LR: From a crazy chick to an even crazier chick in one night…

This has got be one of the all times craziest pulls I’ve had in a long time!

The other night I went out on a date with this super cute chick I met online. I’ve been really working on my online game lately and getting about 4-6 lays a month. It’s been a great experience, it’s like a total freebee! I’m starting to like sleeping with chicks I meet online. I figure if I could meet 3-5 women a month with a cold approach and meet another 5 or so online, I’ll be sleeping with about 10 new women a month.

So, I’m out with the little fashionista grabbing drinks and we’re hitting it off big time. Lots of kino, flirting and some heavy eye contact. We went to 1 place for drinks and usually if things are good I’ll go for the pull after about 2hrs and NO longer. Either she’s going to take some clothes off or she isn’t at that point.

When I think she’s ready to bounce to my place, I go for it! And NOPE! She’s not leaving… What?? Who is this girl and who does she think she is?

I figure, ok, I need to put some more time in and maybe some more comfort. We chat, relate, I escalate and it’s all good. I suggest leaving again and she declines. I tell her, I’m getting bored and wanna go somewhere else. She orders another drink!?!?!?!? Damn…

It’s now been about 4 hrs in this place… This is taking way too long….

When she is done with her drink, I stand up and grab her jacket and say come on! She agrees! YAYYYYYYY…

We get back to my place and start making out pretty heavily and I start to take her shirt off when out of nowhere she starts crying! WOW!!!!

I’ve never had this happen before and they definitely weren’t tears of joy with the fact that she was wrapped up in my arms topless…

Turns out, she just got out of a serious relationship of 4 years about 2weeks prior and was dumped out of nowhere and to make matters worse her X dumped her to marry some girl he was cheating on her with! She was an emotional wreck.

Part of me, the PUA side wanted to see if I could pull it off with her but I decided to just send her on her way with some encouraging words and ample amounts of Kleenex tissues for the tears and snot dripping out of her nose! I hope she’s ok…

But, this is supposed to be a Lay Reprot, right? It is… It’s coming right now!

Earlier that day, I received a wink from some chick online. I winked back and then she emailed me. Her email was like one sentence. Super short but it doesn’t always have to be long! I busted on her long email and said, “You’re timing sucks! I’m leaving town tomorrow for a month(which is true) so either we have to wait to hang or do something crazy!”

She emails back and says…  I’m crazy! With her phone number.

During the day I texted her

Me: You’re definitely crazy!

her: Nothing for almost 3 hrs

Her: Who is this?

Me: Wrong answer. good bye!

Her: 3hrs later she writes- Confused!

Me: I noticed

Her: at 1:00am while I’m with this girl- Glennnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!

Me: nothing

Her: Called me twice while I’m with this girl

Me: Crying girl leaves my place, so I pick up the phone and call this chick. She answers.

We talk for about 3 minutes and we figure out she lives right around the corner. I tell her, I’m coming over. She says NO. I say too late… I’m already leaving my house, what’s your address? She says, ok come over, but you have to bring me some candy. I buy some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Sour Patch Kids. lolol

I ring her buzzer and go up to her place. She answers the door in just some lingerie and bright red lipstick on!

Now, I’ve NEVER had this happen from online so quick before so I’m kinda in uncharted territory here. I’m asking myself, do I need to talk to her a bit or do I just start fooling around with her?

We sit on her couch and I tell her I feel over dressed and start taking my clothes off, she helps, I guess there’s no need to keep talking. We make out and she’s an ok kisser but not great. As we’re making out she says, “Do you wanna go to my bedroom?” and guess what I say???? hahahaha

We go in, get naked, fool around, fuck and I cum all over her tits. She gets up and goes into the shower to leave me alone and when she comes out, I’m totally dressed. It’s like 4am and I need to be up for work at 9am and then I was leaving town right after. I was not about to stick around any longer… She looks at me and says, I guess you’re going and gives me hug!

And that was that! The fastest pull I’ve ever had from online! We literally had like 6 texts and a 3minute conversation!

19 thoughts on “LR: From a crazy chick to an even crazier chick in one night…

  1. Hey glennp,

    Crazy story bro! That was nice of you to not try and seduce that girl who was hurting, style said being a pua means sometimes saying no and you did that, props to you,

    and I cant believe that girl opened the door in her lipstick and bra! Can I have her number? 🙂

  2. Hey Miller..

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. I’m hoping to one day make this a premier place for men to find answers that will help them succeed at dating and bettering themselves…

    Yeah, the devilish side of me, was like, come on… you can get her to stop crying and give her an awesome time… But, I always lived by a rule when it comes to learning and mastering pick-up and that rule is…

    One of the key things to keep in mind while you are getting good at this and for that matter, once you get good with understanding what is really attractive to women is the for you, the pick-up artist, it is practice. We are constantly practicing how to succeed with women because we were never taught this or had the ability to learn this on our own as we were growing up but for the women we approach and sleep with IT’S REAL LIFE…

    To them, what we say and do is real. It’s not practice for them.

    What you say and do when your with a woman can potentially and permanently affect the way she views relationships and men in general.

    That’s an enormous responsibility. Always take the high road and the high road will be given back to you. I’m a firm believer in Karma. Treat others how you yourself would like to be treated.

    ALTHOUGH…. If I was just dumped and some woman was trying to seduce me and I started crying… I would want her seduce me over and over again.. But hey, that’s just me!

  3. Hey Glenn,
    Awesome with both. I like the way you figure:
    [quote] meet 3-5 women a month with cold approach[ing]
    meet another 5 or so online, [/quote]
    I have figured it the same. The abundance is out there. My skill set to tap into it and do what you figured is doable AND you have started doing, is in the works.

    You are one:
    a) silver
    b) gold
    c) platinum
    tongued Angel

    To me, this is a key example of how an understanding and realizing what is going on in the present moment AND calibrating oral skill sets can get a guy and a gal laid with [quote]6 texts and a 3minute conversation![/quote]

    How many Cold approaches would you estimate it takes a guy with average P.U Skills to meet 3-5 women a month?
    How many On-line winks, flirts, e-mail openers do you estimate it takes ot meet 3-5 women per month?

    Looking forward to seeing you sometime this month,

    Warm Regards

    • The dark Knight…

      Hey, you in the mansion??? If so, I’m definitely looking froward to meeting you in the flesh!

      To answer your questions…
      1st- How many Cold approaches would you estimate it takes a guy with average P.U Skills to meet 3-5 women a month?

      I’m assuming when you say “meet”, you mean go out on dates with? If this assumption is correct than what every guy should be striving for is a 10% success rate from cold approaches to lays. That’s 1 lay for every 10 approaches you do. if you get to this point, you are pretty much a MASTER SEDUCER and better than 90% of the coaches out there.

      For the avg. guy with avg. PUA skills that percentage will obviously be lower. Never had to put an exact percentage to it but I would figure if he is truly average in his skills it would be about a 4% success rate, so long as he is going out all the time.That would put him in the 1 lay for every 25 approaches category, which still isn’t bad. You can still go out every night of the week and do about 25 approaches, which would still equate to a lay a night. If he goes out every night, than that’s 7 lays a week! That’s a hell of a lot of pussy, wouldn’t you agree? It all comes down to determination!

      2nd-How many on-line winks, flirts, e-mail openers do you estimate it takes ot meet 3-5 women per month?

      If you have a killer profile and great pics… It will probably be 1 date for every 3-5 winks or emails you send.
      If your profile sucks and your pics aren’t good that number would go sky high!!! You’d probably have to send out at least 50-75 winks and emails to get 1 date and more than likely the chicks will be 7’s at best.

      I have found that the HOT women don’t look at winks as much, since they are getting about 25-40 a day.
      With the Ultra-Ultra Hot ones, I always email them!

      • Hey, Yes, I was at the Mansion. Good Experience. Now living near the Beverly Center and a mile from the Grove.

        In July when you were here, you saw my old Ego protecting my old identity through a meant to punish temper tantrum. :[
        We exchanged views about girls that look away.
        You thought the best way to pass a girl’s test of my talk of dominance (her keep soccer playing-business guy B.F. as provider, me for great sex) is to pull her hair, put a hand or two around her neck within 5 minutes after I opened her.
        Some spiritual stuff too.
        The Shame of you not getting to work with me then I hope will be made up for this weekend :)lol

        I was as looking for how you meant “meet”. So yes, Same Day/Night Pull, Lay, Insta-date, day 1, 2, 3 . . . .
        I wanted to verify an early stat. you mentioned
        of 40 approaches to get 6-10 phone calls (15% to 25%) result rate.
        Pretty low. How many gamble with such low odds.
        the result rate is even better once the “meet” happens. Those 6-10 phone calls may net 2-3 dates aka meets. (33% to 50%).
        If that equates to a new lay every night, yeahh, an over abundance of pussy.

        On line dating. I can see from what you wrote about it above, I am not persistent enough.
        I am on 2 so called sex dating sites. My profile alone gets about 0 to 3 e-mail messages per day, and 3-6 requests to be buddies per day just from that.
        The girls are hot looking mid-20s to mid 40’s. Half are probably CAM girls or just wanna chats.
        Like you, I do not bother with winks et. al. I send an e-mail.
        The traditional dating site; I’d rather just go out and do cold approach.

        The common thing seems to be the ability to communicate with just writing in the style of cell phone texting. I have the belief that as I develop my texting skills, my dominance, like yours, Jake’s, BradP’s, my on-line numbers will get better.

        Also,already been called crazy; I think we men are nuts for playing into girl’s text game(s).
        I think we do it out of competitiveness to not be left out. sigh, I feel better now that I said that.

      • I know who this is!!!!!! How are you man? I hear you been hanging with a good friend of mine during the night time! So happy to see you’re still in the game! When he was telling me that you’re still going out and that your game is great I was so happy! I wish I had the chance to work with you again… Maybe in the future some time?!?! Like THIS WEEKEND?

        When I see you, I will answer all of your question you put forth here!


    • Hey Captain Power…
      Thanks for giving me props.. And she got super crazy on me… Total texting stalker for the next week! Scary!

      Are you in NYC? Have we met before?

  4. Hi Glenn,

    I would love to be able to match my cold approach/social circle lays with online lays! I’ve never tried online dating, but are there any sites you can recommend here?


    • Hey Chris..

      Sorry for taking a bit to get back to you!

      There are two different type of dating sites you can go for. There’s the paid dating sites like Match, E-Harmony, etc… Personally, I think Match is great.

      And then there are the free ones like and Both of those are decent.

      I think there are different types of women on each but definitely give them both a chance!

      • I know this is probably a deep topic… but do you have any quick tips for creating profiles online, or any place I can find ways to make an effective profile?


      • Chris…

        You’re right! This is a huge topic that could take me weeks to write up!

        My best suggestion would be for you and I to get on the phone and talk. I could give you tons of tips and tricks to improve your online profile and overall success…

        I would also personally look at, review and change your profile around!

        If you’re truly interested in learning some online game and taking it to the next level, I think this would be your best option! Personalized help and coaching is always worth its weight in gold!!!

        You can email Drew at and he can set us up with a time to talk on the phone!


  5. Wow, I love that part:

    Her: Who is this?
    Me: Wrong answer. good bye!

    It just cuts through all the crap, since you and she both know that she knows who is writing to her, but it takes courage (to a guy with average PU skills, not you) to write ‘good bye’ to a chick with whom you have the chance to sleep with and almost don’t know except for a one quick interaction in the internet.

    I guess this is what happens when you have the abundance mentality and are not afraid to write whatever it is.

    A normal guy would have wrote sth like ‘It’s Glenn from the internet .. bla, bla’.

    I Love your answer!

    • Zlatan…

      It sure does cut through all the crap! She knows who it is and gives her a sense that SHE is fucking things up by acting that way! It works really well when you just say… Wrong answer! Bye…


  6. I have dabbled in and out of Pickup. I am currently working two jobs and working on becoming an entrepreneur and having a business that frees up my time.

    Glenn, you are one of the most down to earth writers I have read in quite some time. You get laid, yet you still talk honestly (1 out of 25 will get you a lay) about things without trying to make yourself look like you fuck every girl you lay your eyes on.

    I am serious and ready to get this stage of my life handled. What would you recommend? Do you offer a reasonable coaching option, maybe over the phone?

    • TJ…

      Thanks for the praise! It really means so much to me when guys tell me that they are inspired to become better at meeting women and bettering their lives in general!

      We do offer phone coaching which really does help out many men. Obviously the best coaching is in-field but if that isn’t possible than phone coaching is a great way to get your questions answered and get the advice you need to take your game to the next level.


      • Glen,

        I’m also talking back and forth with you on another post about the possibility of Vegas in September.

        Where do I go to find out about your bootcamps or to sign up for phone coaching?

      • TJ…

        You can get in touch with Drew. He’s my booking manager and takes care of all pricing. I’m gonna tell him you’re a reader and I’m sure he’ll take care of you!

        Here is his info… Give him a call!
        Phone: +1 (702) 516-8879


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