What does Marlon Brando, Richard Ahscroft from the Verve and Brett Michaels have in common???

Did you figure it out yet? Three totally random people, right? What the hell could these guys possibly have to do with learning pick-up, let alone have in common? Yes, they are all famous but not what I’m thinking… Keep guessing. If you’ve guessed it… You’re probably an amazing pick-up artist… If you haven’t guessed it… here it is!


These guys have some of the best body language I have ever seen. They are all ALPHA as fuck, they all get laid and get laid ALOT!!! Now, you can always start crying and say that these guys are rock stars/movie stars/rich and of course they’re gonna get laid by the hottest chicks the world has to offer men for just being who they are as public figures but I would like to argue that point just a bit if that’s ok with you?

There are tons of rich and famous guys who almost NEVER get laid. Sure… Money and fame are probably the biggest aphrodisiacs in the world BUT do those aphrodisiacs work for everyone? HELL NO THEY DON’T! And why don’t these rich and famous guys get chicks or why do they have to settle for scraps that are left over at the end of the night? No style, horrible body language and sissy BETA behavior, that’s why! Don’t wanna believe me??? Just watch Millionaire Matchmaker to see this shit in action! That show has had the richest of the rich and tons of famous people on it. It’s funny because most people think that these guys get tons of women and are only that show because they “want a relationship with a woman who won’t USE them for their money”. BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!!!!! Lemme say it again in case you didn’t hear me… BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!!! They are on that show because they have money and fame and can’t get laid often enough and if they manage to get some lady into bed it’s gonna be a fat chick and not a 7-8-9 or 10. Take a good look at the dates they go on… Watch the mistakes they make, watch how boring and needy they are. Look at their style which always has to get fixed before they even meet the girls. Watch the body language. Watch their walk and listen to the sissy’s talk! They can hire me for way cheaper and start getting laid ASAP… And I will let them have sex on the first date unlike on the show where they can’t even have sex until they’re in a committed relationship?!?!?!? WTF is that??? It’s like they’re on a date in Libya or something and they have to ask the Father’s permission. Not in my world ladies and gentleman. Sex on the first date… ALWAYS… hip-hip-hurray…

Getting back to ALPHA as fuck and our guys Marlon, Richard and Brett. It’s easy for me to go on a tangent and forget what I was actually writing about in the first place… Here’s their Alpha body language in a nut shell… They stand with their chests out, chins up, shoulders back and they never show too much interest. It’s always like they’re on their way out of the conversation until they hook on something that the other actor or person is saying or doing and then they start to mirror them and reward the other person with their body language and interest but ONLY after they deserve it. They move with a gracefulness that’s attractive even to me let alone women, an elegance to their every motion. It’s almost as if every single movement is planned out but obviously it’s not. They walk with confidence that will make the BETA man shiver in his flip-flops and gay khaki shorts from the Gap. They walk with rhythm and purpose. They DRESS, LOOK and ACT like they own the world and don’t give a rats ass about what you, the ladies or the media thinks of them. I love it….

Now let’s ask the question… If you put these guys in a situation where nobody knew who the hell they were, let’s just say a bar or club… Do you think they’d clean house and walk out the door with the hottest chicks in the place? You bet they would. And why would they??? That’s the million dollar question… Believe me when I tell you this… That despite where your game is at, no matter what level of pick-up you have achieved thus far… having amazing body language, kick-ass fashion and exuding an Alpha aura will sometimes be enough to put your value through the roof and get you laid.

I would recommend to anyone reading this that they Google these guys and take a look at how these guys dress. Study how they walk, how they interact with women, try to find an interview they have done where the reporter was a woman and WATCH how they act towards her. Watch their eye contact and their sub-communications. Listen to how they talk.. If it’s Marlon’s body language you’re gonna check out, then make sure it’s the movies he did in the fifties and sixties. If it’s Brett’s fashion and voice tonality, check out Rock of Love. If it’s Richard’s walk (best ever!) check out the video to his hit song “Bitter Sweet Symphony” and walk the walk, talk the talk and dress the part and get laid!

3 thoughts on “What does Marlon Brando, Richard Ahscroft from the Verve and Brett Michaels have in common???

  1. Just checked all 3 of these guys … I know what you mean now. The only part I didn’t get was the “Alpha” part. By Alpha, do you mean being dominant?

  2. Irving: The alpha term comes from zoology. The alpha male is the highest ranking male in the “pecking order” of the tribe. So yes, dominant indeed. Alpha exudes strength, power, dominance, CONFIDENCE and consequently an I-dont-give-a-fuck attitude.

  3. Very happy that you started blogging Glen and looking forward to your posts.
    Hope to meet you randomly in NYC some day again 🙂

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