I was dumped by a 9!!! And then here’s how I got her right back into the sack!

If you guys are familar with Brad and I then you will certainly be familiar with our “Double Flake Reversal” philosophy. But now I’m gonna share with you the “Double Break-Up reversal!” for the very first time ever.

I just love this stroy because it could never have happened to me before the community and learning how to succeed with women. In the “old days” I would’a been dumped by this chick hardcore and probably would have begged for her back because she was so hot and also because I was once a super duper needy guy.

Let me give you a little background so you can fully understand what the situation was.

I met this girl in the park. She was smoking hot. Blonde, great tits and a stripper ass. We chatted for about 40mins, I got her number and started texting her that night. It was non-stop texting. I wanted to see her ASAP because I know that time is the number 1 attraction killer. If too much time goes by before you see her again the likelihood  of seeing her goes down about 90%. I wanted to act quick without seeming desperate but I also knew that the holidays were coming up and I would have NO TIME to see her. My schedule was completely booked for like 3 weeks. I needed to act quick with this one.

A week went by and we still couldn’t meet up but the texting was still rampant almost everyday so I knew she was still into me hardcore. She would constantly try and hang out with me but I had to keep telling her “no” which was starting to drive her crazy. She, on numerous occasions said things about me having a hundred women in my life, and said things like I was such a player… All were shit tests which I handled perfectly.

But… I knew I was running out of time with her being satisfied with just texting. Time to put plan B into action. I needed to get her on the phone for an extended period to solidify her attraction once again and build tons of comfort for the meet up to happen in the future. She was starting to forget who the guy was she met in the park and believe me… This chick has more options with guys than she knows what to do with.

I gave her a call one night during the middle of a text war between her and I and we talked for almost 3hrs!!! She texted me right after and said that she never talks to guys on the phone anymore and how awesome it was that we talked non-stop. She said she felt like she was in High School again. Isn’t that sweet?

The next night she called me and I purposely bounced her call and kept silent that night with the texting.

Two nights later we were texting again and I called her. She immediately picked up and we talked for about another 2hrs. After the call I knew she was in love and would wait however long it took to see me but on the flip side of things by talking to me that much I was almost leading her on that I liked her alot and that this was something serious. Shit!!! Now what do I do?

I went silent for a few days with the texting. She called and once again I didn’t pick up. During one texting thread I was very abrupt with my answers and texts. She kept asking what was wrong. I told her my thumbs are tired! lol and to stop reading into things!

Finally we meet up. We were supposed to go out and grab a drink but it was raining really hard and not a great night for going out on the town. She sends me a text saying… “Just come over! I feel like I’ve been dating you already. 8)”

IT’S ON!!! I go over to her place and within 20mins of hanging out, her panties are off and she’s putting scratches all over my back with her nails. We cuddled for a bit after sex, chatted some more but I can tell she felt really uncomfortable with what just happened.

First- She definitely felt slutty for being so easy.

Second- She had no idea how I really felt about her because I was confusing her so much with my texting and not answering the phone

Third- Her cat hated me! haha

The next day she texted me first and said.. I never do that! I didn’t expect to have sex. I told her… I didn’t expect sex either but it just felt so natural. I wanted to calm her down and let her know that I would see her again but I knew that she had some serious feelings for me… What a mess! But she’s so fucking hot I can’t let her go. I need to just sub-communicate the way I want the relationship to be. This is going to be hard.

She wanted to see me again very soon but like I said earlier, my schedule was crazy and I was lucky to even be able to see her this one time. I’m sure to her, she thought I’m out banging all these chicks and that she doesn’t matter to me all that much.

I become really careful with my texts and what I say to her. I want to be able to have sex with her again but not get into a relationship with her. I play aloof but my texts are warm and flirty. It seems to be doing the trick… Or so I thought!

I get a text saying… I need to talk about something with you. Can you talk? Uh oh!!!! I know what that is. It’s either, listen I like you but I don’t think we should see each other or she’s going to inquire about how I’m feeling towards her. Either way, it’s a serious talk and there’s no avoiding it!

I tell her.. Sure I’d love to talk. Call me later. She agrees. Later that night she doesn’t call. This isn’t good… I can feel an I’m getting dumped by this chick coming! FUCK!!!! I really want to see her again. She’s fun, successful and retarded Playboy Bunny hot! Merry fucking Christmas Glenn! This sucks.

The next day after she was supposed to call I figured i would be the one to text her first. I wanted to show her that I cared about what she needed to say. Not really sure how it made me look in her eyes but at this stage of the game I don’t think it really mattered!

Here’s the whole text thread!!! And here’s how I won this chick back HARDCORE! She’s so in my life right now.. and is totally fine with our dynamic! This is in my opinion some of my finest texting. I knew what was going on. I knew what she needed and I knew how to read her mind and beat her to the punch! It’s not going to seem like much but if you really understand women and how they think you’ll LOVE this text thread and how I won her back.

Me: that was a great talk we had last night(busting on her even though she never called)

her: Sorry, been under the weather. how’s your weekend?

Me: Weekend was awesome. Did you still need to talk?

her: DEAD AIR! No response. Not like her at all!

Me: (5hrs later) Are we breaking up? can we at least wait til after the holidays? I’m sorry for being so flakey with you. I’ve just been crazy busy! (this is where I took the blame and made it about me and not her. Even if she didn’t want to see me again, when you tell a person that you’ve been unavailable it turns the tables. It makes them want you more and makes them re-evaluate their feelings and intentions. You always want to be the one flaking or becoming disinterested. At least in her mind, you do!)

her: It’s fine. Been busy to!

Me: Does this mean we’re still going to exchange gifts and bake gingerbread cookies?

Her: Funny.. How’s work?

Me: It was intense. So busy. Did you get that transfer you were looking for?

her: Thats not happening for about another year. Your so busy. How was Virginia?

me: If you like guys in plain sutis and hair pieces.. You’ll love it! I kinda missed your thumbs this past week.(even though it was me who was not texting as much.)

her: I’m having a really rought time personally so don’t mind me. The holidays get me down.

Me: No worries. Sorry to hear. the holidays seem to do that to people. BahhhhHummmbug! I’d still like to hear what you needed to say. I need to talk to you as well.( This was the game changer! “I needed to talk you as well” was setting all of this up. By saying that, all I needed to do was to hear what she had to say and I could’ve said anything I wanted to her in regards to my statement)

Her: really??? Just basically I’m going through some shit and would just like to be friends if that’s ok with you

Me: That’s totally cool. I’m glad you said that. I was heading there myself but didn’t want to just go MIA without telling you(THIS WAS THE DOUBLE BREAK UP REVERSAL TEXT)

Her: really.. lol Why may I ask do you feel that way?

Me: Wellll. Since you asked. I loved how we met.  all the texting. Then the long talks on the phone. I was definitely into it but after we hooked up I got the feeling that you got a little too sensitive when we were texting. Like, You were wondering if I was a big player and wanted to know if I ws gonna stick around for more than just sex. just felt pressured. (by saying all of this I’m ensuring that she won’t act this way again in the future and solidifying my idea that I was going to break up with her)

her: Sensitive how?

Me: It was all in your tumbs. very subtle. Sensistive to just about everything I was saying or not saying!

Her: What are you looking for?

Me: More of what we had.. A long talk on the phone, a walk thru the zoo, couch parties(our term for sex in previous texts), a cuddle and a snuggle, lingerie shopping and being naughty… The usual! But also open to wherever it may go

Her: I had no idea that’s where your head was. You’re impossible to figure out

Me: I knew you had no idea. You always coulda asked!

Her: It wasn’t obvious, so I didn’t know what to think

me: You should have had the courage to call the other night. But I don’t blame you for protecting yourself. I’m a gamble.

her: I didn’t expect us to sleep so fast. I got all freaked out cause it was the first time we hung out

Me: Didn’t expect it as well. But it felt super natural once we started kissing and I just went with it, like yourself!

her: agreed! So now what do we do? 8) (She’s back!!!)

Me: It depends on your thumbs! Are they going to be sensitive and worry about things that may or may not be true?(now I’m telling that her bad behavior will not be tolerated and put the fear of me walking away very easily into her mind)

Her: I just had a talk with them and they’re gonna be fine.

Me: I still need to see you in that leather jacket you sent me pics of

Her: Why the jacket?

Me: Ummmm, you looked awesomely hot in it!

Her: How’s tomorrow?

And there it is… From being dumped to chased in a matter of minutes!

Never underestimate the fear of lose! The fear of lose is a major driving force in the way we react to people and life situations. We always value what we may lose more than when we had it. If you feel like a woman is going to leave you or flake on you, reverse it and flake or leave her first.

I hope everybody learned something from this post. This is true game!

I’m actually hanging with this chick tonite… this will be the 3rd time since the “almost break-up!” I need to shower and get ready…

Happy New Year guys!!!


6 thoughts on “I was dumped by a 9!!! And then here’s how I got her right back into the sack!

  1. Damn Glenn. You certainly have a way with words, it’s so POTENT! I’m failing incredibly hard when it comes to being sensitive and saying what I KNOW she’s feeling. I’ve dropped the ball on one recently by sounding too brash…

    • Hey Richard!!!!

      Thank you for the compliment! I’m so happy that you’re reading my blog!

      What exactly do you mean when you say you’ve dropped the ball by sounding to harsh? Do you have an example in specific?

    • Hey Lithius…

      Glad you enjoyed it.. It’s all very subtle but being able to predict what is going on in a woman’s mind is imperative to learning to be a pick-up ninja!!!

      In the future I will try to post more text thread that I think are great to learn from.

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