Peep Show Extavaganza (27 minute PULL!!)…

You guys are going to love this one! It happened out of the clear blue sky, totally unexpected and really not even prepared. Or was I?

Here I am on my way to meet a girl I’m kind of seeing. It’s about 8:30 and I’m meeting her at 10pm. So, I left my house a little bit early because I wanted to grab a bite to eat and pick up a new book that I’ve heard so much about. As I’m walking down the street I notice a sexy silhouette walking towards me about a few hundred feet away. I knew this woman had the potential of being super hot. She had that undeniable strut and guys up ahead were constantly turning around to look at her from behind as she walked past. That’s usually a great sign that the woman is going to be a knock-out! She’s getting closer and she’s HOT. Not just hot but H-O-T! I knew it.

Me: HEY!!! I need to ask you a very important question!

Her: Yes…

Me: DO you like meatballs?

Her: I don’t dislike them.

Me: Thought so… Check this out… (ran Meatball girl instead of horse girl. Basically the same thing but slightly funnier when you call her “The weird Meatball girl”

She is pissing herself laughing…

I tell her stop laughing so hard or she might have an accident! She laughs even harder. Attraction is through the roof. Time to banter a bit and then SLOW DOWN!

I do a few funny roll plays with her and tease her a bit and she’s giving it right back. I’ve got a live one. But I’ve got to meet this other girl at 10pm and if I blow her off she’ll kill me as I do it all the time to her and already promised I would be there to meet her and wouldn’t be late! But….. I’m me! I’ll deal with the consequences later if it comes to that. Plus I’m thinking if I could make this happen really fast, I will still be able to meet the other girl at 10pm.

I start screening for logistics fast. She’s got somewhere to be at 11pm. But the sexual energy is flying high and she’s not doing anything until she meets her friend. I tell her I was just on my way for some ice-cream. She tells me that she loves ice cream! (She wants to come with me is what she is really saying). I ask her what her favorite flavor is. She says, “Chocolate”. I say “with or without whipped creme?” She says… With. I say… “OMG, you’re like my twin but blonde! Come on. You’re coming with me…”

And just like that after 5-10 mins we’re off to get ice-cream with whipped creme. We do some light flirting and some simple AFC style rapport. I need to be careful not to over-game this one. That’s why I calibrate it down. I’m keeping it sexual and flirty but also giving her some of the real me!

As we’re walking down the street I’m noticing that she keep looking across the street. I tell her she’s a very naughty girl! She says, Why?

Me: I know what you’re looking at!

Her: Oh yeah?!?! What?

Me: Awww, that’s cute. You’re too shy to admit it!

Her: Blushing because she knows I know what she was checking out!

Across the street was an ADULT VIDEO STORE with dildos and cute outfits in the window!

Me: I grab her hand and say.. Come on let’s go!

Her: Are you serious?

Me: yeah, come on it’ll be fun and I see this place all the time and always wanted to go in.

Her: holds my hand and follows me in to the Adult Video Store.

We get in and there’s about 3 Indian guys in there and they are just staring hardcore at this chick because she’s so damn hot!

She immediately picks up a leather Dog Collar with spiked studs all over it. I grab it from her and start to put it around her neck. I can tell she’s getting so turned on and quite frankly… SO AM I! I then put my index finger through the metal loop on the front of the collar where the leash would normally attach to and start dragging her around the store and the guys working there are loving it!

I find some leather spanking paddles. Tell her to bend over. ( NO RESISTANCE WHAT SO EVER) and start spanking her little ass. The Indian guys are about to jerk off! When I’m done spanking her little ass, I grab her by the throat and make-out with her! Complete and total submission.

I take a twenty dollar bill out of my pocket and walk over to one of the guys to get some change for the Peep-Show Video Booths where her and I can get some privacy! These video booths are awesome because you can just go in and watch some porn all by yourself. He gives me my change and I start dragging her in by the collar. The guys are laughing to themselves because they know what’s coming next. As we’re walking into the video booth… I hear the words!!!!


What the hell???? Am I really about to get cock-blocked by a fucking guy who works at a porn-shop????

I tell him… Don’t worry it’ll be quick! (8

he says… Sorry, it’s against the law!(side note… I want to see this so called LAW. Can somebody find it and post it?) But if you go into the two booths at the end, there’s a glass window separating the two booths with a hole in it(Glory Hole). She can go in one booth and you can go into the other.

Before her state can drop I make this happen. She goes in one and I’m in the other.

I pull down my pants and start jerking off. I tell her to start fingering herself. Which she does. it’s getting hot again… I look at the hole where I’m supposed to put my dick into and it’s just looking scummy! There is NO WAY I’m putting my penis in that hole. (I should’ve taken a picture of  “The Hole”.)

I’ve got an idea!!!

I tell her to start making herself cum! I’m jerking off harder and faster. She’s about to explode! Right when she’s about to cum. I say to her… Fuck this. I need you to touch you right now! Pull your pants up.

I leave my booth come over and get her out of hers. Grab her hand again and say “I know the perfect spot”!

Now… I know that by doing this I’m going to loose a little momentum and it’s risky breaking her high sexual state but if I can get her turned on again quick and to the next spot fast enough she might not have enough time to rationalize all that is going on or start getting the I’m a slut feeling and I shouldn’t be doing this mentality going on.

It’s a race against time at this point!

As soon as we get out on the street I grab her by the waist, pull her in close to me and start making out with her. I then take her hand and put it on my cock and say… “Look how hard I still am! Are you still wet?” And put my hand down her pants and finger her and then take my hand out of her pants and lick my finger and say ” You taste amazing. Come on.” I do this to keep her sexual state HIGH as I can.

Across the street and down the road just a little bit is a park. i have no idea if people are going to be there but it’s my only shot as I feel as if a taxi ride to my place will certainly take to long and kill the vibe.

We go into the park… AND IT”S EMPTY! God is on our side with one. No Indian guys who are gonna cock-block! Hip-hip-hurray!

She yanks down my pants and says… ” Quick… Before we get caught”

We had the hottest sex of my life. It was so thrilling for the both of us.

Afterwards, we talk for a bit and exchange phone numbers and promise each other we’ll see each other again. She then says… “And by the way, you owe me!”

I say “For what??? Sex? Are you a hooker?” She starts to laugh again hysterically. “No, you owe me an ice-cream!” I give her a soft kiss on the lips and say “deal!”

The moral of this story is a few things.

First off, because I was looking and scanning my environment I saw this girl from far away and was super prepared to open her if she was indeed hot. A skill that I’ve learned over the years. Put me in ANY place in the world and I can tell you exactly how many pretty women there are there and exactly where they’re at!

Secondly, when you’ve been doing this for a while and it becomes part of your life on an everyday basis you will ALWAYS have the ability to pull something like this off without having to warm-up that much or be in a very high state of mind. My past 6 years have been one giant WARM-UP for exactly moments like this!

What are the past years of your life since the Seduction community like?

12 thoughts on “Peep Show Extavaganza (27 minute PULL!!)…

  1. That was awesome Glenn! A really fun read. I agree after a while all the years of training come together easily and effortlessly when you’re simply enjoying yourself. Since joining the seduction community I feel like the world is my playground. Everywhere I go without much effort I make friends and have had the most fulfilling sexually charged relationships with women.

    • It’s not that it happens a lot but it does happen often. If you’re always prepared in your mind that you might have to approach and have enough experience plus a strong desire to seduce a woman while talking with her you can most assuredly make it happen. Approach anxiety will be the ONE thing that will never allow you to get to the point at which I am at! Not sure if you have any approach anxiety but if you do, work at it at any and ALL COSTS. Dissolve any and all approach anxiety first!

      But like I said in the post, it took me 6 years to get to this point.

  2. Oh man, your lay reports are too funny Glenn. You seem to type the way you speak, and I can totally hear your tonality come through the text hahaha! Oh, I have been meaning to find out if you were teaching any workshops now-a-days, because I haven’t seen you on the workshop roster for a while.

    • You can email Drew. He’s our booking manager and he will give you any and all info on workshops and trainings. His email is or go to and click on training/workshops but Drew is the man you will want to contact.

    • So funny… Yes, I met her! And the first words out of her mouth was “You smell like a woman?!?! And then I told her jokingly and in a playful voice, “Yeah… I just picked this girl up and sex with her. I wish you were there to watch!” She punched me on the arm laughing and said “You’re such a little shit!”

      I viewed it as a shit test from her and passed with flying colors!

  3. Well! I’m now living in Peru where my current goal is a rotation of 3 girls. I have 1 already in the mix, made out with another and that’s promising, and I have a day2 on Tuesday. So things are going well! 🙂

    Question… 6 years of coaching or six years of continuously sarging, including any long term relationships if they apply.

    My current goal is to make same day lays a regular part of my reality. I have yet to experience one.

    • Congrats on actually having a goal in mind! Most guys don’t have an obtainable goal that they are constantly striving towards!!! So give yourself some credit..

      A rotation of 3 women is easy but it’s alot of work! Be warned! Lol Dealing with so many women at once will only help your game and allow you to understand female psychology even better than you do now….

      And I have been coaching for about 5 years now and sarging for 6 years! Once you start learning how to meet wonderful women, you’ll never stop!

      As far as same day lays go… I’ve had almost 80 so far. It’s rare that I’ll meet a girl and not seduce her when I meet her that day! I just don’t have time to go through the process of dates and flakes! PULL THEM WHEN YOU SEE THEM!!!

      Achieving same day lays will take a massive amount of practice but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature!

      And of course over the 6 years I have had some amazing MLTR’s and so will you!

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