Inspector Pick-Up…

You want it…. You want it so bad you can taste it….. I can smell success… I’m  just around the corner from being able to seduce any girl I want…. I’M ALMOST THERE!


This is one of the most common stories I hear from students that I’ve had the privilege of coaching and seeing in filed… They say a cornucopia of different things to me to make me think that they are better than they really are or that if I can help them just fix this ONE problem they’ll be the next GlennP.

Hmmmm…. Maybe they are correct but more often than not they are not.

It’s always the same old story… I’m getting flakes, I’m having trouble transitioning, I am struggling with approach anxiety and when I’m not having a battle of epileptic fits of anxiety I always seal the deal with the ladies, it’s my phone game, it’s my text game, if I can just improve my fashion, etc….

Funny but when I take these guys in the field it’s almost NEVER what they claim their problem really is… Sometimes I do all their texting for them, sometimes I help them with transitioning, whatever their problem is I fix that particular problem.. ALWAYS!!!

But what I find most is that whatever they think their problem is 95% of the time it’s not what the problem really is… It is almost certainly a FUNDAMENTALS problem. Yup… There it is… I’ve coached guys who have been trying to learn pick-up for years and I’ve coached  guys who have been trying to learn for months and it’s ALWAYS the same old thing. FUNDAMENTALS-FUNDAMENTALS-FUNDAMENTALS!!

What do I mean when I say fundamentals? The core basics of pick-up…

Body Language




Eye Contact


Facial Expressions


Fundamentals to me are the core structure of pick-up. Here’s a good analogy… You just bought a beautiful piece of land where you plan to build your ultimate dream home and where you’re gonna take all your ladies to and bang the shit out of them… But before you put up one 2×4, or one piece of plywood or any plumbing you NEED to build a SOLID FOUNDATION. If you don’t build a solid foundation and try nailing one piece of wood up a town inspector is gonna come by and close you down and send all the workers home and not give you any of the building permits you so desperately need to finish the job so you can start getting laid! I kinda wish pick-up had an inspector who would come by and inspect your game, (YOUR FOUNDATION i.e.. YOUR FUNDAMENTALS) before you were allowed to go on with approaching women. If there was such a thing, I promise you a lot more guys would be getting laid and getting laid A LOT! A pick-up inspector?!?! I like it… I guess that’s what I am, only I’m not gonna shut you down for business. I’m gonna be there for you and tell you what you’re doing wrong and if you don’t understand what I’m saying.. I’m going to demo for you so you can see it in action, I’m gonna tell you what you’re doing right and keep reminding you about everything until it sinks into the very depth of your subconscious mind and stays there for good and my advice to you becomes auto-pilot!

Once you have mastered your fundamentals, or for our analogies’ sake, once you have your foundation rock solid and up to code you can than start building on it and the beauty of all this is that once your house is built you can start to decorate the interior any way you wish! Think of the interior of this house as your cold approach game after you’ve mastered the fundamentals of pick-up. Your interior decorations consist of routines, kino escalation, handling cock- blocks, coming up with your own material and different ways to build sexual tension.

Am I making sense yet? This is what I used to do and still do all the time with my game. I experiment with different techniques and subtly micro-tweak my interactions with laser like precision to sleep with women as fast as possible…

So please, I beg you…. Take a look at your fundamentals (are you leaning in to read this post??? hahahaha). Observe them carefully like a hawk who’s about to ponce on a little white rabbit in a field with thigh high grass. Do NOT EVER underestimate the power of fundamentals to sky rocket your game.

4 thoughts on “Inspector Pick-Up…

  1. Glenn, great post. I laughed when you said are you leaning in to read this .. I was. Unlike your many students who think they have just one thing to fix I know my foundation is crap. But even when you know you need help the hardest thing is changing yourself !!

    I lean in physically and EMOTIONALLY pretty much up until I get kino. Last month I made a concerted effort to slow down when I speak and pause more because I talk too fast and tend to stammer especially when I’m nervous. When I made the concentrated effort in a couple of sets I was in..I noticed a dramatic difference in the girl understanding me and she was able to get more involved in the conversation.

    I believe your right as you told me a couple years ago I have to approach like a machine to get ride of the AA. I know when I’m approaching a lot of girls at a time I get less and less nervous and I’m much better in set. My issue is that my back hurts after walking just 35 to 40 minutes now. I’m going to be 45 this summer..its a bitch getting old. If I go to NYC to game for a Saturday or Sunday I have to take a lot of breaks because of my back. I remember going there the summer before last I gamed for just 2 hours and I was exhausted.

    If I attempt to do some after work gaming or lunchtime gaming it’s currently tough..because of the AA I need to warm up and there isn’t much time there.

    So how do you break old habbits? Do I work on one thing at a time. Maybe spend a month or two just trying to talk slow to women maybe exagerate how slow I talk just to experience it. Then the next month focus on body language.

    Anyway this post is waaay too long but just wanted to comment since it’s very relavent to me.

    Thanks man.

    • As the saying goes… Old habits die hard! That’s why it is so important for all the new guys to start off on the right foot and really pay close attention to their fundamentals, go out in the field instead of sitting around being a keyboard jockey and actually put into practice the theories and techniques that they are reading about from ONLY qualified coaches and not other guys who are theory masters from reading and reading without actually going out and doing this stuff…

      But… Sure, it would be a great idea to work on one thing at a time so that you can give whatever issue your having your FULL ATTENTION. Do this until it becomes automatic and a new habit! I think there was a study done that says… Do anything 28 days in a row and it becomes habit. If you don’t have that amount of time to dedicate to your personal growth then do as MUCH AS YOU CAN. The more you do and the more you do it right, the quicker you will reverse old habits and adopt the proper fundamentals and techniques.

      And…. After you’ve done this for some time it will always be a great idea for you to get some coaching so that the coach can see your progress and make sure your doing things the correct and most efficient way!

      Hope this helps…. And thanks for the wonderful reply! And it seems like you’re going to be able to handle this alot sooner than you may think. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Hi Glenn,

    Can you post the entire list of fundamentals?
    I’ve started with my tonality and body language before going out to pick up girls.
    I’m interested in 30/30 club, but I don’t know if it will work for Mexico.
    I hope you can answer my questions.

    Best regards.

    • Hey Yerik….

      The 30/30 club would be amazing for Mexico! As a matter of fact the 30/30 club was designed to be full proof and work with out a doubt in any part of the world! We have guys in the 30/30 from all over the world including Mexico, Germany, Sweden, etc…

      The truth is, what we teach in the 30/30 is applicable everywhere… NO EXCEPTIONS. Women are still women no matter where they are from AND women are attracted to the same behavior from men despite geographical location. The 30/30 club will teach you the correct ways to interact with women, it will teach you exactly what women want and need from YOU! It will teach you how to become a better PUA and it will ultimately teach you how to better your life in all areas and achieve your goals in a way that is masculine and attractive to everyone!

      In the 30/30 you will learn ALL the fundamentals needed to seduce women time and time again. You will learn the proper ways in which to approach and approach confidently. The success stories from the 30/30 keep coming in from guys all over the world every single day.

      And tonality and body language are wonderful places to start but just the tip of the iceberg. Please give your self lots of credit for realizing that fundamentals are the very foundation of pick-up and you are starting exactly where you should be starting.

      Thanks for the reply.

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