How would you open this girl???

We talk alot about PUA theory and the subtle nuances of becoming a better pick up artist and how to attract a chick into our lives so we can make love to her beautiful body and mind in ways that the normal AFC could only dream about… Here’s your chance to do it!

Now, Let’s see how much we have learned and how creative you can be.

Here’s the deal, you’re just walking down the beach and you’re all by yourself just enjoying the sun and slight breeze the ocean is giving off when all of a sudden you spot this little beauty just standing there all by herself with her freshly pedicured feet planted firmly in the moist sand smiling in her little bikini with her luscious blonde hair flowing like rays of the sun trying to catch a fish… What do you say to her? How would you open this set?

37 thoughts on “How would you open this girl???

  1. I would walk up, stand right next to her and look out over the ocean. When she turned to me, I’d say: “You know, you’re a brave girl.”

    Her: “Why?”

    Me: “I once stood out here fishing in a bikini bottom and people were hitting on me *all* day. They were relentless. Can’t a guy fish in peace?”


    • Hey George….

      Not sure what you mean by “using it for good”? And if I don’t know what you actually mean chances are neither does she.

      I would imagine her response would be.
      Her: What do you mean by good?
      You: ?????

      • Depending on what she would say.. I would say it in a flirty tonality so most girls i think would get if im asking if she is a bad girl or a good girl indirectly, so if she says yes i would say awww arent u a good little girl but unno i sense a wild side, and if she said no im using it for bad i would say its okay i like bad girls

        if she doesnt get it i would just go direct and say i dont even know what i mean but you are a hottie, im a hottie, lets connect.

    • Hey Mike…
      Fucking delicious is amazing for many reasons.

      First- Only a really confident man is going to call a woman delicious!
      Second- She’s never heard that before, NEVER!
      Third- It’s got a shock value which will typically generate massive attraction.
      Fourth- It’s flirty and sexual without being creepy

      But I typically don’t give that out to students or promote this opener which is originally mine unless they have massive presence and are very experienced around women. Think about it for a second… What type of man would come up with that opener all on his own and actually deliver it with the brute force required upon an unsuspecting beauty showing off her little ass in the jeans she just bought? IF YOU ARE NOT THAT MAN, IT WILL NOT WORK!!!

      If you attract her by using this opener, she will be in a highly receptive, flirty sexual state of mind and you have got to deliver on the goods if you want the interaction to go well…

      Like I’ve said many times in the past… It’s not always the first thing you say to a woman that counts but what you say and how you act right after the very first thing you say.

      Does this help??

      • me: awww that’s soooo cute!
        her: what?
        me: you are catch me dinner! I hope you use that cooking lessions that bought you!

      • Hey Mike,

        Thanks for trying to throw a few openers out there but I’m not sure if you fully understood this exercise.

        The openers you used are basically variations of openers that I have used in the past.

        The idea is to sharpen your opening skills and come up with PURE ORIGINAL content.

        Either way… good job at taking a shot at it… If you come up with more, post it!

  2. Me: Mine’s bigger
    She: …huh?
    Me: My fishing pole… gee, what is it with you girls that when you first meet me can’t think of anything else other than my penis?

    • Hey Coinboy…

      Very funny for sure.. I loved the first line, “Mine’s bigger” but the follow up may not do you justice. I’m not saying it couldn’t open her well but you better have some serious back-up for that strong of a sexual statement so fast. You just might come off creepy if you don’t. When you make a strong sexual innuendo like that so soon, you need to have some serious game behind it and truly be the man who is saying it or she will eat you up and use you as bait on her hook… In other words, only a very confident alpha as fuck guy will pull that off…

      I like this better….
      Me: Myyyyyyy pole is so much bigger(said in a very flirty way)
      Her: Oh yeah… ok!?!
      Me: I meant my fishing pole you perv… Can’t I say anything without a chick making it sexual?


      You: That’s a really big pole!
      her: thanks
      You: Yeah.. If I was gay I’d totally hit on you right now.

    • Hey Flipper…

      Horse girl is great for anytime, anywhere, no question about it!!!

      But why not use what we’ve learned so far. Instead of Horse Girl make something up like Weird Fishing Girl.. or Weird Bikini Girl…
      Get back to me with a new version of Horse Girl that is completely your own! Share it with us. You can even use my examples for your own version of the infamous Horse Girl!

  3. I would walk up, stand next to her and look out into the ocean without saying a word and wait for her to say something. When she speaks I would cut her off and say, “Shhhhh, you’ll scare the fish away.”

    • I like this.. Actually, I love this one!!!

      For two reasons…

      First- It would build up massive tension between the two of you!
      Secondly- You’re cutting her off with something pretty damn funny.

      Awesome Chris!!! You get a Day2 with the Fishing Queen…

  4. I would walk up and say

    “Awesome you got my text to catch some fish for dinner…now all you and I need to do is get some good wine”….

    • Just woke up and was sipping on my coffee when I read this and literally almost spit it out all over my living room LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!!

      This was an awesome opener! Funny, flirty, totally original with a splash of roll-playing!

      You just got a Day2 with the fisher queen!!!

  5. Glenn,

    Seriously you need to do more of these. This kind of stuff really helps us guys to try and come up with good fun situational lines you know?

    • Nice one Flipper!

      You catch, I’ll cook….. Good comeback!

      You’ve got a phone number! The day-2 is almost yours… Win her via a text war!

      Just keep in mind, that on your average day you might encounter unique situations where a super funny, situational, flirty opener will generate Global Thermo-Nuclear attraction instaneaously!

      Sharpening this unique skill set will only make you a more well rounded PUA!

      • Mike….

        The best thing to do to SHARPEN this skill when it comes to opening sets and attracting women is using routines!

        There are a lot of haters of routines… and to them I say… G-Luck in learning the skills to seduce women.

        LITTLE SECRET: The BEST PUA’S in the world who teach so called “Natural” game can only spew natural game because they were once routine based!

        Routines give you a wonderful framework for what women find attractive…

        AS you use routines more, you will eventually develop your own routines and from there you will be able to instantly and intuitively say things that are flirty and witty at a drop of a dime because you have a solid understanding of what women find funny and attractive.

        Most importantly when you understand female psychology better, go out and just start saying things you think up to women and test their responses. Soon you will craft your own style, develop better wit and banter…

        Notice your surroundings when talking to a woman and use that as a point of reference for what you say.

        This is why I chose such a VERY SPECIFIC situation and asked you guys to share with me how you would open this set!!!


        I wanna hear a few openers from you on this particular set. Let’s give it a go!

  6. hi glenn, i’m new to your site. i’ve heard great things about you. love this post. would you mind sharing some of your day time openers with me? i’d love to hear how a professional like you would open beautiful women on the street… in a mall… or in a cafe. do you have a specific routine you use to open? thank you, rusty.

    • Hey…

      Sorry for taking a few days to get back to you. Been doing alot of traveling!

      Thanks for adding to this thread. I love hearing from you guys and even more than hearing from you…

      Most of my openers these days are purely situational with a strong sexual flirty element. I like to immediately screen for her comfort level when it comes to her sexuality. I prefer very confident women who are highly sexual and I prefer our “Blow me or Blow me out” mentality. It’s either she’s attracted and hooking up with us or she isn’t! I’m not into wasting my time with women who aren’t totally into me from the very first words!

      If you go through some of my older posts you will read about many of the openers I have used.

      For me, every situation is different and requires a different opener. If you are just starting out with developing your skills with women, I would 100% suggest that you grab a few canned openers and just start using them!

      Here’s a quick example of an opener I used in L.A. while staying at a hotel and wound up having sex with this chick about 10mins later. Of course there was SO MUCH more going on than just the opener but you will get an idea of my opening style at different times.

      I had just gotten into an elevator going up to my room and as the door was closing a super hot chick squeezed in… She gave me the look, we shared a bit of sexual tension, she was dying for me to open my mouth, I did and she was done!

      I said to her: Is it me??? or wouldn’t you just like to hit that stop button and just start making out?
      Her: Just looking very shy, blushing BIG TIME!
      Me: Come here… grab her by the back of her neck and start making out(forgot to hit the stop button, lol)
      She: What’s your name
      Door opens and someone is about come in…
      Me: Excuse me! I don’t think you wanna come in here. This girl is about to take advantage of me!
      the person: I’ll grab the next one…
      her: Are you staying here
      Me: Yes, this could be trouble! (start making out again)

      And this is where you eventually want to get in your ability to seize an opportunity and with your opening game!

      • Shade….

        He finally shows his face! Everybody say hello to the one and only David Shade! His advice for making women feel REEEEEEEAAAAAL good is awesome!

        Funny, I was thinking that I wanna be just like you when I grow up as well…

        Thanks for reading my blog and following my utterly random adventures!

  7. A brief success story from this summer:

    A very cute girl is with her not-so-cute older female friend in Inwood park (NYC) fishing along the Hudson river. I tell them “Careful guys. Did you know that GE was dumping toxic chemicals in this river for years? In fact, last time I caught a fish here, it had three eyes and spoke with a British accent. I also tend to find that theyre not as tasty when they’re glowing.”

    They laugh and clearly have a fun, friendly vibe. Not the most amazing opening line but it did the job. We get into a huge discussion about the environment (something we mutually discover to have a passion for) ..all the while giving me a chance to impersonate a disgruntled British fish. I get cute-girl’s number and we hang out again for coffee. Eventually she comes over to taste my “not-so world famous” baked garlic wild salmon..with a side of sausage. The end.

    Glenn, maybe you can clear the confusion I have.

    One expert insists: “going direct is a fool’s game, don’t do it. It may look good at first but you’re ruining your chances.” and another says “Stop being a pussy and go direct..its manly, honest, and if she’s into you you’ll just hook up faster!” Direct vs indirect daygame..what have your experiences found to be the real difference/pros&cons??

    Keep up the great work Glen with this blog..your wisdom has been very inspirational!! Thank you and have an awesome day.

    • Hey Barry…

      Glad I can inspire you… and your little story is inspiring to me and I’m sure others!

      Your question about direct vs. indirect is a can of worms! One day I’ll write a book about it!

      The short answer is, it can work and it doesn’t work!

      To make direct game work, your game, identity, confidence, congruence, fashion, sexual intent and experience with women has to all be in place!

      With indirect you can sorta squeak by without having developed all of these attributes about yourself!

      For now, I would advise to keep doing what you’re doing! Seems like your fishing trip worked out well!

      And great opener as well!

  8. me: you’re fishing again?
    her: …?
    me: we had fish last week! I’m getting tired of fish…What happened to all the cooking lessions i bought you?!

  9. Glenn –

    Don’t you think you’re placing too much importance on the opener? If I was a pale out of shape guy with a hairy back and I walked up to this girl and said one of the funniest clever lines on repled to your post, I doubt I would get a day 2, let alone the time of day from her.

    I understand the point of helping guys with lines and routines but when you’re asking for a guy to come up with a line to use, you’re selling the idea that the line is what is going to get her attracted to you. I think you got it all wrong. If a girl finds you attractive, she will laugh at anything you say.

    You gave some kid Flipper a hard time with his openers but it seems like he doesn’t over think a thing and understands it doesn’t matter what you say. All these other cats that replied are a bit comical.

    Good luck out there.

    • Hey “J”,

      To answer your question of, Do you think I’m putting too much importance on the opener?”

      The answer is NO!

      Think of your opener as a secret knock to a woman’s emotional/sexual mind and if you know the secret knock, her door will open and allow you in for an extended period to either win her affection or prove yourself less than desirable in her eyes.

      Will the opener and just the opener get you laid or a day2? That answer is obvious. No, it will not!

      You see, being a great pick up artist isn’t about being able to seduce every woman in the world but it’s about being able to seduce every woman you have a chance with, and opening strongly and generating attraction gives you that chance! Making sense?

      A strong opening WILL generate attraction despite looks! This has been proven a million times over! For women, attraction isn’t a choice, remember? Conveying attractive qualities is what is going to perk a woman’s interest. I can get super theoretical here but theory makes my head hurt! lolol Basically, if you’re fat and have a hairy back like your example, you still have a chance! maybe that road might be tougher but NOT by any means impossible!

      Giving away the day2 to the guys who posted great openers is just a way of me saying GREAT JOB with your openers! Sure, a clever line won’t get you a day 2 but whether or not you get the Day2 will be determined by everything you say after you have her interest/attraction.

      Maybe, you can open this chick yourself? I’m very curious about you and your game…

      • Hey Glenn,
        I am a good looking guy, been told this a million times. Girls and women eye ball me all the time. With NO modesty and all humility I am better looking then you. The fashion and body language you all have helped to amp that up.
        However; when I APOLOGETICALLY do sexy shoe girl , horse girl, fishing pole girl, opener, I turn myself into a pale out of shape guy with a hairy back.

        I am glad that you, other Brad P coaches, and mainly Jake at the Jan. workshop have open my eyes to seeing this. I am now doing the internal work to fix this.

        I appreciate you sharing your experiences in ways that help me get better, and makes my world a happier place.

        Warm Regards, Knight

      • Knight…

        You… Better looking than me??? How dare you?!?!?! 8)

        Glad you appreciate all the hard work we do for you guys! We really put our hearts and soul into every post we write, our products and of course our coaching. Hearing from guys who are learning from us and who have worked with us say awesome things about us and our coaching only drives us to be better!

        I personally try to make every coaching session better than the last one. After all isn’t that what you are paying for and deserve? Coaching guys is such a huge responsibility and many of the coaches out there, not everyone, are just in it for the money. What a betrayal! Shame on them. But the core of us who do this, do it for the LOVE of, because believe me, the money ain’t that great. We care about your success more than you will ever realize!

        Remember, I was once you! I walked in the shoes of an AFC fro almost 2o years and now I wear fucking COMBAT BOOTS! So, I know how you are feeling and what you are going through and I WILL ALWAYS DELIVER OR DIE TRYING!

        Thanks again for sharing Knight!

  10. I would wade out into the sea, find the hook and attach it to myself and shout back to her, “You caught one! Reel it in!” then walk back up to her and throw her rod to the sand, put her arms over my shoulders and go for the makeout.

    When I say I would do this, I probably wouldn’t do it, I’d just walk straight past her but I’d like to think that’s how I would do it if I had Glenn P sized balls!

  11. Well my first thought would be a variation on the bubbles6969 opener. Something like,

    “Omg I’m so sorry I’m late. Went to walk my dog and fix my car, but have you been waiting long? Looks like you started with me! How long have you been waiting?”

    “Uh, what?”

    “Yeah, your idea to go fishing is killer, but you only brought one line, I told you I didn’t have one and that you’ve have to bring your other.”

    and it continues…

    • Dwizzite… How are you?

      The variation of the Bubbles6969 isn’t bad but the idea is to come up something almost totally original or extremely unique.

      You’re gonna have to step it up to get a Day2….

      I’ve read your stuff before so I know you’ve got what it takes!!!

      Luv ya,

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