WARNING: Hesitation… May be hazardous to your health!!!

Ok… I’m still new at being a blogger and posted a really long article about this topic about a week ago and sure enough.. It NEVER went up and of course wasn’t saved. So I’m gonna break it down to the bare minimum as I don’t have it in me to type it all out again! I’m sorry to all the guys who had to wait on this! 

A few months ago I was working with a student who really didn’t have much A.A. but what he did have was A.H. (approach hesitation)! In other words he would approach whenever I told him to but when it cam to him doing it on his own he’d hesitate BIG TIME!

And why is this hazardous? First and formost.. STRESS! I have seen him and so many other PUA’s get so stressed when they do not approach and then finally do it and get mad at themselves when it doesn’t go so well. The approach that is. And stress has been linked to too many malady’s to name! Including HAIR LOSS!!!! OUCH!!! lol

When you hesitate you give your mind time to come up with all these excuses and get nervous as well which will almost certainly ruin any chances with a particular woman you’re after. Nervousness and anxiety is transferable, especially when it comes to the cold approach. She will sense this and chances are she’s not going to buy into you or your game!

It is vital to approach immediately when you see the girl you want. If you see it and like it.. GO and GO right then and there! You will be surprised at how much better your interactions will go when you do not hesitate!

So there it is in a nut shell. I will probably add on to this and make the post much longer as the original was. Once again sorry for any inconvenience…

4 thoughts on “WARNING: Hesitation… May be hazardous to your health!!!

  1. Hi Glenn,

    I definitely am like your student who have A.H., I also open sets whenever my coach here told me to.. I want to be a PUA because I want to help all my friends. to be honest my buddies are a total bunch of virgins (btw we are 25 -29 years old.) and i want to step up for them and for my self. but the kind of teachings here are not that accurate and doesnt gives me a good result. as a beginner, they told us to open directly which defenitly broke our hearts when we try.. right now i am turning 25 but still a keyboard jockey.

    sad but true..

    my sticking points is to hook the set and lock in..

    your friend,

    • Hey Eighty…
      I have so much to say about your reply! A little too much to say as a matter of fact!
      It sounds to me that you’ve been in the community for a while and you’ve worked with a dating coach a few times? What dating company taught you? It also sounds like you’ve been taught “Direct Game” and haven’t tried anything else?
      Direct game can work and when it does it CAN work really well but only for people who have a massive high value presence and if all of your fundamentals are in place. if not, direct game is disastrous!

      That’s why we don’t teach direct game. We give our students openers and routines that will generate massive attraction when used properly and delivered correctly! We teach you exactly what to say and how to say it to generate the response in women that will allow you to sleep with her!

      I would love to help you achieve your goals and take charge of your dating life once and for all. I was in your position not too long ago and now look at me! If I can do it, ANYBODY can! End of story… I definitely think you would benefit from working with a dating coach, like myself who can fix all of your problems and give you new material that WORKS! I am very systematic in my coaching and can pin point all the subtle things that you are doing wrong and most importantly I can tell you exactly what you are not doing that will increase your results.

      Just read my reviews! Here’s one in particular you should read..

      But you need to STOP being a Keyboard Jockey and get out in the field. Even if you’re going out and getting bad results you will still be learning and conquering your approach anxiety.

  2. Hi Glenn,

    Loving this post. When I’m out in field alone I find myself hesitating quite often. I was wondering if you could go a little more in depth on why it’s important to go in immediately. I guess when creative avoidance kicks in and I start thinking too much the nervous energy is noticeable to the girl? It makes sense that when you go in immediately you don’t have time to get scared.

    • Oliver… How are you??

      You pretty much answered your own question perfectly. Not only do you not have too much time to get scared, you are also not giving your self time to think. You are just doing and just doing without over thinking is exactly what you want to be doing!

      And nervous energy is always noticed by the girl, either by her conscious mind or subconsciously. Either way, nervous energy is bad…


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