The magic PUA pill debate… Pt. 2

First of all I would like to personally thank all the guys who contributed to my most recent post. I got some awesome replies and heard some things I didn’t expect to hear. It’s a tough question and if I were to put myself back in position of a person learning the art of seduction, I myself would never have taken that damn pill! Although, I would have been very tempted because of the rewards that would have instantly come from it.

The obvious reason for me asking if men would take a magic pill that would instantly make them a great pick-up artist would be a debate of hard work versus the easy way out.

Let’s face it boys… Some of us will always opt for the easy way out and some of us will enjoy the learning process because of the amount of self worth that we will obtain from actually going out and confronting all of our fears and anxieties, for working on our inner game, our fashion, deservedness and the like. I am not going to judge anyone. Each person is entitled to learn anyway he so choses and all the more power to them.

Now for the less so obvious reason… A reason that no one touched on and nor did I expect them to!

Students of the “Game” want me or other coaches to be that magic pill and they hold on to that idea so hard that it actually will sabotage their game altogether. But I am just a “temporary magic pill”, a band-aid of sorts that is just covering the wound. Let me explain.

The less obvious reason for taking the magic pill is in relation to one of the most common things I hear and get asked about by students and that question and or reason is what we in the pick-up community commonly call “sticking points.”

Sticking points are a funny things because 9 out of 10 times, what a student calls his sticking point isn’t really the problem at all. It is usually much deeper than just a simple, single problem he is having with his game and he tends to isolate that one problem and blame that one problem he can’t seem to overcome as the end all reason why he is not successful at picking up women. Hence getting a coaching client who wants me to help him get past a “sticking point.”

I always hear these words… “If I could just fix this ONE sticking point my game would be awesome.” Here’s what I have to say to that… BULLSHIT! Sorry about that guys but I’m not here to dumb things down. I spend hours on this blog to give guys the TRUTH and to help you through this arduous learning process. If you want someone to be nice to you when you what you really need is some tough love, then you should pick up the phone and  call your mother.

I’m here to motivate you, teach you and challenge you to become better versions of yourself so that women will find you attractive and desirable.

These sticking points come in all shapes and sizes. From flakes, to kino, to escalation, to flirting, rapport, Day 2’s, etc… I’ve heard them all.

You see, I 100% can help you with whatever problem you may be having with your game and get you through that problem. That’s easy.I  can and will make your game better. That’s easy as well. But what students want from me is for me and me alone is to fix themselves with very little work on their part. How can I coach you, if you aren’t willing to coach yourself? Makes you think, doesn’t it?

As a coach your success is a massive responsibility and I take this very responsibility very personally because I care so much about each and every one of you and put every once of love and energy into my 100’s of coaching sessions. You are trusting me to help you better yourself. The KEYWORD here is, YOURSELF.

When a student says he has a “STICKING POINT” what I really hear him saying is that his whole game/life is more than likely one giant sticking point. If it weren’t, he’d more than likely be able to transcend that one tiny area he’s putting all the blame on and get the desired results he’s looking for.

Pick-up is a WHOLE PICTURE that has more layers than an onion. It’s a puzzle that you need to figure out but you don’t have the box with the completed picture on it to look at. On the surface, when you first find the community we’re sold on some silly idea that if you learn some fancy openers and routines and tactics we’ll be able to fuck tons of hot ass chicks… BUT, we all know that isn’t the case now that we’ve been in it for a while. It’s so much more than a few lines and techniques.

Pick-Up is the most amazing form of self help there is. You’re lucky to be here. It forces you to work on just about every area of your life or you won’t be have the success you’ve envisioned for yourself. That takes a lot of guts! Congratulate yourself right now!

I’ve always said that when we first come to this genre of self-help we think it’s to fuck lots of chicks or find “the one” and only true love of our life and on some level that is true but on a deeper sub-conscious level you didn’t find the pick-up community…

IT FOUND YOU! And it found you so that you can grow as a person, build a stronger identity, challenge and question your limiting beliefs. You needed change!

It found you because there were things about yourself and the life you were living that weren’t adding up and you needed this type of self help to grow as a human being. As most of you have already realized there’s so much more to getting good with women than you bargained for? Correct? Raise your hand if you agree. This was defintely the case for me.

When I first arrived I thought, this is awesome! All I have to do is memorize some stuff and I’ll be fucking super hot chicks in no time at all, but little did I know what I was getting myself into. I have had to constantly work on myself through this whole process. Even up to today, I am still trying to advance in my learning both with women and in myself. I constantly challenge myself in all areas of my life.

I am NEVER to good or advanced to learn. Some of the most valuable things I’ve learned have actually come from students. Even though a student is learning from me, it doesn’t mean I can’t learn something from him. Whether it be some cute line he says to a girl or something he’s doing in his personal life that motivates me. I learn from just about everything.

I look at this process as a never ending learning process and quest for truth! It never ends. If you’re not constantly learning and growing, I would say that you are NOT living. What could be more attractive to a woman than a man who is a student of life and a man who is living from the heart?  A man growing. Nothing.

As you grow and learn within this area of self-help, you will magically see sticking points fade away one by one. But sticking points are an integral part of growth and just when you think you’ve fixed one, another pops up. I love sticking points because it gives me something more to work on and learn from. Granted my game with women is awesome and I wouldn’t say I have any sticking points with that area but where I do still have sticking points is life in general and I love it! And if I don’t fix those, I’m sure my game with women will suffer.

Please… Challenge yourself to grow on all levels, welcome fear and anxiety as your best friends and get to know them personally. The better you know them, the better you’ll understand them, work through them and know yourself.

Ask for help when you need it, get the coaching you need because coaching is worth it’s weight in gold. That is why I am here. If it wasn’t for the coaching I have taken in the past, I wouldn’t have the game I do now… I will always be here for you whenever you need help but don’t expect me to fix you if you aren’t willing to fix yourself first.

I am not the magic pill!

The “magic pill” is YOU.

To Quote my good friend Phil…. “I am just the water to help you swallow that pill!”

Sincerely your friend,

Glenn P

ps… I’d love to hear your thoughts and views about what I have said and I’m sure so will countless of other people reading this blog. Please let me hear your voice and post your thoughts.

28 thoughts on “The magic PUA pill debate… Pt. 2

  1. Great post! One of my favorite ones I’ve read on here!

    I’ve had somewhat of a battle, still to this day I guess, in trying to figure out in my mind and reconcile why something that’s such a source of growth, development, learning, and happiness for me is sometimes looked down upon by people (i.e., THE GAME, “pick-up,” etc…). Because I try to understand why I would be condemned for doing such a good thing for myself and my life, not to mention all the women in it! But I gotta say, your posts always inspire me and make me feel good about this journey that found me!

    • Hey Chris,

      Look ahead and keep your head up high. If people or friends are condemning you for wanting to “learn” how to approach women and better yourself so that you may become a happier person then these people are more than likely not as good as a friend as you may think.

      If they were true friends they would want you to do whatever it takes to be happy and give you loving support in all of your lives endeavors. If you find yourself not doing things because of peer pressure than obviously you are not living from the heart which will only take away from your soul which in turn will not allow you to better yourself. Listen to yourself! Listen to your heart!

      Unfortunately, with any kind of self help you have to be concerned about number 1! Only you truly knows what’s best for you. if people don’t get that, than say good bye!


  2. Great post Glenn!

    You totally nailed it and your right! It is much easier to stay at home and stay small and ignore all your fears and worries but that’s not where the growth is.

    I’m going to go out there and admit it that I’ve been avoiding failing and facing my fears and I’m here to say to hell with that! I’m going to go out and face my insecurities! Thanks for inspiring me Glenn!



    • What’s going on Miller…

      Avoiding failure is a huge problem for a lot of guys when it comes to pick-up. Let’s face it, getting rejected at first hurts and it hurts bad. But when you finally learn that it hurts more sitting at home and not approaching women than the actual rejection you may sometimes get when your out doing your thing, you’ll magically fear staying home and not approaching more than ever before!

      I’m so happy to hear that you were inspired to make some lasting decisions. Be sure to keep that momentum going. Approach Anxiety has a funny way creeping back into your life if you don’t keep it at bay!

  3. Coaching is worth it’s weight in gold. No doubt. I wouldn’t be where I am today without coaching.

    Even guys who are already good with women can benefit from coaching. Think of olympic level athletes. They wouldn’t dream of not having a coach.


  4. I agree that coaching is a great thing. However my problem is that I do not make a lot of money and whenever I have contacted dating coaches, their fees are more than going to say getting medical treatment from an MD without health insurance.

    I get rejected alot and while I keep not getting up, there is only so much a guy can take until he decides that this whole thing just is not working. You need to experience some success in order to keep on thinking “yeah this will get better if I just keep on plugging.

    The problems I have and many guys that I know face is that its really tough out there for dating even average looking women, none of us are making a ton of money and we have very little confidence because we never succeed.

    Is there a way for a guy to find a coach and still afford it?

    • Bryan…

      I completely understand your concerns and actually hear what you’ve said quite a bit from other guys. My advice to you is to SAVE SOME MONEY! If you want some coaching and need coaching as bad as you say, then make it happen or die trying!

      After all, how important is the success you desire in this are of your life? How bad do you really want it?

      I have had to save and work hard at everything that I have achieved. When it comes to success, you need to have tunnel vision and let NOTHING stand in your way or get you down. Maintain a positive and optimistic outlook at all costs. Our dating advice works! You are improving, I am sure.

      For some guys, they get it and succeed with women right away but for others… It takes time! How long it will take is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU! Sorry! The way feel about yourself and your diligence is in direct proportion with your success. Simple as that. The guys who succeed fast think and act completely different from the guys who don’t. Their drive is stronger. Their belief system is further developed than most men. They stop at nothing and always see the light at the end of the tunnel and most importantly, they truly and honestly believe in themselves!

      There is no such thing as “There is only so much a guy can take” in the minds of winners. That is not a winning attitude and I want you to be a winner. i know it’s in you somewhere. You just need to tap into that area of your brain and unleash the inner you, the real you. The you that was put on this earth to succeed!

      Believe it or not… All of your failures are successes. You learn from your failures more than your conquests. Failure breeds success. If you are not experiencing failure you are doing something wrong.

      Confidence is a state of mind. You don’t need to achieve or have success to be confident. You just need to think confidently. Success or at least what you call success will follow!


  5. “Confidence is a state of mind. You don’t need to achieve of have success to be confident. You just need to think confidently. Success or at least what you call success will follow!”

    Ain’t that the truth

  6. if i’ve taken time off from gaming girls and now i cant push myself to approac. what are some good techniques to get back into it3? i read somewhere you recomend warming up. do you warm up on fatties? what do you say to them? you’re not the magic pill but how abot you give me some solid warm up techniques and scrippted ways to warm up for me to try? someone said just ask questions, but what questions??
    wud you hit on a girl if it was a small store and you had no where to run to if she blows you out?

    • Hey Shelton…

      Check out this post of mine I did a while back. This should help.

      Some questions you can ask to get yourself warmed up and in in the mood are:

      For day:
      Do you know where I can get some chocolate ice cream?
      Hey… Do you know where I can find some cotton candy?
      Do you know where I can grab a great cup of coffee?

      For night:
      Do you guys know where bar (so and so) is?
      Do you guys know where I can find some cotton candy?

      To answer your question:
      “wud you hit on a girl if it was a small store and you had no where to run to if she blows you out?”

      Stop being an excuse maker and be the man you truly want to be. The guy who doesn’t take chances and risks DOES NOT GET LAID!

      Hope this helps man….

      Now go out and ask some questions. Get back in the game! If you got into once, you can into again!


  7. great post Glenn, specially this

    “welcome fear and anxiety as your best friends and get to know them personally. The better you know them, the better you’ll understand them, work through them and know yourself.”

    I always just fight through fear and anxiety before walking up and doing the approach as i have always considered them my enemies. I will try to reframe as you describe above as I feel it will give me better results.

    • What’s up Lithius??

      How was your long weekend? Hopefully great!

      Think of fear and anxiety like a spiders web. The more you fight and try to escape, the more entangled you become. It’s only when you surrender to that web that you can tactfully and calmly escape it’s grasp!


  8. Glenn, I apprecite your thoughtful words as always.

    Another thing we should be mindful about is how much we must apprecite our lives, the fact that we don’t have major health problems, the fact that we are born and live in a country where we can engage in our favorite leasuirely activitives. Additionally, this is only a small particle, such a small part of our lives. I keep thinking when all this is all said and done, you will regret things you havent done. You WILL regret things you havent tried to go for. Hopefully my brain will be smart enough to remind me what you said in here everytime I feel nervous about something, anything!

    Again, I feel too lucky that game FOUND me. It truly cut me deep when you said this is a life time endeavor.

    I can’t wait to see the light at the end of this tunnel.


    • What’s up S.Bee…

      You seem like a really positive guy. Glad to have you reading my blog and contributing your thoughts. I think a lot of guys can learn from people like you who keep a great attitude and a positive outlook!

      We all need some support and encouragement to keep moving forward.

      I would imagine that you’re all ready seeing some light at the end of that dark ass tunnel?


  9. Glenn,

    Saving money is easier said than done. Especially when PUA’s charge outrageous sums to coach. $3000 for a bootcamp – 3 days? Monthly fees over $500 a month for phone calls? Pretty extreme for something that is not licensed or officially accredited. I have already spent a small fortune with NO return. Actually many of the programs I paid for were Brad P’s which I really liked in theory but did not work for me in the field. Scouts honor.

    So its not as easy as you paint. Sorry but that is reality.

    • Bryan…

      Wow… Sorry to hear that you’re not having the success that you so desire!

      Hiring a dating coach is an expensive investment. Although, we are never $3,000 for a coaching session. Who’s charging that?

      Allow me to give you an analogy to help you understand your dilemma just a bit.

      Let’s say that you loved violins… It was your life’s passion. You loved the wood, the design, the stain that gives it it’s distinct color, the strings, its sound, everything about it you loved but you still have never played one or maybe you just tried to play one for just a minute or two.

      Would you try to master playing a violin with taking lessons from a book, or instructional DVD alone? Do you thing the best violinist’s can sell out Carnegie Hall from being self taught from books and DVD’s? No way in hell. They’ve dedicated their lives to mastering their craft. They’ve spent all the time they can with teachers in a one-on-setting!

      Now, let’s say you didn’t want to play a violin but instead you wanted to learn how to build one. You go out and some buy some books on how to build a violin and get yourself all the materials needed and a few months later you’ve built a violin but something is just not right. So, you keep building them and they get a little better but just they’re just not sounding right nor are you achieving the level in which you want to be with your violin building skills. You’re in violin building purgatory!

      What do you do from here? Give up? Keep building average violins and getting the same results? NO FUCKING WAY!
      You find someone who can tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong and share his secrets with you that took him years to master so that you can make a fucking killer violin that makes you cry with happiness when it’s played!

      Our products at UDS WORK!!!!! End of story….. But for some people the products alone are just not enough. You will need some coaching and there’s no way around it. If you’re budget is tight, you should join the 30/30 club where you will get personalized coaching for a full year!!!! A full year of our coaches making sure you succeed.

      If the 30/30 isn’t right for you, then start to save. Save $5 a day and at the end of a year, you can get a coaching session. How much do you want it is the question? If you want anything in life enough you will stop at nothing to get it! I know you have it in you or you wouldn’t be reading my blog or posting!

      trust me… You can succeed at this. Keep a optimistic attitude, keep learning and seek help.


  10. Glenn,

    I said $3000 for a bootcamp – you guys charge that. I said $500 for monthly coaching sessions. You guys could charge that in like two or three weeks.

    One of the programs I was involved with was the 30/30 club. I was in it for the full year. It really did not do anything for me. Honestly. So I spent the $67 a month for the club per month. Brad use to say a guy can afford and he is right – Brad is 100% correct there and I think it was a pretty good program but I did not have any success from it. I love Brads stuff. I really gave it a go. But it did not work for me. I could see it being a great program for a socially inept guy, but I am not socially inept. I am just a guy that does not attract attractive women no matter how I dress, what I say, where I go. It sucks. It really does.

    I do seek help. I just do not have a ton of money to do so. That is my reality. Welcome to the economy of 2012.


    • Bryan,

      What I am hearing from you is a belief system that will not allow you success. You’ve already condemned yourself to failure by the words you use.

      The 30/30 club get results. The time of those results will vary for most people. We set it up so that you can take the “Months” over and over again until you progress through the levels.

      If you are trying tons of stuff out and it isn’t working or you are still having a hard time maintaining a positive outlook then I would say it’s time to get some coaching so that you can figure out what’s really going on or maybe take a break from pick up altogether to really do some work on yourself.

      When people say that that this material doesn’t work, or that program didn’t get me laid and I’ve tried everything with no results it leads to me naturally think that maybe it’s not the system you are following or the material your are testing out but that it’s really you that isn’t working.

      This is very common and nothing to be ashamed or worried about. You just have not gotten the correct guidance as of yet.

      Have no fear, Glenn is here.

      Because you have contributed greatly to my blog and I really care about your success and having you achieve your ultimate dating goals I am going to offer you a coaching session for literally a fraction of what you might normally pay!

      If you are interested in this help please let me know and give me a way to actually contact you as the email address used is not contactable.


      • Hi Glenn

        I do not know what a “fraction” is (technically that is 1/10 in math terms)….but I am amiable to hearing what you have to say. Please contact me. I am eager to hear what you have to say.


  11. Glenn, can we somehow all get this **special** coaching price? I already know how much your coaching goes usually and wanna see how much of a discount I can really get! I’m sure there are many of us who were saving up for a session.


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