the GAME… A bad four letter word? Haters beware!

There are a lot of bad four letter words in this world or so people say (and I use and love just about all of them!). In reality a word is really just a sound, a vibration in the air that is caused by your esophagus and larynx. Can a vibration/ a sound-wave really have a positive or negative aspect to it? Think about it…  To the mystics, everything is sound/vibration and every vibration has a force imbued within it. Just a force neither negative or positive. To the non-mystical sheeple a word can and does carry with it severe consequences and meaning when used either negatively or positively. So a definite YES for this party.

To me… A word is a word and should never be taken as insult or compliment to ones intellect. Actions tend to speak way louder than a word ever will unless you’re under hypnosis( you are feeling sleepy, very And I want to talk about the actions behind a particular word.

But I’m here not to debate over all the bad words or good words or to settle any argument over the above mentioned axioms. I’m here to defend with all of my heart and soul the one word I feel like gets the worst wrap when it comes to the wonderful world of seduction and pick-up! And that word is GAME and the meaning behind it and how the masses view it!

The word GAME already comes with a bad rap. Just think about it for a second. Have you ever used the word game in a positive way? People always say… ” I don’t like the games people play”, “I hate head games”, “I’m not here to play games”, ” I was gaming this chick!”, etc… And the word game also has an implied strategic non-genuine, carefully/skillfully thought out meaning to it. And thus… a 99% negative association attached to the word when it comes to pick-up and learning to get better with women.

The GAME as we call it in relation to seduction and pick up in my opinion is only referred to that title because of Mr. Neil Strauss and his book which started this movement on a level that could have never have been predicted. Neil is awesome man. I respect his writing, his character and his wonderful contribution to our ever expanding community of eager men to better themselves with women. So a giant THANK YOU to Neil. If it wasn’t for him I might never have been here in the first place. I owe him dearly!

Now, let’s talk about what the word actually means and why I feel as though I need to defend it! Time and time again when I tell women what I do and some men although very rare, I get a common reaction and that reaction is usually negative. Some women do in fact immediately love and respect me for helping men on their dating quests and recognize the value of what we at Brad P provide for our students. These  women are usually high self esteem women, but like I was saying there is a vast majority of women who despise what I teach and preach(although they always sleep with me) and why do they despise what I do and teach??? Why do they hate the word GAME? The answer is simple… Like I said above, the word Game already has a negative association attached to it even with some of my students. The most common response to me telling them what I do is…

You’re giving guys pick-up lines and that’s dishonest! You’re teaching guys how to “trick” women into bed with them! It’s all fake! That’s pretty scummy! I don’t want to use any routines. I don’t feel congruent with attraction material… And the list goes on and on.. I’m sure you get the idea…



I don’t know about the rest of you guys but when I went to grade school, then high school and then college I never had the luxury of taking a class on female psychology, i.e. GAME… My school didn’t offer me a class on how to attract women into my life… My school didn’t offer any classes on how to act around women and what to say to them! My school didn’t teach me the first thing about walking up to a woman or how to be a better lover. Maybe, if in school we “MEN” had some classes devoted to social dynamics and female psychology there wouldn’t be a need for dating education outside of the school framework.

The closest thing I EVER GOT TO DATING EDUCATION was given to me by my Mother and by other girls… Here is that lesson in it’s entirety!!! Get out your pens and paper and take some notes school is now in session!!!

“Just go tell her that she’s beautiful and ask her to a movie or dinner!”  

There it is boys and girls… My entire dating education in one sentence before the seduction community! I’m sure most of you guys took that same class… And after taking that exquisite dating class did we graduate? Did we actually go and ask that girl out by telling her that she’s pretty? HELL NO WE DIDN’T… And why not??? Because we were scared shitless and it DOESN’T WORK!!!

So, women are always saying that they just want a guy to walk up to them and be interesting and say something funny. They also complain that they just want to meet a guy who can please them in bed. They say, I just want a man to be a man. They also say, why are guys so needy? They say, he’s really nice but not for me. They say, OMG this guy just talked about the creepiest things the whole date. They say, He was the most boring date ever! They say, I have to tell him exactly what to do to make me orgasm…

If you were to try and learn what women want and don’t want on your own with trial and error, I’m willing to bet by the time you learned how to attract women into your life and please them mentally and sexually you’d be too old to even get an erection… It would be next to impossible to learn this all on your own!

I don’t know about you but I’m sorta seeing a GIANT contradiction here?!?!?! Women want all these things from guys but they think it’s creepy and weird if a guy studies what women want so they can give it to her! My head is spinning right now as I writet this… I wonder if I’ve got this right? If a guy is naturally attractive to women than that’s ok but if he learns from some one else he’s creepy or a scum bag??? But I’ve got news for women and haters of GAME who think that a man is and can be naturally attractive to women. NO SUCH THING LADIES…. There are some so called “naturals” who are just great with women but even these naturals aren’t so natural. Naturals are only naturals because they learned what works and what doesn’t work on their own. Naturals tend to use the same lines on women over and over and over again. Naturals tend to use the same techniques on women all the time. Naturals really aren’t so natural at all. They learned what women are attracted to all by themselves, they figured out what works and what doesn’t and STUCK WITH THE WINNING FORMULA AND WILL NEVER DEVIATE…

So, getting back to learning what women want and need to be happy in a relationship regardless of labels. Why is it so bad that men who have never learned what women want and need finally take some initiative to better please women? If at all, I would say that this is one of the greatest things a man can do for women and for himself. It should be applauded and not shunned upon. A man being persecuted for wanting, learning and studying to better please women who has never learned how to attract women or please them mentally as well as sexually is one big injustice! A man being ashamed of himself for wanting to learn how to succeed with women should stand-up for himself and be proud for taking the steps necessary to finally achieving his goals! There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about this genre of self help. There are so many things in life which we need to be educated on. Even when we are little boys and girls the education is being forced upon us left and right. Sit at the table properly. Fork in the left hand, knife in the right. Say thank you. Make sure you share. That’s a bad word. Look both ways before crossing the road.  If we forget these societal rules when we get older we can take etiquette classes to better learn manners and appropriate behavior. Is this education a bad thing? After all we’re learning how to act in a more appropriate manor and be more pleasing to others from some one other than oursleves. No, it’s not a bad thing, it’s actually admirable. If you take a class with your wife or girlfriend on massage or how to please each other better in bed is that a bad thing? Nope! It’s only bad if a man studies it on his own? Why? If a man walks up to a woman and says something witty and funny on his own with no prior dating education is it bad or wrong? NOPE! It’s HOT!   It’s only bad if a man studies and learns what to say to a woman from some one other than himself.

Sure, I teach guys what’s attractive to women, how to become more confident members of society, how to please the objects of their desire, how to dress, how to fulfill their desires and their partners desires in bed and in a long-term relationship and I’m fucking proud of it! Sure, I learned from others how to be this way and how many women have benefitted from my education, how many women have I made happy, how many women have I became eternal friends with, how much excitement and joy have I brought to their lives and how many women still love me?

In conclusion… The word GAME isn’t such a bad word, now is it? After all, there are always two sides to the story. Which are you going to choose?

6 thoughts on “the GAME… A bad four letter word? Haters beware!

  1. I promise you not to hate here, but I strongly feel that it will lead to increased understanding if anyone trying to improve his game – and getting “caught” – understands where the baffling resistance comes from. “Game” is, unfortunately, a bad word, even if it’s used to describe a decidedly beautiful thing.

    I recently got into George Lakoff (check out YouTube). His neurology and linguistics-based theory is that every word or phrase we use is NOT neutral. Our Enlightenment view of rationality is simply wrong, and he quotes the famous neurologist Antonio Damasio who discovered that the body and emotion are primary drives that feed into our rationality enabling neocortex – AND that no rationality can exist without emotion!

    Lakoff goes on to state that ll words are provided with a frame or metaphor, stuff’s latched onto it which make even the simplest words into amazingly complex constructs. Take George W. Bush’s “tax relief” during his presidency. Relief is something you get from pain, medical conditions or disease. Even if you try to argue against Tax Relief you’ll be playing into his hands because you invoke the underlying metaphor. And now you’re perceived as pretty much arguing against “pain relief”.

    The phrase “game” has a frame too. Once we start thinking about the word “game” we quickly and effortlessly realize that in games there are winners and losers. That instantly, powerfully puts the terrible idea into the wonderful little heads of listeners that the guy who is trying to “get better at his game” is also the intended WINNER in said game. That also opens the chute to the Abyss of Disapproval, because by definition in a game the woman must be the intended loser.

    As well-informed, respectful subject matter experts we can argue this logically all we want, but every time we use the phrase “game” we are invoking the encompassing frame of Winner and Loser. Guys are usually more reasonable than women here, but lots of guys will have a deep-seated fear of being “disrespectful of women”, because the huge sticking point is still that most guys feel they are doing the woman some horrible feminist wrong by approaching her with the intent to eventually have sex.

    I think especially those wonderful women would have preferred something like … and please taste it, feel it, savor it … The Dance 🙂

    • I have a lot to say about what you have written and thank you for the in depth comment. As soon as I get a decent amount of time to reply, I will! This is going to be an interesting debate. I love what you have said thus far!

  2. Thank you for writing and posting this blog. I found your page from the Jake P page, which I found on the Brad P 30/30 forum where I study. Just wanted to say this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear at this point in time. I have been struggling with certain friends treating me like I’m some horrible asshole for learning pick up or using “lines.” Like I’m such a scum bag for going up to a girl and saying “Do you like horses?” Because I got it from a Pick up Artist. Reading this makes me feel a lot better about what I am doing. Thanks.

    • Hey Chris…

      Good job at remaining calm and dealing with your friends in correct manor.
      Most guys will make fun of you for a few reasons:
      1) They are jealous of you. Remember it takes alot of balls and courage to approach a woman so if you’re doing something that they aren’t they are going to try and stop you from doing what it is that they want to be doing themselves.
      2)They’re really not your friends at all! hard one to swallow but it’s the truth. if they were truly your friends they would want you to be happy and successful in whatever endeavor you so choose! Maybe, re-evaluate the people closest to you.
      3) They are actually scared that you might succeed at this and thus your value amongst your peer group will go up and the social hierarchy that was previously established might be threatened. Once this happens you just might not need them in your life anymore…

      In any case… I’m sure there are a few more reasons that your friends are giving you shit but more than likely it’s definitely one of the above.
      Getting past what your friends and family think of you is a major turning point in your self development. CONGRATULATIONS from me personally! And give yourself a big pat on the back for being man enough to recognize where you need help and pursuing it passionately!

      Glenn P

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