick that she’s beautiful and that they should be Facebook friends. She’s just nodding in complete disapproaval at him and back turning him in front of everyone here. OUCH!

I feel for him. I know what he’s feeling. He’s being rejected and she doesn’t even care that it must have taken him so much courage to walk up to her and say what he’s saying. She has no idea that this guy will probably feel like shit the rest of the day. She has no regards for his feelings. Amazing at how cold women can be to a man who just wants to talk to her in the hopes of getting a date. I’d love to see her put herself out there and risk rejection and public humiliation. I’d love for her to feel embarrassed. I wish he knew about my blog. I see myself in him.

Anyway… Time to grab some lunch and meet up with some friends. But I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve had to say.

If you guys have any questions or comments about my emails or texts or ANYTHING for that matter… Be sure to post them and I will answer them ASAP!

Thanks guys,


42 thoughts on “LR: Millionaire woman- This one was tricky to pull off.

  1. Ha ha. Brilliant. You’re a true master.

    I like how you didn’t respond when she asked you about the fact that you only had half your face showing. Finally when she asked again, you didn’t qualify yourself: “Didn’t your mom ever warn you about native Scorpio NY’ers with just half a face?? If it makes you feel better, the other half of my face looks even better!”

    It was also good where you called out her invitation to come over. Excellent. I’ve had chicks do that to me. If you hadn’t called it out, you would have looked like a pussy or that you missed the invitation. Instead you solidified the fact that she invited you out and declined.

    And yeah, women are dying to be the chaser. It’s not worth doing it any other way.


    • Disco!!!

      Thanks man! Coming from you, that’s a huge compliment.

      When I get back I’ll give you some more details.

      This chick was full of shit tests! Both in text and email and even worse in person. She was a shit test machine! Years ago I would been toast for sure…

      Funny, but I actually think when I called her out on her invitation to come over, it really wasn’t an invitation at all. If I would’ve acted as if it was and offered to come over she definitely would have turned me down. It was sort of a trap… And I completely turned that around on her! By telling her that’s the way I took it she couldn’t deny it at that point because I already turned her down! Check-mate!

      But, She’s an amazing woman and wish I could spend more time with her! I’m sure she’ll be more than willing to come to NYC and visit her new friend. After all these years and after so many women it’s nice to still be able to meet a chick who just does it for you!


  2. Hey Glenn,

    I just exchanged a couple texts with a girl I recently met. She asked for my phone number then texted me the next mornign at 8am saying it was nice to meet me. I texted her back to 2 days later with,

    “I guess you want to hang out. My house, Wed, 8pm, bring wine.”

    her: “Ok, what’s your address?”

    me: my address

    her: what city? (30min after she was supposed to arive -I acutally forgot to write this)

    me: my city

    Then nothing.

    Your comments please.

    • Dwizzite…

      Here are just a few of my thoughts. This is a little hard because I don’t know all the facts about how you guys met, how long you talked, etc…

      If a girl texts you the next morning ay 8am saying it was nice to meet you, you should NEVER wait 2 days to text her back and when you do text her you shouldn’t go for the hang-out so quick. A little finesse, flirting and rapport over text will go a long way when it comes to getting a woman to feel comfortable with meeting up with you.

      She flaked for obvious reasons… She must not have trusted you or felt as though maybe you were being dicky to her. I would have seen this coming a mile away.

      Texting is a great way to solidify her interest for you. Do not underestimate the power of great texting and a rapid fire text war!

      Keep me posted on this chick….


  3. Glenn,

    Great stuff…thanks for sharing!

    have you always been such a cunning linguist or was it something you had to develop? if so how did you develop it?

    • Lenny….
      How’s everything going?? Good to see you! 8)

      No… I have not always been able to be a cunning linguist. Actually, I was the worst linguist imaginable. I sucked soooo bad!

      but like anything in life, if you practice you can get better!

      Becoming better at flirting is a very hard thing to explain to a person on how to do. I just did an 8 hour class with a student on just the art of flirting. 8hrs straight! So, to get this in a post is hard.

      My advice would be to look for examples floating around the internet and my blog and get a solid idea of what we say, when we say it and how we say it. Then try to internalize as much of it as you can and then start testing it out. This is pretty much exactly what I did.

      In the beginning your going to lose some sets but in time your skills will develop and you will start to master this art.


  4. Oh, I was taking a bootcamp with Jake in March. Thought it would be super awesome to meet if you were around!

    The part where she was like “I’m an enigma” and you followed up with “Zzzzzzzzzz”, had me in fucking STITCHES! Brilliant post, and razor sharp game.

    • Richard…

      I’m sure the workshop with Jake will rock. Wish I was gonna be there to enjoy it and meet you personally.

      Yeah, the Zzzzzzzzzzz’s are lethal! Especially on really hot chicks. No one ever Zzzzzzzzzzz’s a hot chick and she’s definitely never been Z’d before.


  5. Was it just me or did that woman come across like a bit of a cunt?

    I’m not trying to hate on you I just hate women who are arrogant like that!

    I still learned from you though bro.


    • Miller…

      To some people the way this woman responded and acted would definitely come across as cunty to say the least but to the trained eye she’s just a feisty, smart woman who doesn’t have time for undesirable men in her life. She has a very unique and cunning screening process that is very rare to come by.

      To me, she was soooo much fun to chat with, never once did she come across as arrogant to me.

      Try not to judge a woman who may seems arrogant… And if you do come across a woman who seems arrogant you should use this as a way to improve your game. Game is about understanding what a woman is really saying to you despite what is actually coming out of her mouth! if you can learn to game these types of women into bed with you, imagine what your game will look like with the average girl who doesn’t have such a strong frame and game!


  6. GLEEEN!!

    Dude awesome report, have you ever thought about a text manual for pick up? im pretty sure if you did it would sell like hot cakes. Also what is the deal with your schedulicy account? i need another haircut bro! the last one you gave me had mmmm…orgasmic results? keep posting and talk soon : )

      • Ok sounds good. c u soon and keep those Lay reports coming my dear sir they are a wealth of information. Specially when you give the background detail on what each action you take means. this allows us following your blog to make the small changes required to overall improve in this area.

      • Lithius…

        Will keep the lay reports coming. I’ve got about 10 in the past 2 months that I hope to write up.

        Glad you’re taking away some great info from my posts. That’s the idea!

  7. Hey Glenn P,

    It was/is simply amazing and a blessing to be ” a friend” to just enjoy spontaneous humor and wit, together. Also to be one of the “out with a friend” to see experiences, observes, participates in this real time, new peak level of challenge to a top 10% P.U.A. Coach. Way to grow man! 8)

    So for me, it was refreshing to know that a very attractive woman can make a Top PUA Coach squirm a little as he waits and observes her response(s). Awesome to see the affects of certainty clashing with uncertainty. Awesome and inspiring to see and hear you use your intelligence of firm beliefs you’ve developed to over come that ego driven uncertainty; aka
    Fearless; _ _ _ may be the term.

    I noticed your physical discomfort and changes in state that I think uncertainty from ego produces. More inspiring to me was how you use your intelligence and past experiences to over come ego driven impulses. Impulses that if acted upon = Game Over little man.

    I am grateful you posted what I observed as at my level of P.U.; not possible to comprehend, understand all that I saw and heard as it was going by.

    Seems that until you have her giving you specific information, getting certain response in a certain time frame, you do things to have those _ _ _ before moving on.

    I really am in awe of how you combine teasing/bantering/flirting/give-get information and responses in such very short and humorous sentences.

    Brilliant the way you use her information from her profile to tell her how you are going to view her, qualified her:
    “Cute, sassy and with just a hint of bratty!”
    and how you feel about your view.
    “I love it”

    Brilliant way of letting her know how you felt
    “made me laugh once or twice?!?!”
    and then judged her through her profile;
    “I’m giving you a gold star! 8)”

    and the only new information of common interests is
    you’re teasing disqualifying feeling
    “Yikes, I’m scared! 8)”
    And you offer a teasing opportunity to disqualify;
    “save ourselves from all the drama now while there’s still a chance!”

    Your first name initial only and her responding with her full first name, wow.
    Her ONLY responding to the sensual/sexual suggestiveness of the real intent implied by “chocolate or strawberries?”

    How do you think vanilla or chocolate would work with much younger girls ?

    Text to have an effect, build her interest, attraction and rapport.

    Was her asking
    “what do you do for a living, Glen?”
    1. HER viewing you in the potential bf category?
    2. As ONE signal to NOW give/get phone number ?
    I noticed this as the most dominant theme of the e-mail texts.

    How firm is your BELIEF that;
    once you are given a GOOD PHONE number
    AND texting is happening =
    A signal of HER commitment to meet up?
    1. get her to chase?
    2. AND flipping a frame ?

    Continued information give/take through flirting/teasing bantering.

    Way to go about meeting a chick who just does it for you! To me, this is what learning/doing P.U. is also about.

    Knight, aka Phil

    • ((((((PHIL)))))))…

      Where do I begin? Do I write a book of a response to this?

      First off, I’m glad that you were around when all of this was going down. And I’m glad that you got see the way mind works first hand. You and David might be the only two guys on earth who has been around to see something like this fully transpire.

      And yes… Even the Pro’s at pick-up get thrown for a loop at times. Of we course we sweat it out and play the waiting game to see if our move was correct. Of course we ponder the reality of the situation and try to make the best informed move to win the game… In other words, Our feathers do get ruffled! But when they get ruffled it’s imperative to keep calm and don’t react out of fear or the unknown. It’s all about being able to perform under pressure and like you said, use our past experiences as well as our intuition to make the correct next move and fully stand behind that move and accept the fact that it might just be wrong.

      About my beliefs.. A good phone number will almost always end up with us in bed provided that logistics and too much time doesn’t go by to fuck it up. My beliefs are strong as hell. That’s why I was capable of not reacting immaturely to some of her bullshit and neediness after we had sex. That’s when the game really took place but as I said to you in person, I didn’t feel like writing about that because the post would’ve taken me days!!! lolol and I’m a slow typer, sorry to the guys who would’ve love to hear part2 of this saga! And there was a GIANT part 2!

      Vanilla or chocolate working on younger girls? Come on Phil! 8) You know the answer to that one and if you really don’t field test that shit!

      And to update you… She’s coming to NYC in about a week to spend the weekend with me. This chick is awesome and I’m really glad I was capable of bringing her into my life both as a friend and as a lover! Thank you community for all that you have given me!!!

      Glenn P
      Your new best friend!

  8. Hey Buddy,

    Just wanted to let you know that this has been one of the best reads ever. Please do come with more of these FRs. They are golden!

    • Neilio…

      hey man.. Thanks so much for the compliment… It was actually really fun to write up even though it took me almost 3hrs from start to finish…

      People really seem to love ll the detail in this report so I’m sure you’ll see more in the near future!

      Once again… Thank you!


  9. Glenn,

    Love your material! This is the kind of stuff I want to read when I visit a blog!

    Anyways I have a question thats off topic on your LR. Its about fashion. How important is fashion when it comes to girls? If you look like a normal guy will you not get many women cause?

    I read the Fashion Bible and decided to do what it says. I’m a musician and all my idols are the guitar gods… Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, etc.. so I decided to go with the rocker stereotype becuase its already part of me. The thing is is that I know hair is a major part in this stereotype. I’ve always had short hair and I’ve been growing it out for like 7 months now and its extremely curly and like fluffy haha. A lot of my friends (girls included) are telling me to cut it. It’s kinda making me think twice about growing it out. I would love to have long straight-ish hair so I’ve been thinking about getting the Japanese hair treatment or whatever its called. I know your a hair stylist so I was wondering your take on this.

    All my friends look the same and I really dont wanna look like every other guy. It feels nice to have a certain look, I just wanna make it work. And by the way do you ever do 1 on 1’s just for fashion?

    Thanks alot,

    • Jordan…
      How’s your weekend going? I hope good!

      This is a great question!

      Fashion is extremely important when it comes to getting the ladies. The world is a very aesthetic place. I don’t make the rules but sometimes I do play by them. People instantly judge you when they first see you. They immediately place a value on you whether you like it or not and you do the same to them. There’s no escaping it. We live in a value based society. When a woman first sees you, if your fashion is spot on she will almost certainly place somewhat of a value on you and it’s up to you to confirm, add or subtract from that initial value placement or should I say judgement.

      When your fashion is kick ass you will immediately separate yourself from the masses and standing out in a striking way is a very good thing.

      In regards to your hair… I would recommend the Brazilian Straightening first above the Japanese. The Japanese straightening makes your to straight and very stiff. The Brazilian is a little looser and will completely eliminate frizz from your life for up to 6 months.

      And YES… I do fashion consultations and make-overs all the time. Out of everyone working for bradP I am without a doubt the strongest when it comes to this. My make-overs a flawless!

      If you would like to do one with you will need to contact Drew. He’s the guy who does all of our booking and he’s a great person to chat with.

      Just shoot him an email at and he will get back to you ASAP. You can even give him call or email him just to get more details about what is involved with a fashion consultation. i think this would really help you and the fact that I’m rocker looking isn’t gonna hurt either seeing that your into the rocker thing as well.

      I hope we get to work together in the near future!


      • With the brazilian straightening would there be body to the hair or would it just be flat straight? Do you offer the treatment and if so how hard is it to get an appointment with you?

        Thanks again Glenn!

  10. Awesome read man. Made me smile ear to ear. It’s not everyday you read a
    LR like that one, probably because so few people can write them.

    I’m gonna try and find a way to get some help from you on text game. That stuff was insane. It’ll take me a while to get the $s/details worked out but I’ll do it. Will be in touch.

    And thanks for writing.

    • JohnK….
      How’s life man?? Hopefully great!

      The best thing you can do to get help from me on text game is to SAVE ALL OF YOUR TEXTS from beginning to end even if it’s a years worth and schedule a 1-on1 with me so I can go over them all and point out every mistake you made, what you could’ve said in every situtaion and I will even text some chicks for you with your phone right then and there!

      Just keep saving your texts until you get the money to work with me! I would love to do this with you. You will have no idea how much you learn from me when it comes to texting.


  11. I literally started busting out laughing when you switched the whole interaction around to make her chase you ha ha! Her whole attitude switched from a total smartass to begging you to come meet her. GENIUS!! So to get this straight; you went for rapport and she didn’t give you compliance so you punished her by giving her the Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz(boring answer response)?

    I’m going to try that one more often.

    • Oliver…

      Funny that when you read the Zzzzzzzzzz’s, you laughed! I can promise you that she didn’t think that shit was funny at all. While I was texting her that day, I was actually with a friend and he was watching me text her and picking my brain and when he said, how are you gonna respond to her, I said like this and sent the Zzzzzzzzz’s and he literally spit the coffee out of his mouth laughing. Calling a girl boring is probably her worst nightmare when she likes a boy.

      She went for rapport, I gave it to her and was willing to connect with her more so that she would feel more comfortable with meeting up with me and the more rapport you have with a chick the easier and faster it is sleep with her. I gave her some rapport and she didn’t give it back. So, she got the Zzzzzzzzzz’s. Another option in this scenario would have been to just dead air her right then and there or you can send her “K” (which means ok but a very lame version of OK).

      Use the Zzzzzzzzz’s with caution. And only Zzzzzzzzzz a girl once. It’s very effective.

      Nice to have you reading my blog!!! if you ever need advice or have question, don’t be afraid to ask! I’m here for you and all the rest of you!


  12. First, you know David shade? You just hang out with him? Wow…

    Second, I’m impressed with not being a douche to the guy in the cafe and having compassion for him. Most in your position would ridicule him as a loser.

    • Joemac…

      Yeah… David and I are great friends. We usually talk a few times a week and hang whenever we can. He’s an awesome person and has the best “How to please a woman” info out there… Without a doubt! His stuff rocks!

      I figure that you should always treat people the way in which you want to be treated! I’m never a douche to anyone and who would I be to call someone a loser? it won’t get you anywhere and I’m always trying to maintain a positive outlook and give people the benefit of the doubt!


  13. Much appreciated man!

    There is something that I have been wondering. Do you ever get ”approach laziness”?(too lazy to approach) I’ll be out an about somewhere,maybe at the mall or the bookstore and I’ll see a cute girl and I’d want to approach her but…..I’ll have this real lazy energy and don’t feel like talking to random strangers. I just tell myself ”I could approach that girl,but I really don’t feel like gaming right now. I feel too lazy.” I think that could be creative avoidance/approach anxiety trying to keep me from doing it. I did however open lots of sets within the last year so I don’t have too much approach anxiety anymore. The social freedom exercises helped a lot as well.

    I do however still have this lazy energy sometimes. I don’t want that to be an excuse to stop me from improving though. If I drink a cup of coffee in the morning that could help me get into a better state. It wakes me up and I’m more alert,but I also don’t want to use that as a crutch. Almost like I’d rather not drink when I go out at night to do approaches. Any suggestions??

    • Oliver…

      Of course I get approach laziness! I think we all do and I haven’t heard of anyone who doesn’t.

      Although, my laziness isn’t about a lazy energy, it’s more about do I really feel like approaching this chick when I’m just out and about enjoying what it is I normally do. NYC is insane with hot chicks everywhere you look and to approach them all when you see them would drive any person crazy. My approaches normally go well and are usually are about a 20min set, so to stop what I’m doing and meet that woman sometimes takes a lazy back-burner.

      But DO NOT confuse approach laziness for approach anxiety. The two are very different.

      The idea is to set specific days to gout and sarge. On those days, do what ever it takes to get your state up and in the mood to approach. Sometimes, easier said than done!

      On the days that you’re not specifically going out to meet women, you will still want to walk around in a positive state of mind and raise your state by being Mr. Social. Just talk to everybody when your out and about. You never know when you’ll see the “ONE” woman you NEED to swoop in on and make her your new girlfriend…

      AND NEVER DRINK ALCOHOL when you go out at night to approach. Booze is for pussies! Be a man and approach with courage without the influence of a substance!


  14. Hey dude!! After reading all that i just want to give you a huge cyber high five! Reading your insights and what you were thinking when she replied made it so better for me to learn a thing or two 🙂
    Btw, i just stumbled upon your blog today and right now I should be studying for a huge midterm tomorrow but can’t cause this blog just got me hooked! 😛
    Have a good one man, hope to read some more awesome stuff!

    • Kris…

      Don’t blame your bad grades on me! lolol Get back to studying!

      I’m really going to try to include some more text threads in the future with a commentary on my thought process so that you guys can gain insight into the way mind works and how to handle women and their responses.

      Texting is very tricky and women are masters at it. So, your text game has got to be probably even stronger than your actual pick up at times.

      There are times when guys have a great pick up and fuck it up because of bad texting. There are also times when you have an ok pick-up with just a tiny bit of interest but if you’ve got killer text game you can really amp up her attraction and get her to commit to you even more. Texting is essential in this day and age! So learn and master it as best as you can!

      Glenn P

    • Leader…

      Glad you’re diggin’ what I’ve been doing! I love giving you guys free advice and taking your questions. I just wish somebody like me was around when I was trying to get good at picking up women.


    • Gift…..

      Thanks so much for reading my post. I hope you’ve read some of the others! Tons of great stories and massive amounts of excellent dating advice!

      Nice to have you on board!


  15. Glenn, you got any articles on how to write a killer profile for online dating? I’ve checked out David D’s IID but haven’t tried it yet – just got all my photos sorted for online so need advice on wriitng the profile!



    • Gift…

      If I was to post about making a killer profile it wouldn’t be a post but rather a product that I would sell. It would take days and 100’s of pages to give all the advice needed.

      For now, just concentrate on making sure that your profile has very little deal-breakers in it. There are some Universal deal-breakers for women and just make sure to not include many of them. Also, less is more! Create mystery, leave her wanting more from you and ONLY use two=three of your BEST pictures and no more!


  16. Half a face pic?
    And women say the first thing they look for in a profile are the pics – to see if the guy “has a life” and/or some kind of “social proof”… but I bet you’ve got some kickass writing going on in there to make up for the lack of visuals.

    If I may ask, I’d really like to know how your profile pic is constructed. If a half face pic could make an in-demand woman interested, I guess pictures then aren’t all that? Your thoughts? I have mostly solo pics(not in the bathroom of course lol). Should I focus mostly on the writing then?

    I also noticed that you intentionally left out your job description in your profile… bit of mystery perhaps?

    Hey man, more power to you! You should definitely marry that chick! Without a prenup!

    • Loki…

      Great questions…

      Yeah.. At that time I had just 1 pic and it was half a face pic. The pic was KILLER though and really got women very intrigued. There were a few but not many times where women wanted me to send them a picture and of course I would but I was so surprised at the fact that half a face and a great profile could get you laid.

      My profile now has only TWO pics. I still have the half face shot because it gets so many women to click on me and my second picture is the very best picture of me I could find!

      I would recommend this to ALL men. 2 pictures at the most. Women will ALWAYS look for the WORST picture in the group of pics you have in your profile and say to themselves, “that is what he really looks like in real life. The other pictures are just his best pictures.” And I’m sure we have all done this ourselves.

      You’re writing has to be elusive yet eloquent and read very well! Give them some info but leave them with some mystery and intrigue! And most of all design your profile so it is different from all the other guys out there. Which really isn’t that hard to do considering that most men all write the same shit!

      I left my job description and salary purposefully out of my profile. It says, “I’ll tell you later.” Which obviously gets them very curios because most men will try to impress with their jobs or salary. I could be rich or a starving artist! Either way they want to know more!!!

      Hope this helps,

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