Sorry guys… You’re gonna have to read through this post to find the “BEST” number close routine for a waitress!!! It’ll only take a few minutes and hopefully it’ll be fun! I promise it’s in there.

For some reason people like to put some major importance or high social value on what we in the community call a “Hired Gun” with little or no tangible justification what so ever! I’m even guilty of it myself. Are you?

I hear time and time again from guys… ” I wanna learn hired gun game”. “How do I game the waitress at my favorite restaurant?” “If I only could get this bartender chick to pay attention to me!” Why are people so concerned with the hired help when chances are there are much more attractive women all around you?

I myself walk into a restaurant or bar and I find myself immediately checking out the hired help?!?! What is it about the hired gun that seems to get us (men) and women in a star gazing crossed eyed sexually obsessed frenzy? Yes, they’re(women) guilty of it as well. Why do we put so much value on hired help at bars, lounges and restaurants, etc.? Is it because they are the center of attention? The whole room has their eyes on them or is it something deeper?

I would like to think that women and men who work in these positions appeal to us sexually as high status on a very subtle unconscious level because they fall into what we at BradP call “Sexy Stereotypes”. A sexy stereotype for those of you who aren’t familiar with our material and philosophy is any person that looks a certain way or has a certain job position that society through very subliminal and not so subliminal advertising TELLS US WE SHOULD BE ATTRACTED TO!

Society and media throughout the ages especially in more recent times has bombarded us with images of what we should think is sexy. In other words, they are basically programming our minds to think a certain type of individual or attitude, look(fashion) or job title is sexy and attractive regardless of whether or not there is any truth to the matter. It’s sneaky, very sneaky and like I said before, even I knowing what is going on with my mind their persuasive advertising tricks falls prey to their reality twisting plot.

If you open any magazine or watch any television you will see advertisements with men and women who fall into a very specific stereotype. Ralph Lauren- Pollo ads tell men and women that if you look this way, wear our clothes and are into the sport Pollo or yachting you WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY SEXY! Tommy Hilfiger  ads tell us that if you have the “All American Look” people will find you attractive. Budweiser beer tells us that if you play sports you will be attractive. Vodka ads tell us that if we are a bartender than everybody will think we are attractive. Mountain Dew tells us that if we look like or play any extreme sports we will be HOTTER THAN HELL! Puff Daddy cologne tells us that if you smell a certain way and look very Hip-Hop you will get laid like a rockstar and everyone will envy you. The list can go on and on.. Hopefully you are starting to get the idea?

Day after day we are bombarded with these iconic stereotypes! Did we ask for them? NOPE! But can we use them to our advantage? Hell yeah we can!


Through fashion! Through fashion you can fit into any one of dozens of ‘SEXY STEREOTYPES” and project some seriously high social value even if you don’t have it. How wonderful is that? Just by looking like a particular sexy stereotype your personal value will viewed as higher than it already is! You need to use this to your advantage!

If you would like to know more about fashion and what sort of sexy stereotypes might be right for you, please pick up a copy of BradP’s Fashion Bible! It will help you more than you will ever know.

Ok… I kinda went off on one of my noririous tangents. Sorry! let’s get back to the routine I was originally going to post about.

The other night I went out to a pretty fancy, trendy restaurant in NYC and of course the waitress was a knock-out and not just because of the stereotype. She was truly HOT!

I started flirting right away and she was hooked.

She asked me, “How’s your night going?”

I said “it’ll go a lot better if I knew for sure who was going to be lucky enough to get into my pants”

She lit up like a Christmas Tree. Sometimes it’s so easy to get massive attraction it’s ridiculous. We banter a bit and she needs to take care of some other tables.

When she comes back I tell her that I’m really mad at her!

She asks why…

I say “First… Because you haven’t come back to flirt with me in about 10 mins. You think it’s been easy sitting over here not getting any attention?” She flirts back… Then I say… ” And secondly, How do you think I felt when I saw you flirting with those other guys sitting over there? You know how I can get jealous and really insecure. I’m just disappointed in your behavior this evening!” We banter a bit and I tell her to hold my hand and when she does i say ” Don’t ever make me feel this way again or I’m breaking up with you!” She laughs and I do some light qualifying. She’s at work and it’s super busy, so I got to make my little interactions with her solid and quick.

Now for the BRAND NEW NUMBER CLOSE…. Drum roll please!!!

She drops the check and walks away…

When she comes back around to pick it up a few minutes later.

I’m sitting there staring at it with a quizzical look on my face and tell her, I think there’s something wrong with the bill!

She leans in and starts adding the bill up in her head and I say… “Look. You didn’t draw me any little hearts or smiley faces(PAUSE) and there’s no phone number.”

She giggles and immediately draws some hearts, a smiley face and in big letters spells her name and puts her phone number down!

Try this… It’s cute and awesome and I guarantee you that you will be the first guy EVER to say this to her.


  1. Haha. Awesome. In fact I used something similar to this back in my early days experimenting with game on a waitress. At the end of the night I told her, “Hey, you forget to give me your number”. I’m paraphrasing, but I dig it! Will use this in the future. Good shit.

    • Yeah, right?!?!?! Best ever… They fucking get so giggly and goo-goo-ga-ga eyed when you use it… Just landed another waitress a few nites ago!

      ps.. How have you been? How’s your game coming along?

      • Glenn,

        My game has gotten really really good. It’s effortless right now…I’m in a relationship with an awesome, high value woman. Life is great. Thanks for all your help!

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