Last Minute Resistance(LMR) on STEROIDS….

Wow and wow again! Just when I thought I’ve mastered how to plow through any and all defense mechanisms a woman may have at the moment of mating and sleep with her, I get slapped in the face with a chick that has the will power of a Jedi LMR master! She was a LMR samurai, super hero… A LMR NINJA! She handed me my shit on a silver platter complete with eggs, sausage, french toast and a glass of orange juice on the side…


Let me give you some background on this little lady. I met her on the street. I was just walking around, enjoying the sun and looking forward to getting me some ice cream. There were tons of attractive women everywhere the eye can see but sometimes, we as PUA’s have to pick and choose our battles. There was a time when I felt the need to approach every living hottie I ever saw but nowadays I don’t feel the same. I have some really amazing women in my life. 4 to be exact and each of them are wonderful and sexy and totally cool with my lifestyle, so the need to add another at this moment isn’t that strong. So, there I was about to grab some ice-cream and cool down when out of the corner of my eye I see her! HOLY FUCKING SHIT is the only thing I can think… She had long black hair down to her ass, huge baby blue eyes, the sweetest little smile, high heels, huge tits and super short shorts on with the perfect tan running up her legs on to her totally flat and toned belly! She was a 10. Before I could even think about what I’m about to say… I put my hand up in the air and say “GIMME FIVE”. She slaps my hand as if to hurt me… and it kinda did hurt a little(but don’t tell her). Then I say… “Wow, that was some high five. Do you always slap that hard” and she says YES and looks at me like I’m some sorta punk. She’s feisty and I can immediately tell this about her  so I know to give her tons of shit, be aggressive and super flirty at the start. After she tells me she always slaps that hard I say to her… ” I like it. I might have to make you my new girlfriend!” The flirting ensues, we spend about 20 mins flirting, touching and getting to know each other. I find out she’s a belly dancer, pilate’s instructor and does some modeling. I love it! She’s awesome, sexy, smart and sassy. We exchange numbers and I’m off to get my ice cream with the GAYEST SMILE ON MY FACE, EVER! It’s actually on my face right now as I’m writing this because I can remember it all!

So, fast forward to the date. It was awesome… We started right where we left off. We were both so into each other it was disgusting and after a few cocktails I tell her I know a better spot that has great music, never gets too crowded, comfy couches and delicious wine. She agrees and says she’s excited to check out this new spot… WHICH IS MY HOUSE!

We arrive at my place, she catches on to my game and before we go inside she smartly says ” I hope it’s not that crowded or we might get kicked out for acting lewd and obnoxious!” I tell her “It’s cool, I know the owner! Just don’t steal anything!” We both laugh and off we go into my place where we put on some music and sip on a glass of red. At one point I take the glass of wine out of her hand and grab both her hands and pin them over the top of her head with my one hand and go in for the kiss, her lips pucker, I can see her moist tongue and she starts to melt but before my lips touch hers I say “Not yet” and take my free hand and lick my index finger and run it across her lips. I love to build massive amounts of sexual tension so that I won’t get any LMR, but little did I know about her will of death! As I rub my moistened finger across her lips I start to slowly lick, kiss and bite her neck and she is literally shivering and then I STOP! I stopped any and all pleasure she might be having and she hated it but loved it much, much more. I can tell how hot and bothered she was by this, as I’m sure guys usually try way too hard with this chick to get in her pants and that she is usually the one in control(which is about to come). I get the… I need to to fuck you look and the I can’t believe you just did that look at the same time and I’m loving every minute of it. So is she!

A few minutes later I’m back at it with her. Same deal. I won’t kiss her just yet but I keep licking and biting her neck and playing with her nipples and just when our lips are about to touch… I won’t kiss her. Maybe she’ll get a slight lick from my tongue across her lips but no kiss and she is GOING CRAZY… I put my hand between her legs and she’s on fire and I can feel her little pussy is dripping wet. I am so turned on by now and it’s time to start taking some clothes off and then SHE STOPS! And I’m like ok.. she’s just playing my game! But NOPE…

So we go back to listening to some music and chatting it up. Meanwhile my boner is out of control and it won’t go down. I was just too turned on by her! I go back in for some more, confident that we will be having sex this time around. The fooling around goes a little further and the she STOPS AGAIN and I mean STOPS! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON… She composes herself and starts asking me questions. OH, NOW I GET IT! She just needs some more comfort and rapport. She’s obviously very experienced and probably has been with alot of guys and at this moment in her life she doesn’t want to compromise her new set of values with a one night stand and is probably in relationship mode to some extent! That’s fine by me. So, we talk,  share some stories about our childhoods and before I know it we can’t keep our hands off of each other. The fooling around goes a little further as she’s rubbing my cock and her tits are out. Hip Hip Hurray!!! And then….. SHE STOPS AGAIN. pants get zipped up, bra snapped back on, hair fixed and face checked in the mirror. Now I’m going crazy but I feel if I just dominate her too hard she’ll get offended and I might fuck it all up. So, off we go to rapport land once again. This time we talk for about 45mins. We share everything and the more I’m talking to her the more I realize what a gem she is, hopefully she’s feeling the same about me. This woman is amazing, both on the outside and inside! I can’t stand it anymore.. I have to have her, NOW! I start things up again and this time it’s hotter than ever and we’re both going crazy… My cock is out, I’m fingering her, we’re both so turned on, her pants come off and then…. STOP! Arrrrrrrgh!!!!! What the hell????? I go pretty dominant at this point and it’s not going over well, so I quickly stop. It’s more comfort time.

I know this gal wanted to have sex with me. She wasn’t leaving(it was really late) and each time we fooled around it went a little further but she was just uncomfortable with sleeping with some one she didn’t know to well. She just needed to know that I was real. That I was gonna be there tomorrow. She needed to know that I wasn’t just a one night stand. But you can’t just tell a girl these things outright or you’re done. You have to show her and sometimes showing her takes time and I was about to put whatever time she needed because she was so amazing! But I needed to do this ASAP as my balls were turning blue and I was in pain from being so turned on and having nothing happen. From experience I know that women feel something very similar to blue balls… and she was definitely feeling it. It was written all over her face but her will was strong. WE BOTH NEEDED TO RELEASE!

We talked for about another hour and the whole time I din’t try to move in and was actually giving her slight signs of dis-interest with my body. But I always looked and acted like I was paying close attention to her words which I was. I just let her talk and talk and talk. This time she did all the talking which is ALWAYS a good thing! After an hour or so of talking she says… “You’re a really good listener”! I say thank you. and tell her “She’s a really great kisser” and she smiles and blushes and I start kissing her again. It was different this time. It wasn’t a crazy wild wet kiss. It was lustful and deep and passionate. Her trust was there and her guard was down. We bonded emotionally! I knew this was the time it would happen and it did. We had sex for almost 5hrs. It went from deep and passionate sex straight to hard-core porn in a matter of minutes and then back to passionate sex. All in all it was one of the best nights of my life.

It just goes to show that sometimes there are women who just need certain things from you at that particular moment in their lives. I’m sure this lady has had plenty of meaningless sex and will probably have more that in the future but that night she wasn’t in that headspace and no matter how turned on she was, she was able to put her values first and not succumb. I tried about 5-7 different times and got met with a STOP every time. I almost gave up but I’m glad I didn’t and so was she. I’ve been with her for a few months now and she has confirmed all that I have said here. During the pick-up I gave her a ” This is the RIGHT GUY vibe” and in her mind she wanted to play it careful with me in the fear of losing me. What a compliment, huh? Funny but even after all these years of seducing women I still can mis-judge a woman’s sexual expectations from me in regards to what sort of relationship she wants with me. I’m always learning and so should you. Just when you think you know it all… You get slapped in the face with reality! I love it.

4 thoughts on “Last Minute Resistance(LMR) on STEROIDS….

    • Yup. You’re right! I made every word of this up just as you made up a fake username and a “real” email adress called

      If you wish to debate my topic or as to the legitimacy of my rants and raves I would love to do so with you in a productive and inspiring way! In the meantime, thank you for reading my post!

  1. Hey Glenn,

    From what I gathered in your post, it seems you met up with her later that same day. Is this correct?

    Also, was the attraction/comfort both at a good level to allow standard phone game to organise the Day 2 or was there something else?

    Thanks in advance!

    • No, it wasn’t the same day. Although I am kinda known for that!

      And it was all text game to set-up the day 2.

      We had tons of attraction and enough comfort to make the meet-up happen. If there wasn’t enough comfort I definitely would’ve got her on the phone to build more trust and rapport!

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