Just because it’s warm out, DOESN’T mean you shouldn’t warm up!

WOW, it’s hot as hell out here on the East Coast! Hot, sticky, and 100% humidity. I’m sweating and the chicks are basically walking around dripping wet both figuratively and literally. Summertime seems to be able to stir woman into an especially debaucher-ous mating frenzy with sex filled fantasies that need to be fulfilled . There coming out of Winter hibernation hungry and ready to meet, greet and please all the lucky men who have the BALLS to walk up to her and get her. Why not TAKE ADVANTAGE of this?

I’m not sure what it is about the sun and a woman’s sexual drive but I’m sure there must be a correlation there somewhere! Maybe it’s as easy as getting more vitamin D-3? Isn’t that what the body naturally produces with contact from sunlight? Try giving your girls massive amounts of D-3 and lemme know if it turned her on or not(I’m gonna try it and see for myself)! Who ever figures this one out should get a Noble Prize! Woman just come alive in the summer. They wear less, feel sexier and seems to be on the prowl for a potential lover more than ever. Who knows? Maybe it’s all in my head but who cares? My head is the only head that matters when it comes to my dating reality!

Now! With all this sex and vitamin D-3 in the air, WHY aren’t men approaching? WTF?!?! I see it everyday. I know who you guys are! I can spot other PUA’s or lovers of the game from a mile away and I NEVER FUCKING SEE THESE GUYS APPROACH. EVER!!!!!!!!! That makes me very sad. I hate seeing the look on a guys face when he’s in the game and NOT playing. I wish I could help everybody. I wanna be a super-hero of pick-up! Get a giant G.P. painted on my chest (like superman), with a cape and some funny boots. Or maybe you can call me Captain Approach.

After all you’re a PUA, right? And if you consider yourself a PUA you need to be approaching or you CAN LEAVE OUT THE…… P-U….. in PUA! The first two damn words in our little acronym are PICK-UP for Christ’s sake! You ain’t gonna get laid if you’re not “Picking-Up”? Are you? You have to earn the letters P.U. Right now you’re an artist about to paint his first masterpiece. If you’re advanced and reading this… I love you for still being with me on this!

So, what’s going on here? Please allow me to offer a solution? Is that ok with you? Good! It’s so simple…. You’ve heard it a million times and yet no one remembers it or does it. You’ve almost definitely done this before. If you’ve worked with me you would have done this over and over again before we start our day off. Are you ready? Guess what it is?


Did you know that despite the fact that I’ve approached around 3,000-4,000 women in the past six years. I STILL DO SOME WARM-UP’s! Even me… Yes. As humbling as it might sound. Even GlennP aka. Captain Approach does his warm-up sets. I ALWAYS give myself 3-5 warm-up sets before I even start thinking about my results. Now… Does my first warm-up set sometimes go really well and I get to pull the very first chick I chat with? YES! It does happen and it happens quite a bit but there are times when I’m not getting the woman I want until my 5-8th approach. Do I care about all the chicks before that that liked me, didn’t like me or didn’t have the correct logistics? HELL NO! It’s my goal for that day or night that matters and that’s all. If I’m out to pull a girl either from the daytime or a bar and THAT IS MY GOAL and it takes me 20 sets to achieve the pull, DID I ACHIEVE MY GOAL? Sure did. What is your goal? Is it to pull or just do a certain amount of approaches? To get a certain amount of numbers? Whatever your goal is, IT WILL HAPPEN alot easier if you do some WARM-UP sets.

Ok, bare with me here…  At this stage in my game EVERY SINGLE SET is a warm-up set until I pull. My first 3-5 sets like I mentioned earlier are complete throw aways in my head. They(whether I pull them or not) are entirely done for the purposes of warming me up. Warming me up physically, which is related to my body language. It reminds me to stand tall, shoulders back, chin up and of my positioning! My first 3-5 remind me of my tonality. How loud I’m talking and what I’m saying. I’m becoming calibrated to whatever social situation I may be finding myself in. They remind me of how to flirt again. They remind me of how much fun this is and what my mission is!

Before any sport. Before you sing. Before you dance. Before running. The beginning of Yoga class. They all start with warming up. If just about every major athlete, entertainer and so on believes the they need to warm up first before performing their art or craft, why are YOU any different? Chances are, if you can’t approach or find yourself always scared to walk up to her and say hi, you didn’t do any warm-ups! or you didn’t do enough warm-ups. In the beginning it might take you 20 sets to warm-up. TOUGH SHIT! Sorry. Does that mean you won’t get yourself down to about 5? How ever many sets it takes for you to get out of your head is the amount of warm-up sets you need to do! That number WILL go down, believe me! But until then be diligent and just keep going out and doing your approaches!

Become a P.U.A., leave the masses of people and keyboard jockeys behind. Gain your letters! the P.&U. are yours for the taking!

Give yourself the warm-ups you need and deserve. If you are having a hard time getting your openers out. Try doing 5-10 warm-up sets with just asking for help or directions! Ask some people if they know a really good place to get a cup of coffee and when they answer Starbucks say, No… I said a REALLY good cup of coffee. Have some fun talking with random people on the street or in the malls or at the bar. Make small talk with everybody. GET THE HELL OUT OF YOUR HEAD. Do whatever it takes to get you out of your head. Do whatever it takes to get you talking to women. Just DO! Keep doing basic warm-up sets until you have conquered your anxieties. Just DO! Keep doing warm-up sets until you hook a hottie. Just DO!


5 thoughts on “Just because it’s warm out, DOESN’T mean you shouldn’t warm up!

  1. Great fucking post Glenn! I remember when I took a workshop with Gabriel and Hyper they kept mentioning the importance of this. It’s like warming up on an instrument. If you’re playing for an hour it might take you 10-15min to warmup. With sports the same thing. Although does this mean approaching women must only been seen from the paradigm of a sport to master?

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