Ho Ho Ho… Merry Pick Up!

The countdown to New Year’s has begun, a brand new new year is on the horizon and have you fulfilled last years promises about becoming a better pick up artist, achieving your dating goals, approaching more women and bettering yourself in all areas of your life yet alone preparing for new set of promises/ New Years resolutions that may or may not be fulfilled?

It’s gonna be 2012 in just a few days. You’ll have 365 new days to fulfill your dreams of seducing beautiful women. AND… Let me tell you that 365 days is a very long time. A lot can be done in 365 days. Let’s do a little math here… Shall we? Good! Let’s talk about approaches! The only way to sleep with women you’ve never met before is to approach them right?

365 days- 1 approach a day = 365 chances to meet a HOT chick

365 days- 2 approaches a day = 730 chances to meet a HOT chick

365 days-3 approaches a day= 1,095 chances to meet a HOT chick

365 days-4 approaches a day= 1,460 chances to meet a HOT chick

365 days- 5 approaches a day=1,825 chances to meet a HOT chick

365 days- 6 approaches a day = 2,190 chances to meet a HOT chick

365 days- 7 approaches a day = 2,555 chances to meet a HOT chick

365 days- 8 approaches a day = 2,920 chances to meet a HOT chick

365 days- 9 approaches a day = 3,285 chances to meet a HOT chick

365 days- 10 approaches a day = 3,650 chances to meet a HOT chick.

That last line astounds me. 3,650 chances to meet a HOT chick!!! If you do 3,650 approaches how many women do you think you would have slept with? How amazing do you think your game would be? Do you think you would have nay approach anxiety at all? Would you be able to approach any woman, anywhere at anytime? You damn right you would! How much pussy would you be swimming in right now? TONS!!! Would you be reading my blog learning to become a better pick up artist??

Even if your game sucked, if you approached 3,650 women you would sleep with at least 20 and that’s if you had the worst game ever! Now ask yourself this… How many women did you sleep with last year? Where would you rate your game? How good do you think you are with women? And once again, how many women did you have sex with last year? I bet it wasn’t 20! SOOOOOO, even if your game needs alot of work you can still have massive amounts of success with women if you just approach them when you see them?

Now, you may be asking yourself, “How could any person approach 3,650 women in a year?” and you may be saying “who has the time to approach 3,650 women. That’s 10 approaches a day! I have a job. Nobody can do that!” If these are things you’re saying to yourself than you probably will never get as good as you want to get with women. You are already setting yourself up for failure! This is a limiting belief!

I approached easily 3,650 women in my FIRST year of pick up. Brad approached 3,650 women when he decided to get good at pick up. Hyper approached 3,650 women when he was tired of going to bed alone every night of his life. Jake P did the same! If we can do it, why can’t you? Oh yeah, I almost forgot… That’s right, you have a job, you have approach anxiety, there’s no women around, I don’t know what to say! BULLSHIT GUYS!!!! Keep giving yourself excuses and the closest you’ll ever get to getting laid is by reading our LR’s and jerking off to porn. Sorry to be so blunt but I WANT YOU GUYS TO SUCCEED. I know how it hurts to not be able to get a girlfriend, I know what it’s like going to bed lonely. I know what one-I-tus feels like. It sucks and it’s lonely. Do you think I’m writing this to amuse myself? Hell no.. I’m writing this to inspire you to take charge of your dating life once and for all!

On a typical weekend workshop. ONE weekend bootcamp with Brad, Jake or me! How many women do you think the average guy approaches? Friday nite, he’ll typically do at least 15. Saturday night he’ll do the same if not more because his approach anxiety is lower since he was actually approaching the night before. Between Friday and Saturday night he’ll do around 30-35 and that is not even a full night. That’s without any daytime approaches. Add a full night and some daytime approaches and that number of 30-35 will be at least 50-60. Ummmm, almost 1 weeks of approaches(10 a day) in 1 weekend!

On a one on one with me for daygame, it’s not uncommon for the average guy to do 40 approaches in 8hrs, get about 6-10 phone numbers and get about 2-3 dates. If he does that 2 days in a row, that’ll be 80 approaches in just 2 days. There is still 5 more days in the week! Do the math…

I’m not saying you need to do 3,650 approaches a year but I am saying that until you get to where you want to be with the art of pick up you will need to do as many approaches as possible as much as possible or you WILL NEVER GET THIS AREA OF YOUR LIFE HANDLED. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER NEVER!!!!!!!

The formula is simple, the more approaches you do the better you get. The more often you approach the better you will get. There is NO other way!

If you can’t do 70 approaches a week, which is 10 a day then I’m willing to bet any amount of money you can to do half that! 35 approaches a week is NOTHING! You can do that in one night. If you do 35 approaches a week that’s 1,820 approaches for the year!!!!!!!!  How may years have you been doing pick up? How many approaches have you done during that whole time? Have you ever done anything close to 2,000 times? How good do you think you will be if you did something, anything 1,820 times? How much better do you think your dating life will be? How many girlfriends do you think you will have? How many boxes of condoms do you think you would have bought that year?

I guess the point being… If you’re going to make a New Years resolution. Make a New years resolution. Make 2012 the best year of your life. Follow your dreams. Get that raise! Become an entrepreneur. Get up off you asses and approach some women. Become a machine. Sleep with tons of hot chicks!

Thanks for the amazing year guys! And thank you for reading my blog. Next year will be even better.


4 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho… Merry Pick Up!

    • Hey Lithius…..

      Straight from the North Pole! The one place on earth where it would be almost impossible to do 3,650 approaches. I’d probably approach the same woman 3,650 times if I was there.

      Anyway, glad you enjoyed my post!

  1. Amen brother. Inspiring. All these problems that most guys have would naturally start to get smoothed out if they focused on uppping the number of women they interact with.

    It’s impossible to improve at basketball if you take one shot every two weeks. Why didn’t it go in? Should I have thrown it harder? Softer? Higher? Lower? The only way to get better is to get out there and practice, practice, practice. When you put your body in motion, your brain starts to figure out what you need to do next.


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