This review made my day… What my students are saying!

I got off of work and it was just one of those days where I was tired and just about beaten down to the point where I was about go home, crawl into bed and just escape from the world. On my way home I hear my phone beep. I say, “Great who’s emailing me now and what do they want?” I opened it up and suddenly felt amazingly better because I had once again changed another person’s life. I love this job!

Here’s what the email said….

“I have paralyzing anxiety”- those were my first words to Glenn.  Six hours and five months later I haven’t said those words again.  Glenn made me a machine.

I was turning 25 and I knew that my crippling fear of women was not something I was going to out grow.  After one more night of the same routine, me seeing a girl I thought was hot, not being able to open my mouth and then going home by myself I was finally ready to do whatever it took. I felt awful.

I had been listening to tapes and watching vides on meeting chicks for a year, but it didn’t make things better, actually it made me feel like even more of a failure.  I knew I had to grab this thing by the balls so I signed up for a special 1 night workshop with BradP and the other coaches.  I ended up spending most of my night with Glenn.

Looking back, I wish I’d done a 1 on 1 and spent the entire day with him.  He’s got superpowers.

I watched him take those ridiculous sounding openers and make chicks melt into the sidewalk, again and again.  Another time, I pissed this chick off and he went right over to her, stroked her shirt and she almost came.  It was unreal.

After a few approaches Glenn identified my problem.  I smashed through it.  Then we found the next issue.  And I broke through that barrier too.  It wasn’t just some theoretical bullshit- Glenn systematically improved my game.

What I appreciated was that Glenn was a real coach- he could pass his information on in a way that I could I use it immediately and get results.  I ended the night with a fistful of numbers and kissed two chicks at the same time (they opened me…wtf.).  To some that’s not a lot, to me that was more then I’d had in years.

I can’t believe I wasted so many years of my life afraid to talk to women.  It’s actually fun and I owe it to Glenn P.  I would without a doubt recommend him to you, the guy who’s tired of the way things have been going.

It might be humbling to admit you need help.  It might seem like money better spent elsewhere.  But I had enough frustration that I was willing to do anything and it changed my life.

Thanks Glenn.


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