TEXT GAME… Try these texts… WARNING!!! They’re scary as hell but are lethal!!!

Ok.. According to other PUA’s I”ve got some of the best text game there is. Just ask Hyper and he’ll tell you all about it. Over the past few years I’ve texted at least 300+ women. So, with constant experience, field testing and practice I’ve manged to win ANY woman I want over if we start texting. I could probably write a book on text game for my fellow PUA’s. I’m only going to give you a few of my own texts and  tell you when to say them BUT I’m not going to tell you exactly why you should say them! Sorry! Once you use them  a few times and figure out for yourself why they work so well and when to exactly use them you will apreciate them all that much more! You need to experiment with these texts on your own and figure some things out for yourself. That’s the only way to really good good a picking up women. But anyone with some good game will certainly appreciate my text contribution. Here we go… And DO NOT CHANGE THEM AROUND! Use the grammar and punctuations the way I do. Don’t add emoticons or exclamation points, etc…

The next day after sex text: Obvious when to use this.

Text- OMG… I’m going crazy. Every time I go to the bathroom I can still smell you all over me!

The confuse her text: Use this right after you started texting her for the first time(third or fourth text) or after a day or two of not talking to her an she texts you(As long as she thinks you should be more than familiar with her number.) This one drives them crazy and is funny!

Text- Who is this?

The we’re gonna meet-up text: Use this when you’ve solidified plans, you KNOW she likes you and she’s still unsure if you like her and haven’t already hooked up with her yet.

Text: It should be fun finally meeting up. At least we know our thumbs get along… If anything being friends would be a good thing

The piss her off text and have her worrying about losing you: Use this when she says something back that’s not exciting or a lame response… AND also use this when she thinks she’s said something really funny or great and hasn’t.

Text: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s ( like sleeping/boring)

The you told a bad joke text: Use this when she says a lame joke or tries to be funny or flirty and it comes off bad.

Text: Whomp Whomp    or    Ummmmm…. ok.                                        

The confuse the hell out of her and make her worry she said the wrong thing text: Use this to confuse her, make her go crazy about what she said. It’s deadly. This works best when a girl says something really revealing about how she feels about you for the first time or when she says something overly sexual for the first time. Also is great when you’ve hung around her already on a date and she texts you about what a good time she had. Also, you can use this when you’re in rapid fire text and she does any of the above! IT’S DEADLY once again!

Text: (Nothing) Dead air her ass! DON’T RESPOND! Either wait a long while or wait until she reinitiates the text conversation.

Another Confusion text: Just to confuse her. Use this during a regular text chat or if you haven’t texted each other in a day or two.

Text: Hey… You know what i was thinking? (when she responds to you, dead air her. Don’t text the girl back. Wait an hour and text her something completely irrelevant. When she asks about what you were thinking say.. Oh? Did I send that to you? Oooops. (8…. If  you use this during a text war when she asks “what we’re you thinking?” say the same as above but add, “I’m like texting ten other people at the same time.”

Have fun boys.. And anyone who wants to comment on why they think these are great or their experiences with them, PLEASE DO! Most guys have shitty text game. The game can be won just over text!

6 thoughts on “TEXT GAME… Try these texts… WARNING!!! They’re scary as hell but are lethal!!!

  1. Hi Glenn…

    Could you give a couple examples of something irrelevant to text for the “Hey… You know what i was thinking” text?

    One my favorites…


    • Something irrelevant?!?!

      You: Hey… You know what I was thinking??
      Her: What?? 8)
      You: Dead air
      Her: hello????
      You: wait an hour or longer
      You: Yeah… What’s up? Why so many question marks??? (this is ultra confusing for her)
      You: Yeah… I’m here
      You: Who is this???
      You: A big hello back…
      You: A bird just attacked me. I’m scared! Come save me there might be more.

  2. Hey Glenn!

    Can you tell me if I used the “Zzzzz” txt correctly in this example:

    me: some pretty lame hearts and smiley faces last night. i’m gonna need you to do better

    her: haha. sure i’ll work on it

    Me: if i don’t see improvement next time…then we r gonna have to break up

    her: I’ll step up my game

    Me: prob gonna break up. have awesome make up sex, get back together, then break up again in a cycle of love/hate

    her: there’s ups and downs in everything in life. I think we have some great ups esp the make up sex

    Me. looks like ur a “glass half full” kinda gal…u get one brownie point

    (6hrs later)

    her: What can I redeem with thses brownie points?

    me: isn’t it past your bed time lil girl?

    her: spring break son! i’m gonna be shaking my thang for dollar bills at show and tell later (show and tell is a strip club)

    me: sorry but i’m out with a friend! Go bring home some $$ for daddy.

    her: You have friends?

    me: Zzzzzz

    (dead air since)

    Glenn, did I make you proud?? And thanks for reading…

    • Lenny….

      The Zzzzzzzz’s are deadly. To answer your question, yes you could have definitely used the Z’s when you did but a better response would have been to absurdify her question. She was trying to flirt with you and match your banter that you were giving her. You were obviously winning the banter war and being that she’s a stripper(or so I would assume) she needed to play on your level as she’s more than likely not used to guys running circles around her with a text war!

      Her: You have friends?
      You: Not really. 8( Every time I meet new people and they find out I still live at home with mom and do nothing but watch soap operas, smoke pot and play X-box all day long they never call me back! Will you be my friend?
      My psychologist keeps telling me that they’re not real. 8(

      You get the idea… I think in this case it would have been better to keep flirting with her.

      But you did an awesome job at not allowing her to get you to go visit her at work and be one of those idiots that just sits there and spends money while losing value all night. So props for that.


      • I just didn’t like the response I got from her…kinda killed the vibe and felt a Zzzzz’ing was appropriate (plus i wanted to field test it 8)) That was my rational.

        Keeping a flirtly frame would have been the better approach.

        Thanks for the advice Glenn…much appreciated…let’s talk soon!!

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