5 reasons why you will never get good with women…

1: Not approaching

~You will never be successful at seducing women if you are not approaching

2: going out with a wingman as opposed to going out alone

~Wing dependency is death! GO OUT ALONE…

3: fear of taking risks and using routines

~This is 100% an irrational fear.

~Routines work.

~Don’t be scared to risk the sarge with using and trying different routines. Don’t be a pussy.

4: Fashion

~Work on your look and develop a clear, sexy image

5: Reading and studying as opposed to time in the field

~Spend 2hrs of field time for every 1hr of reading and posting!

5 golden rules of pick-up!

5 thoughts on “5 reasons why you will never get good with women…

  1. Hey Glenn!

    Dude I love daygame and you seem like your a master at it. I need your take on number 3.. Ever since I started I felt like I was lying to girls using routines, you know, kind of like not being real with them.. You seem to have a great view on everything and I would love to hear what you have to say about that!

    Thanks man


    • Hey Alan…

      I hear this a lot from guys that’s why I listed it! Routines are scary at fist. They go against almost everything you’ve ever been told about what women want to hear and some routines involve a strong sexual innuendo which might make it even scarier.

      In the beginning you need to use routines as a means to better understand feminine psychology at which point you can go more natural because you will know exactly how the female mind works and what is attractive to her!

      As far as using routines and lying… To me, many guys will use the “excuse” of it feels like I’m lying to cover up a deeper fear of routines but if lying is truly your issue… Don’t worry about that. We all lie and we lie every single day of our lives, YOU included. Women are lying to men all the time. Do two wrongs make a right? Sometimes it does..LOL

      Think of routines not in terms of lying. Sure, a routine can be a an outright lie(usually a borrowed story) but you can also think of it as a fun way to spark interest and attraction. And if you use one routine and feel like that is a lie just remember that the rest of the interaction which might be hours or weeks will be total truth.

      Hope this helps!

      • Yea that totally makes sense.. I guess its like learning an instrument. At first you learn and play what others did, then you start to figure out why it works, then eventually you take everything that you learned and make it your own!

        I think I just looked too much into it because you feel like she should like “the real you” because thats what we’ve been told our whole lives! You know.. the old advice of “just be yourself!” Admitting that you need to work on this part of your life takes some courage because you think your just supposed to know how to get women as a guy instead of having to practice it.

        You cleared everything up for me! Thanks man and keep putting out the great material and stories!

  2. Hey Glenn,
    I joined 30/30 club last year and even took a workshop with Jake P in Chicago. Unfortunately, I never passed the first roadblock and was always overwhelmingly anxious to approach. I am currently in an average relationship and we live together. However, I do not think this relationship is going to last forever and I know I need to get back to the scary land of pick-up or die alone!
    Any suggestion?

    • This is a typical mistake a lot of men make when they come to the “scary land of pick-up!” Rather than battle through the learning curve and getting over their fears of approaching women they settle for a woman that they are less than compatible with. It’s an easy out. Get a girlfriend and you don’t have to approach or for that matter they don’t have to face their fears and limiting beliefs. But this is just dressing the wound. Underneath the band-aid there is still the fears and anxieties. It doesn’t go away. To truly overcome your irrational fears you have to ONCE AND FOR ALL DECIDE THAT YOU WILL OVERCOME THEM AT ANY AND ALL COSTS! You just haven’t truly decided yet.

      If I was you and a while back I was… I would start over from scratch. Get re-aquainted with the philosophy behind PU and get back on the 30/30 club and do the work whether or not you are with this chick. You can still approach even if you are with this woman. Approaching is not cheating! Do this, so that when and if you break-up with your girlfriend you are ready to take on the world and approach women you desire like a man!

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