I woke up today and I just felt sick to my stomach… But, the funny thing is I’m not really sick nor did I eat anything bad for me. So, why am I feeling sick to my stomach??? Allow me to tell you why. Last night I stayed up pretty late. I would say, I stayed up until about 4am watching tons of Youtube videos and scouring various dating websites watching all of these so called “Pick Up Artists” talk to girls and do live, in-field approaches and my blood started to boil and my stomach turned into knots!


Secondly… These guys have NO GAME! 

In my humble opinion which is the opinion of a seasoned pro at the art of pick up and attracting beautiful women into his life from first hand experience I can sit here and type this post and truly tell you that these guys are nothing but FALSE PROPHETS and have very little, if not, NO GAME AT ALL!

Sure, to a student or a newcomer their fancy approach footage might look fancy, fun and like they know what they’re doing but to me… NO WAY! I’m going to call them, not pick up artists but “approach artists” looking to capitalize off of the inability of a newbie or a guy having trouble with his dating life not being able to truly distinguish whether or not this person is really good or not! SHAME ON YOU BOYS FOR FOOLING US!

It’s all about marketing! Marketing is all about perception. Personally I am a big fan of marketing and have nothing bad to say of it if the message it carries is real and worthwhile but with marketing and viral videos it is all to easy to manipulate the weary viewer into his reality and get him to buy the crap he’s trying to sell which is just OUR MATERIAL(the guys who have been around for years) just re-worded and formatted to fit his, the new guys particular brand.

This is going to be the most important sentence in this post and please listen to it loud and clear!


Think about it… How easy would it be to follow some guy around approaching women and catch him doing a few good approaches? What they won’t show on these websites and on Youtube is that these same men probably had to do about 50+ approaches just to get the money shots!

Now for some more truth! Clean your ears out! Are they clean? Good!

Even the good approaches that these guys put up as so called “proof” that they have the skills to pay the bills are not really good approaches at all.

But Glenn… Wait! I saw how the girl smiled and she kino’d him and I saw how he got her phone number! You’re lying it was a good approach.


You can’t fuck a phone number! (say that 10 times really fast)

95% of these approaches ended up with that guy NEVER seeing that woman again. 95% of those approaches were used strictly for shock value for the viewer. 95% of those approaches were FLAKES. FLAKES. FLAKES. FLAKES.

From being a real pick-up artist myself and from coaching for the past 6 years and seeing thousands of approaches done right before my very eyes, I know when an approach is gold or when it will lead nowhere!

I hate the fact that these UNHEARD of men in the seduction community, who more than likely took a workshop a few months ago and got laid just a handful of times have started these dating websites with a massively high budget to lure the guy in who is in all honesty probably just as good or almost as good as the guy selling the bullshit.

Now… Of course there are a few legit dating companies out there and some really amazing coaches that work for them. I have personally seen some of these guys in action and BRAVO MEN! Keep up the great work!

But when it comes to deciding on whether or not to get professional coaching to help you with your dating life be very careful as to where you put your hard earned dollars. Do some research. Don’t be fooled by an “Approach Video!”

Please do not ask me to name the people I think are fake as I will not.  I am not here to start any wars or usurp any bad karma. To each his own. I am here to just make you aware that there is a marketing war going on and where there is money there is fire!

4 thoughts on “Beware of FALSE PROPHETS!

    • Hey Joe…

      You are so not being a dick! Actually you are being wise as to question the legitimacy of my claims.

      But… If you need to know that I am not telling lies and that I am who I say that I am, I will give you a few credits.

      I was voted 8th best pick up artist in the world by the community!
      I have over 50 reviews from students all testifying to my game and coaching ability.
      I was interviewed by Neil Strauss.
      I picked up a Love Systems coaches girlfriend in front of 15 students and banged her!
      I was personally chosen by BradP(The most reputable guy in this business) to represent his company and was his first head coach.

      There is so much more I can give you to testify to my abilities but even with the little I have given you above is MORE than any of these other guys will have on their resume’!

  1. Hey Glen,
    You’ve shown me that you can get basically the same results with day game as with night game. I like night game, but staying out so late screws over my whole next day. Day game works better for me because of my sleeping habits. Can you give some comparisons to both of them? I almost feel like abondoning night game together, except for the hot chick facter. Thanks!

    • Dwizzite…

      I love night game because of the amount of hot women you’ll come across in a very limited amount of time as well as the super high energy of it all but the allure of daygame is equally intoxicating because with daygame you can really connect and spend quality time with a woman you’ve just met without the influence of alcohol and distractions from her friends, cock blocks and drunken guys trying to blow up your set from time to time…. The more time spent with a woman= the more likely you will see her again!

      Daygame is great because you can hear everything she is saying and it’s a little more romantic and random. Most women NEVER meet their prince charming during the day, so the daytime can be used to your advantage. Where as night game is all about generating intense attraction, keeping her buying temp pumped and screening for the proper logistics to see if she is capable of being pulled.

      There are tons of hot chicks floating around bars and they are usually dressed so much hotter than the equally hot woman who are out and about walking around during the day. With that being said, women at night who dress scandalously slutty with their mini skirts, lipstick and high heels tend to raise their perceived social value from that of a 7(during the day) to a 10 at night time. In other words, if you met the 7 during the day her value would be that of just what she is and no higher and if you met that same woman at night in her male attracting uniform and with all the guys hitting on her she would think she is way hotter than she actually is and it would take a little more game to win her affection over. So, in my opinion daytime works in your advantage when it comes to such a dynamic!

      Both night game and day game are awesome ways to meet women but at the end of the day what you need to do is follow your heart. If daytime is calling you at this stage in your life then by all means go with it. Just remember that night game will always there for you! The bars and clubs aren’t going anywhere. Neither are the chicks!

      Does this help?

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