Why are you wasting your time with pick-up?

I’ve got to admit that i just had one the best holidays ever. 3 new beautiful women are in my life and 1 older(not age). That’s a rotation of 4 and I hardly go out to sarge… and for the life of me I can’t figure out why most men will waste their valuable time studying seduction and not truly go out in the field and practice what they are trying to learn. I also can’t figure out why most men will waste all their time on phone numbers that won’t amount to ANYTHING! It hurts me to hear about stories of how a guy gets a phone number and treats them all like one-i-tus! Like it’s the most important number on earth just beacause they are incapable of going out and getting a new phone number. UGGGGGHHHH…. I hate it! Throw those fucking phone numbers away  if she’s not meeting up with you or just keeping you around as a “text buddy” so she looks cool around her gay friends and get up off your asses and go out and get 10 new ones today! 10 new phone numbers is nothing!

When I was not even good at getting women yet, when I was just starting out approaching hot chicks I used to get at least 5 phone numbers a day! Bare minimum! Why??? Because I opened my mouth, because I had the willingness and drive to make sure I got really great with women, because I knew that 1 measley phone number ain’t worth shit!, because I knew….. DRUM ROLL PLEASE..

YOU CAN’T FUCK A PHONE NUMBER! No matter how hard you try, you can’t insert your dick into a phone number. You’ve got to go out and play the numbers game. The more numbers you have, the more chances you have of getting laid.. The more numbers you have, the less you’ll give a fuck about any one particular woman. The more you get laid… THE MORE YOU WILL GET LAID! The more you get laid, the more chances you will have to meet the one special woman that you really fall for! Get the idea??

Don’t waste your time with pick-up if you’re not going to go out and do the work. Read BradP’s “The Forbidden Truth”! Don’t waste your time with useless scraps of paper with some random girls phone number on it hoping that it will work out. You’re time is way too valuable and you deserve better. Please make me proud, make Brad proud and make yourself proud. Go out and get 10 new phone numbers! ASAP… If you do that once a week and sleep with 1 out of the 10, that’s a new woman once a week. That’s 4-5 women a month. 52 new women a year! Do the math! the odd’s are in your favor. Out of the 52 women, how many of them will you be able to keep around and put into your rotation? Guys who are good at this are constantly getting rid of women that they aren’t interested in. We get rid of them! We have complete control of our dating lives and so can you!

Happy Holidays. Spread some cheer, spread some legs and find some Mistletoe with a woman standing underneath it and instead of reading my posts go out and meet some women…

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