Russian Models… Why do they love me? Great Pick Up Game LR

People always ask me how to pick up Russian women or they ask me, what do you say to a girl that’s Russian. For some reason Russian women flock to me like I’m a country with better politics where they won’t have to wait in line for toilet paper, especially the Russian model types! They love me and fall for me hard. Kinda odd, but kinda not so odd at all when you consider the game I have and how long it took me to get to this point. Also, considering the fact that I’m not at all like anything they’ve ever dated before. I mean I just don’t look the part with these gals. Typically they date guys who are MAJOR PROVIDERS, truly needy guys who haven’t the slightest clue and guys who are just a little bit plain when it comes to their fashion sense.

I’ve tried to narrow this down to a system to teach and I’ve just about done just that, but don’t think you’re gonna get the entire skinny in a blog post! What I will do is give you an overall mentality when it comes to gaming Eastern European women.

Eastern European women act on a completely different set of circumstances than many American women. When it comes to attraction, a woman is a woman but these chicks need some serious game as they have SERIOUS GAME themselves! Some of the best I’ve ever seen. When I say serious game they can weed out a needy, insecure guy in 2 seconds flat and send him back to the forums, 30-30 club, weekend pick-up bootcamps and crying to Mom without batting an eyelash. She will – Shit test him like no other woman ever has and passing her shit tests EVERY-TIME is 100% essential along with showing unwavering confidence and dominance to seduce them.

These women strive to find the Alpha Male! They typically will not get into a relationship with an Alpha Male as it is risky for them emotionally and financially! Yes, financially… They LOVE MONEY and being provided for. the Alpha male usually won’t provide in a way that they are looking for. It’s not their fault at all so don’t hate on them for that. It’s what they’ve been taught from the time they were still pissing in their underwear and eating Borscht baby food. It’s the classic case of a woman dating a guy who’s the needy provider but will fuck the bad-boy on the side. I AM THAT BADY BOY! Can I get an Amen??? I’ll give myself one if you won’t- AMEN, GLENN P!

Where they come from the normal, provider, low confidence guy is what they encounter on a day to day basis and they are bored sick of it although they will date him, not only that the Alpha Guy where they come from is usually a womanizer and they are scared of him, as almost all of them have been beaten or know someone who has been abused. So they know what they don’t want and have an idea of what they really want. They key is being the guy they don’t run across and have only dreamt about in their wet Siberian Desert dreams. When these girls come to America they’ll meet the guys who are providers right away probably at the airport. They are just too hot and most men will shower them with compliments, take them shopping, pay their bills and fancy dinner nights out exceeding a few hundred dollars without a chance of getting to the pussy! These women get so much attention it’s sick! How do I know this? Because I fuck alot of them… As I’m writing this, I just got a text from one Russian I’m seeing telling me I’m addictive and that I must be a witch because of the evil trance I put her in. How funny is that? Now, if I sent her this same text, she’d be AUDI 5000! Gone…

As a matter of fact, lemme tell you guys how this one went down…. Hopefully it’ll give you some insight into my mind when it comes to Russian chicks.

Met her on the street corner in NYC…

I think I told her “Hey Blondie(cause she was blonde), you’re in my way. This is my corner and I’m not gonna share it with any old girl rocking some high heels…

She said… ” Oh, you think they’re high. You should see all my other pairs of shoes”(noticed the Russian accent and used that).

ME:  Why does every Russian girl invite me home with her the second I open my mouth? I’ll check your shoes out another time!

She: laughs… (It’s so on!)

We banter a bit… I find out she’s a personal assistant to some millionaire. I tell her to start having sex with him so he’ll give her lots of money and that she should take care of me and take me shopping. I reversed what she is used to!

She: Oh… you want to be my pimp?

Me: Yeah… But were gonna have to get you a pedicure and a mink coat if were gonna do this right.

She: Loving it.

Me: get her number… Start texting right away. I do this when it’s a fast number close. YOU SHOULD TO! Gotta build some rapport over text to get the meet up.

My first text was… Are you a good Russian or Bad Russian?

Fast forward to the date…

When taking these chicks out on a date. You HAVE TO PAY! I know, I know… Just do it and don’t worry about why. It’s worth it… But I never go anywhere it’s gonna be too much money. My first date with her cost me $27. Boooo hoooo…. But i got laid! Money well spent, right?

During the date… We chatted alot and she shit tested me non-stop. I passed with flying colors. It was a constant battle of her trying to win one over on me but she could not. When I realized she couldn’t win and I was about to be crowned victorious, I humbly let her win one or two banter battles. I wanted to allow her to feel like she could win this for just a moment… I false disqualified myself non-stop! i was telling her things like…

“You would never be satisfied with me. I cum really fast, 1-2 minutes on a good night and I have a really small dick.”

“In relationships, I get really jealous and needy for attention so if you’re Ok with that let me know”.

By doing this you actually build massive value and attraction.

When I got her back home… there was no resistance to sex! It was perfect… Afterwards we started talking about the differences in our cultures and then I told her she was a great texter. Which she was! And the she told me… there was one text message you said to me and when you said that, I knew I wanted to have sex with you. Now, I’ve never heard this before. Ever! So, imagine my surprise when I heard this… What was it?

She sent me a text saying… So, you date alot of Russian girls? You must really love Russian women. 8)

Me: Usually not my type. They just all want to get in my pants.

What would most guys have sent to the Russian model? “Yes, I love Russian women. They are all so beautiful.” Or… “No, i don’t date a lot.” Whatever it is… The normal needy, provider guy would’ve never even thought to send what I did. Who would’ve thought that one text would make a woman want to sleep with you? It was obviously more than just that one text. It was my overall game. But the way I answered her questions and shit-tests is what made it go down.

Another side not for gaming Eastern European woman is keep in mind that their English isn’t always going to be so good. Be careful about what words you use in person and in text as it is easy for them to “Not get The Joke”! or misinterpret what you say which is almost always a game killer. think before you text or speak. Make what you say powerful and yet simple.

So, if you want to game these types of women which I’m sure most of you will just remember that earth shattering confidence, shit test handling and keeping them guessing what’s going to come next is crucial to your dating success. Pick up is an art. Make this your masterpiece.

One thought on “Russian Models… Why do they love me? Great Pick Up Game LR

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