I’m curious…. Guys, please help me?!?!

If I had a ‘magic pill”, that if swallowed would instantly make you one of the World’s Greatest Pick-Up Artists, would you take it?

Think about it for a minute… You swallow a pill and bam, you’re fucking 10’s that same day! Threesome’s every night of the week. Chicks checking you out everywhere you go!

Be sure to post your comments and tell us if you would swallow the pill! After I hear all of your answers, I’m going to write a huge post about it! I think this is going to a lot of fun!

35 thoughts on “I’m curious…. Guys, please help me?!?!

  1. I have actually thought about this before.

    In my mind, I would be worried that it would just become a mundain task if I could just ‘click my fingers’ and have women attracted to me. In my mind though, this will would come with the same knowledge I would get from experience.

    In my mind, it’s like riding a motorcycle. It would be skipping the learning process of having to have someone follow you around on another bike while you get up your hours & going straight out alone license knowing you can ride & enjoying the fun that comes with it.

    • Hey Raijn…

      Great insight! And nice to hear a very honest and humble response! Much respect!

      But, if given the chance, do you think you would take the little PUA pill?

      You’re a 30/30 member, correct?

      • I would.

        I joined 30/30 Club in Jan 2010 & got pretty good quickly, Became online coach in 4-5 months and was enjoying life. Even did things I never thought possible like a 5 minute pull who stuck around for a few months + got my oneitis.

        Since then, there was a period of almost 12 months I didn’t go out because of severe financial difficulties. Now that I’m going out again, it’s like starting again but worse because even my normal social skills have deminished.

        So yeah, I’d take the pill. It would take my skill pass what I was capable of and having the skills would provide me with new experiences in addition to my existing ones.

      • As an afterthought, the skills I would then have of the of the best PUA in the world would allow me to better my quality of life in everything from getting out of debt to getting into many exciting careers where advanced people skills can really help.

  2. I can go on and on about the learning experience and adventures I’m going to miss out on. But in reality, WHY THE HELL NOT? I’d take it in a heartbeat. 🙂

  3. This Is a tough one. I’m a person who has been working on this very thing in myself, and it’s not been an easy task (especially with most of my time going to a two challenging BS degrees). I’d Love to be able to take that magic pill and not look back. The only real challenge I see in that is making sure that I’m not taking that chance and ability for granted (I just think of classmates who are going to university on their parents dime, and pretty much throwing their degrees away because it’s not their hard-earned money going into it). I don;t think I would, as I have been working down the path to take care of this part of myself, but how many would just take “The little Red Pill” without first putting in the time and effort on their own?
    There would also be the issue of being able to handle that sudden shift in lifestyle. I could see a definite risk of getting burned out from not being able to handle the total paradigm shift that this would bring along. Again, this would need that foundation of having tried to better oneself through the tough old “Long Road”, and not having it handed to you right away.

    • Hey Bdubs…

      It is a tough one… You raised some good points… I will address most of them in my next post!

      Thank you for posting! Everyones participation is so important to the success of this blog. I am so excited about helping you guys out as MUCH as possible through a blog.

  4. I’ve asked that question myself many times and about so many things, not just about pick up.

    I would definitely take it, but I think I would put it in a drawer, try and make it on my own, and have it there kinda like a back up plan, because I do believe the journey matters.

    Something I can hold in my hand and decide if I should swallow or not when I have a bad day, like comparing myself, my skillset, my balls with the pill and see which one weighs more. Will I end up swallowing it? who knows, I want to believe I will not, don’t really want to.

  5. I think PU would quickly become boring and I would find something else to be interested in…

    I remember when I used to be into video games, if there was ever a cheat code you could put in to instantly acquire every accomplishment in the game, then it quickly became boring and I would find another game to play!

    But on the other hand, that’s pretty tempting!

    Idk,… I think accomplishments are more enjoyable when you work for them and earn them, so I’m afraid I would turn down the pill. Although, if I knew I was gonna die in like a week then hell yeah I would take it.

    • Chris…

      If you were gonna die in a week?? I guess you might as well spend your last week screwing as many chicks as humanly possible. Good way to go in my eyes and definitely a great reason to take the pill…

  6. I would say yes (even though I know it’s probably a trick question and the answer should be “No, the reward comes from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and overcoming challenges you thought you could never overcome”)

    While that may be true, I feel that learning pick-up is not about taking on new ways of being, it’s about removing layers of bullshit that prevent us from self-expressing.

    With that in mind, if a magic pill could just strip away all the BS, it would reveal the true me who is already inside and so therefore would not be cheating, it would just be more efficient!


    • Hey Gift…

      What an awesome insight… I love what you said about “removing layers of bullshit”!

      And it’s not a trick question… I’ll write a big post about it but I really just want to see where different guys heads are at. We all are coming at this from a different viewpoint but in the end we all want the same outcome.


  7. I would take it. More like an addition to what im already doing(approaching on a regular), like drinking Protein before hitting the gym for a crazy workout, im already working out like crazy so a little protein would not hurt LOL

  8. I would absolutely take it and not look back. I have been in this for a number of years with very, very little success and darn it I would do it. Its like when you have an ailment or a disease. You try all kinds of cures, methods and nothing works. Then a Doctor tells you that he has a pill to cure you. Sure you would take it. Totally.

    If a guy is already having success, then I could see him thinking twice about it. But for guys that really struggle for so long (like me), then its a no brainer.

    So Dr. Glenn, can you write me a prescription?

    • Hey Bill…

      I would love to write you a prescription!

      It can be hard to be good at gaming again when you’ve taken a break from it for so long!

      Funny how that works! When you learn how to ride a bike or read, no matter how many years you’ve been away from it, you can pretty much always just jump right back in… But why is it different with pick-up???


  9. Hi Dr. Glenn,

    I have not really taken a break from it at all. I have been in this whole pickup scene for about 10 years now and its been just bad, bad, bad. I cant tell you the last time I was “with” an attractive woman. Four years now? But I still approach and do my best. So I do not understand the break thing.

    So why is it different with pickup? Because you are dealing with people, personalities and all kinds of random situations. Most women do want a tall, dark and handsome man – there is no doubt there and socio and evolutionary principals can back that up. However, pickup is not conducted in a vacuum so you might luck out, she might like your clothing, humor perhaps (but that is if she is already attracted to you) – its chaotic at best. Its really like throwing sticks in the air and seeing how they land. The odds are against you but it can happen. One’s odds of riding a bike are pretty good if he has inner ear balance and two legs!

    Conversely riding a bike is very linear. So is tying knots, ties and learning basic math. Its very linear and can be tough to chimps. Pickup is not linear. it is rather chaotic and random. That is why so many guys do not do well with Mystery Method. He made it out to be an computer program which might work for one subset of women, but does not for another.

    This is why pickup is so different than say riding a bike or tying a tie.


    • Bill… (again, lol)

      I would love to try and figure out why you haven’t been with an attractive woman in ten years. Something must be wrong but what that is, I would have no idea unless I got to spend some personal time with you. I’m sure whatever the problem may be it can be fixed. It’s probably something really small that hasn’t been detected by you or another dating coach.

      Hopefully one day we can meet in person so I can help you!


  10. Dr. Glenn,

    I wanted to add something here.

    If my time in pickup had been one of incremental success – say when I started I stumbled but I continued to get better incrementally to the point where it was possible to say date or pickup a 9 or 10 or even remotely then I would say, no I would not take the pill. I learned the hard way but it was a good experience.

    However for me this has not been the case. Its been one of futile frustration. Hey most guys give up after say a month or two or even 6 months but I continued to work at it and after reviewing the last 10 years of frustration, money spent and time away from hobbies, family and making more money – I would take the pill in a heartbeat.

    Please call my local pharmacy with the prescription. I have a pretty good health plan….:)…


    • Bill…

      After 10 years of frustration, maybe you deserve the pill I might prescribe but if you’re doing anything that long at not getting the results you want you need to figure out a way to find out what is truly going on and why you haven’t had the success you deserve after so much effort.

      I’m calling the pharmacy now as I’m writing this!


  11. Glenn,

    What do I think the problem is? Its not my lack of effort.

    Verdict – Hot women are just not attracted to average looking, shorter than average height guys I have surmised. Well unless they have power or money which I do not have. I have gamed in NYC, Miami, Vegas, LA, London – all over per where my work takes me. Why would a hot woman go for a lesser looking man? if you think about it a hot woman can have pretty much any guy she wants so a guy like me, even with trying so hard for so long, just does not “qualify” in her eyes. Personality does count if you make the grade physically. Its all based on the physical. I tried to make it work and I stayed positive for a long time but now I feel its pretty much a lost cause. Its not shit tests either. I do not buy that. Hot women on the whole have certain criteria because they can. Its that simple. I have been to 4 bootcamps, have spent thousands of dollars on programs, one on ones and people tell me “you need to settle for someone lower”. I have had even instructors tell me that after I paid them say $3000 grand. And they would not give me my money back. So that pretty much means the 5 to 6 zone. Full circle, that is where I have always been thousands of dollars later.

    So such a pill is quite needed!

    • Bill…

      I am sorry but I am going to have to strongly disagree with you on a few things here:
      “Verdict – Hot women are just not attracted to average looking, shorter than average height guys I have surmised.”

      First off all- “Hot” women are attracted to all the same things that not so hot women are attracted to. Yes, it may be true that HOT women have more options when it comes to potential men they will date therefore they have developed a stronger and more calculated screening process with what they will allow into their lives. BUT that DOESN’T mean that they will not date an a guy who is average in the looks department. For women attraction is 100% not entirely physical. END OF STORY! I have seen tons of “average looking” men with beautiful women who didn’t have money or fame! Women are attracted to the Alpha-Male and all of the qualities therein. If you were very ugly looking and your body and grooming was not the best, sure HOT women will be less inclined to date you purely based on looks but it still doesn’t mean that they won’t date you, It just means that you have a lot more work to do on yourself before you can become a potential partner for her!

      The key word in your statement is “average” and if you are average looking you have just as good as shot with her as an above average guy. Ultimately it will come down to who is most compatible with her on an intellectual and emotional level! It will come down to which of the two men can stimulate her mind and understand her better. I will come down to which of the two men can relate to her the best.

      “if you think about it a hot woman can have pretty much any guy she wants so a guy like me, even with trying so hard for so long, just does not “qualify” in her eyes.”

      Let’s take the part of this statement, “even with trying so hard for so long”. Whatever you have been trying, no matter how many different things you’ve tried you still haven’t been able to figure out what will work, correct? You see, I have a philosophy and I’ve proven it true 100’s of times when I work with guys that “It’s not the routines that work with women but WHO is delivering the routines to them that works.” It’s the man on the inside that makes the routines work or not work. It is his belief system that will allow him to climb the ladder of success or never get off the ground floor. If you believe that you are just average, how can you expect to attract a woman into your life who you perceive as above average? You can not!

      ” Its all based on the physical”

      This is not true, it is just what you have come to believe to be true. It is not reality.

      “I tried to make it work and I stayed positive for a long time but now I feel its pretty much a lost cause”

      I believe there is still hope in your eyes! If there wasn’t hope within you anymore, than you wouldn’t be reaching out and asking for someone to show you that what you think isn’t really the way things are. Essentially, by posting your strong beliefs and statements about women being a certain way that is not in your favor it is essentially a way of wanting someone to show you that you may be wrong. And you are! It is not the way you think it is and it is not to late to change!

      “I have been to 4 bootcamps, have spent thousands of dollars on programs, one on ones and people tell me “you need to settle for someone lower”. I have had even instructors tell me that after I paid them say $3000 grand. And they would not give me my money back.”

      These so called “instructors” are full of crap and in no way, shape or form EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER call themselves an instructor!

      Learning pick-up is not just a one-on-one or a weekend bootcamp for some people! For some lucky people this all that it will take but for most people they need repeated training over a certain course of time. How long this can take is in proportion to the amount of beliefs and bad habits we as coaches have to break through! We have the 30/30 club which takes a full year. The reason for this is because we know that to complete the job of coaching a student can not happen in just a day or two. It needs to be a systematic approach tailored specifically to each individual!

      One-on-one coaching and bootcamps are amazing to fix certain key points or give a guy a great foundation to work on so that he may move forward in his pursuit of success with women.

      I would like to offer you a free-45min phone consultation with me. I appreciate your contribution to my blog and sharing your thoughts and would like to show you my appreciation by doing tis for you!

      No need to respond to my reply in it’s entirety, just let me know if I can contact you through your email address to set up a time when we can talk on the phone. I promise there will be NO SELLING of any kind. Just a talk between you and I to see if we can to the bottom of your issues.


  12. Glenn, Stephen again. I love how your answers are so thorough and well put. Amidst of thinking about this post of yours for a while, I wanted to jot down some things and ask you a few questions.

    I’ve been in this game stuff for a few years. I know I definitely improved, I’ve grown my fashion, voice and identity to a respectable level. A lot of girls around me that know me for a while think I’m attractive and funny but I still fail to deliver in cold approach situations most of the time. Numbers are easy but txts dying out, no day 2s, I’m sure you know what phase I’m in.

    1. I make time to go out and approach maybe 1,2 days per week at max and even then I still get the nervousness, is there ever gonna be an end to this lack of social freedom or even guys who are good sometimes never grow out of it completely?
    2. HOT girls, I understand a lot of attraction is how you talk, how funny you are, how witty you are and how you carry yourself and the thing that solidifies the attraction is your identity (am I correct?) For a guy who’s 25 as I am, what would count as a GREAT identity? (I do photo gigs, play music, and have an A-OK job being a host at a casino) or is it more to do with having ambitions and being able to relate to the girl?
    3. Another question about approaches, is it better to do a few a day everyday or do a lot when you decidedly go out?
    4. I want to take a 1on1 SO BAD. hahaha. well after my finances are worked out!

    lastly, back to the question, please do prescribe me the pill yes..yes… YEEESSSS!

    • Stephenbae… Welcome back!

      It’s getting late here so I’ll do my best to hook you up with the answers you’re looking for even though I get the feeling you already know the answers but are just looking for confirmation…

      You said:
      “Numbers are easy but txts dying out, no day 2s”
      Short and to the point- Attraction + no comfort or rapport= FLAKE
      No attraction + great comfort and rapport=FLAKE
      Attraction + Comfort and rapport= Day 2
      If you’re texts are dying out it is because of lack of interest or the span of too much time that has gone by since you first met her. Remember, TIME is your worst enemy on a cold approach phone number. Set the Day 2 up sooner before the texts go dead or slow down.

      1) Chances are you will always still have some level of nervousness when approaching women but that nervousness will be so low that you won’t be able to notice it or you will be able to transcend the nervousness and approach.

      2)Great rapport and connection will typically solidify attraction. Hence relating to her in some degree

      3) Both – try to do more than a few when you go and ALOT when you decidedly go out.

      4) Hold up an ice cream truck and let’s do a one-on-one!!!


      Have a good one bro!!!!

  13. Dear Glenn

    To answer your post, my brain says yes and my heart says no. Reason being is that one of my college professor told me that always chase the wind but don’t catch it. I never really understood what he meant until I arrived back home. Learning is what keeps me motivated, happy, thrilled, etc… There is no end point for some thing, just keep on going and enjoy it. So in the end, I would say no.

    Also I would like to share something. I was a huge self doubter until I saw this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MslbhDZoniY&feature=player_embedded
    This video helps motivate me to go out and it applies to other things in life. The one thing I learned so far is just do it and correct things along the way.


    • Alexander….

      THAT VIDEO IS AMAZING… I just watched a whole bunch of them! Highly motivational!

      Thank you so much for sharing that with us… I hope people actually watch it and learn!


  14. Hello Glenn,

    To identify myself, I’m a 3030 graduate, and my email will tip you off.

    I wouldn’t take the pill. For me, the journey itself is fun, and I have worked hard to get to the point where I am at now. I’ve had to work on my fashion, social calibration, networking, basic social skills (which I lacked), etc. I think in the end, my hard work will pay off, and I want to be rewarded for hard work, not just take some magic potion.

    Aside from pickup, I am currently asipiring to be selected to the pickup mansion sometime in the future. So I may see you soon Glenn.

    • To the mystery man….

      Very admirable! Glad that you can appreciate the journey with all of its facets.


      Hope to see you at the mansion one day and have the luxury of seeing you in action and you seeing me in action. The mansion is awesome! It will definitely take you to the next level of PUA mastery…


  15. I know I’m four months late on this, and hopefully you read this Glenn, but if not, I hope other people do who might be encouraged. Here goes…

    FUCK NO I wouldn’t take a magic pick up pill!


    Like has been said before, by the guy above me, by great minds throughout history, and by the people I most admire today, part of being human is being born and growing up with challenges that we face, become stronger, and overcome. I wouldn’t say that I was born just to run on a wheel, going through a bunch of arbitrary life challenges, but growth and improvement are certainly part of my life purpose.

    I damn well know that having hot girls, quality girls surrounding me in my life wouldn’t be NEARLY as satisfying without having EARNED IT. I’m a snot nosed beginner, still dealing with the approach anxiety and fear of heading out into the field, but looking forward and getting turned the fuck on by the progress in my future makes me happy because I know I’ll get stronger to get there.

    With pick up steroids, I’d miss out on the richness, the adventure, the triumph, the drama, and the satisfaction of knowing I have a wonderful chance with any beautiful woman that crosses my radar only because I created that in my life.

    Plus, if we had magic pick up pills, you would be out of a job, and that would be a damn shame wouldn’t it be :p

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