Free 30-minute phone consultation to 1 lucky person who takes this poll…

Before you found the Seduction community, how were you feeling about meeting women and your dating life? This poll will better help me understand how you guys are feeling and what types of posts I should be putting up so you may learn better!

Please subscribe to my blog(bottom right hand corner of blog there is a “FOLLOW” button) so that I can accurately choose the lucky person who gets a FREE 30 Minute phone consultation about anything he desires. Normally I charge $125 for this and not to mention the advice you will get and having your questions answered will be invaluable!

Don’t be afraid to share this poll on other websites as well! the more info I get on this subject the better. Thank you guys..

Also, if you would like to write something in the “other” box at the bottom of the POLL BOX that I have not mentioned and you feel is a major issue for you to overcome, please do so.

9 thoughts on “Free 30-minute phone consultation to 1 lucky person who takes this poll…

  1. before the community, the most pronounced feeling in my gut when thinking about girls was the fact that I didn’t know anything about how to go about seducing them nor talking to them. There was no clear steps to take so my usual plan was to talk outta my ass for as long as possible and ask them out to a movie!!…or something. honestly, Glenn, it is everything you mentioned in the poll and sometimes a mixed bag of emotions, if i remember correctly.

    now that I’ve been doing this for a while, although I’m nowhere as good as I want to be, I understand myself a lot better than before and I deal with those emotions in a more logical way. in learning seduction, the most helpful thing was definitely having a SYSTEM that I could follow come HELL or high water, and a coach that will throw me to the lions till my death, or a new life 🙂

  2. Thanks Glenn for doing this for us!

    *Before the seduction comm. my dating life was pretty wack (1 girl in HS), however I did have more balls than most people I knew, and I was already into the idea of cold approaching.

    I’m a really skinny dude and was self conscious of that fact (which held me back for years), but thanks to Brad, I’ve embraced it and have been using it to my advantage (sexy stereotyping).

    Voice tone and eye contact are sticking points that I’m working on, but I guess it’s hard to teach those two. I generally sing before heading out so that my voice is as smooth as butter, otherwise I just sound timid.

  3. Um how the heck do we “subscribe” to your blog? I logged in, using my twitter account and clicked on the “notify me of new posts via email” box, even though I already have your blog on a RSS feed reader, to stay up-to-date with your blog 🙂

    • At the bottom right hand corner of the blog there should be a “FOLLOW” button. Just click it and enter your email address…

      Also, thank you so much for contributing to my poll. I am very excited about the results I am getting and will now be able to write more specifically towards what you guys really need and want to hear!!!

      With out everybody posting my blog wouldn’t be possible.

      Thank you again to all and to you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Before you found the Seduction community, how were you feeling about meeting women and your dating life?
    I basically felt freaking hopeless man, I really did. I was scared, nervous, insecure, frightened, angry at myself for not having the balls to do what I really wanted to do, and felt overwhelmed, because I saw the vicious cycle of the years passing by, and meanwhile I’m still sitting on the benches >.<

    It was horrible. Now I'm just afraid of approaching groups of girls, mostly at night, cause they'll eat you alive man, HAHAHAHA. It's funny afterwards, but in the moment, you have to relax, not take anything to heart, and maneuver the situation (i guess you guys call it frame control huh? lol).

  5. Would be interesting to see results.

    AA is almost always there but after my lack of activity in field lately due to life getting sorted out, not having my natural flow is my next major concern.

  6. I have been in the seduction community for years and my dating life still sucks. Have not gotten laid in about 14 months or so. And I have studied it all. Is there really any hope?

    • There is ALWAYS hope!!!!!

      If you’ve been in the community for so long and still do not have the results you are looking for you need to take a step back and a figure out where the problem actually lies…

      Some quick advice:
      Stick to 1 system until it gives you results!
      Hire a coach to see what the problem really is and to guide you along a correct path.
      Work on your identity and presence
      Spend 2 hours of field time for every 1 hour of studying pick up

      How many approaches have you done all this time while you’ve been in the seduction community? many guys have been in the “community” for years but have only done a handful of approaches that whole time.

      read my post:

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