What is LOVE? One of the most imprtant posts by me you’ll ever read!

bikinichickHere we go…. Another hot topic in the wonderful yet mysterious world of male/female relationships and dating ideologies.

In a nutshell…. Love in the minds of women is conditional and love in the minds of men is unconditional and this is where most break-ups and arguments start. It’s a lack of understanding on both genders to fully understand or empathize with the others genetic coding and their long and short term needs.

Let me start off by quoting a man by the name of Briffault. In may ways, he was a genius and summed up female behavior as truthful and eloquently as a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. He cuts through all the bullshit and gets right to the core in just a few short sentences.


The female not the male determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where female can derive no benefit from association with the male no association takes place.

Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association.

Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit.

A promise of future benefit has limited influence on current/future association with the influence inversely proportionate to the degree to which the female trusts the male.

I would suggest that you re-read that again and again until you can almost commit it to memory. In just a few short sentences Briffault sums up the male/female relationship conundrum and not just certain relationships between men and women but ALL relationships. Don’t be fooled. It IS the truth!

SO… Let’s talk about love and how this law pertains to it.

Like stated above, “Love is conditional in a females mind”. And as Briffault said, if there no benefit to the female than no such association shall take place.

And what are the benefits that most females attribute to being with a man? If you’ve been studying dating advice you should be able to answer this easily. This is where we get the term DHV from and now you should know why that is so important to incorporate it into your game.. Demonstrations of higher value. For those of you who are unfamiliar with DHV’s, I’ll break it down to you.

Here’s a short list of the most important DHV’s

Pre-selection (which means other beautiful women want you)

Leader of Men






When you meet a woman you will want to convey demonstrations of higher value so that she will instinctively come to realize that you are a suitable option for her to have sex with. Even though it is just an act of sex or it may be a casual romantic experience that you share with her, on a deep genetic level she will need to know that you are still a man that can and will provide for her and a potential baby with the benefits that she deems necessary for her(the baby is just a tool that she will use to keep the man or the source of his benefits) survival. Women are always screening for this in the men they chose to be with and even though it may be just sex, on a subconscious level she will need to know that if she was impregnated by you that she will be safe for the next 9-months and thereafter.

Whether you’re an Alpha male that will ensure her that if she had baby with you you will be of an exceptional gene pool or the fact that you may be Beta-Provider she will still be on the look out for any benefit that she can derive from you and if you have the benefits that she needs as well as the fact that you’re an attractive man to her, she will take a risk and have sex with you.

Women will confuse LOVE for benefit! And they will have no idea that is what they are doing.

When it comes to serious long-term relationships, a woman’s screening process will become even more acute as you get to know each other better. She will carefully look at who you are as a man, she will test your masculinity at any chance she can get, she will study what you can offer to her both short and long term and decide from there if she’s willing to become monogamous with you. Because if a woman chooses to become monogamous with you, she would have already carefully weighed what you have to offer versus what the other men have to offer that she is talking to or seeing at the same time and make her decision from there. She will also always weigh you and what you are offering against anyone else that may step into her life. Yikes!!!!!!

If they chose to become committed to you than that’s a great thing in most cases just so long as you weren’t put into the Beta provider category. The Beta provider is THE WORST THING FOR A MAN EVER! This means that even though you may be a Beta-provider you still beat all the offerings at that moment and only that moment. The problem is that Beta man who has won the woman will stay Beta because that is the behavior that actually won the love of his woman and will be reluctant to change his habits out of fear that he will lose the woman.

Why??? Because at the time of commitment towards a monogamous relationship she has CONVINCED herself that you are what she truly wants AT THAT TIME AND THAT TIME ONLY and it will 100% not be what will captivate her heart and keep her sexually interested for life! Only an Alpha male with great provider traits will keep a woman emotionally and sexually satisfied for a long period of time and even he will have to keep his game at his best.

This is why ALL nice guys get dumped, divorced, left for broke and cheated on. It is because he was not being the man in the relationship, she was. He allowed himself to ONLY be there for her bidding and women will tire quickly of this type of man. They get bored very quickly because he allows himself to be walked on and fails her many tests over time. This type of guy was good on paper! And when a guy looks good on paper women will convince themselves that he is a real catch. It also gives them bragging rights to their friends and family. Essentially, it will raise her value while still providing the benefits she deems necessary.

Women need a man to be a man. When she assumes the role of the man it will start to repulse her and at the same time make her lose all respect and attraction for you. The same goes for the Alpha male who then turns Beta for her sake. She broke you and because she broke who you are, she would have lost attraction and respect for you. How could an Alpha man who won her heart be broken? She will see this and when she does, it will be almost impossible for you to keep her interested in you.

Women, think they want one thing…. They think that if they can change the Alpha male into a Beta that she will love you even more, be happier, more secure but this may be true in the very short term but over any extended period of time the opposite will be true. The truth is that what a woman says she wants and needs to feel more secure in a relationship is not true at all.

How can a woman be secure with a man that she can change so easily?????? If she can change you and your character than what does that say about you in other areas of your life and the benefits that you are capable of providing for her? This is why she will continually test you. She wants to make sure that you are who you say you are.

You see, the Beta provider role will ensure her that you will at all costs do her bidding and cater to her female whims at the drop of a hat. She will feel safe with you and love the fact that you “give” her so much more than the Alpha/Bad Boy. Beta-providers are also usually viewed as monogamous which means his benefits will not be shared with another woman AND WOMEN HATE SHARING THEIR BENEFITS. He is a win for her. Hence… “I married such a nice-guy” or He’s soooo nice” or “He’s so much nicer to me than my last boyfriend”! Nice in this sense and only this sense means BETA. Please don’t confuse the two. An Alpha, a real Alpha male will still be nice to his woman.

On a surface level to her, she will THINK that’s what she wants and needs(usually because she has given up on Alpha/Bad Boys because of their lack of certainty within the relationship and the fact that she hasn’t found an Alpha that will stay faithful and who still treats her like a lady) but over time, like Briffault said, once that benefit has been provided, that promise of future association will become null and void unless more benefits are provided… And the vicious cycle of her demanding more from her man and him giving more will slowly eat away at her attraction for him because she will slowly start to lose respect for her chosen man that doesn’t have or show any balls and once again she’ll find herself on the prowl for Alpha sperm either while she’s still in the relationship or she will discard the Beta and hunt for another Alpha. Either way, if your a Beta provider, you lose. You lose her, your dignity, your masculinity, your money, your heart and in some cases your children.

You will only want to provide benefits to her if she is doing her part in the relationship. You have to work for her love and to be successful in dating and long term commitment and she will have to work for yours! That is the magic balance. You can not give freely. She will only give to you if you are giving to her and the same is true about you. You should only give to her if she is giving.

So… Where am I going with this??? I’m not really sure but it seems like a point to start to explain what you can do to maintain a woman’s interest for the long term and to tell you that you should give up on trying/hoping to have a woman truly understand and sympathize with what it is like to be a man. She is basically incapable of really understanding a mans dilemma.

As a man, you will want to always be at your best and if you’ve chosen to be with a woman than you need to fully accept these facts and be prepared to work for her loyalty and attraction for life. Is that a bad thing??? I don’t think so, especially if you love the woman you’re with and want to spend your life with her.

Female Hypergamy(dating a higher value man other than yourself) and Briffault’s law are both things you will need to study and master to keep your woman into you and only you.

In my relationship, I’m always trying to do my best. I do my best for me first and foremost but as I’m improving my life, my mind, my finances, my body, my understanding of women and life I know that it also puts me into a category of elitist men, the 2% of men in the world that will captivate and motivate a woman to stay with me. The more you better yourself the more capable you are of keeping women seriously attracted to you. It’s a win win situation.

I’ve been the Beta provider and have got destroyed women. Can I blame them or hate them? No, I can not. I accept all the blame for my past failures and have extensively studied them and learned from them. I have no ill feelings towards the women who have hurt me in the past. they were only doing what comes natural to them and because I didn’t understand the game or how their minds work, I lost. I lost their attraction, respect and hearts along with a shit load of money. At the same time, I gained a unique perspective. A perspective that most men do not have and that is worth it’s weight in gold. I am among the 2% of men.

Think about it…. If you are amongst the 2% of men out there, how hard do you think it would be for your woman to find someone better? It will be almost impossible. She would almost certainly have to try out 98 other men before she will run across someone of your caliber. And if you can make her feel the most sexually alive that she’s ever felt, giving her explosive orgasms while maintaining your Alpha Masculinity, you will have a woman that loves you and only you for life. It will be almost impossible for her to find someone to take your place. And if for some reason you did break-up, I promise you that she will be comparing EVERY other man against you for LIFE! She will always wish they were you! It will torture her for life. She will never be able to fully get over you! I promise you that.

In the so called Manospehere or Red Pill mentality there are a lot of men hating on women because of their innate nature, their solipsism and hypergamyrous (Is that spelled correct?) behavior and that is where and why I think they will fail to have in their lives the women that they truly want. They want women to be something they are not.

I come form a place of acceptance. I know exactly what I’m getting into with a woman especially if she’s beautiful and used to men catering to her. Do I like it???? HELL NO! Does it frustrate me at times? HELL YES! But I will never be able to change them and nor do I try to change it. I accept that is what they are, take appropriate actions and because I love to have a beautiful woman that I can call my own on my arm, I accept the fact that if I don’t do my best in my life and with her than she will leave me at some point. Just like I will leave her at some point if she’s not doing her best for herself, me and the relationship.

As a man, you have the power to walk away from an unhealthy situation while knowing that because you are bettering yourself and that you are the prize that you can easily replace her. The same CAN NOT BE SAID FOR HER. This may sound mean but it’s the truth, you can replace a woman a hell of a lot easier than she can replace you!

I hope you enjoyed this post…. I would love to hear your thoughts and commentary as I’m sure there is so much more to be said. I could have written another couple of thousand words easily about this topic but I think I covered some major points.




What if????

Igalaxy-wallpaper-ios7‘d like to share the number 1 reason why most men will never achieve their dating goals… It’s their number 1 sticking point.

I’ve coached hundreds of men in the Art Of Seduction and I’ve seen just about everything there is to be seen. Students have told me all about their sticking points to no end. Here’s just a short list of the most common ones I hear.

Body language, eye contact, generating attraction, openeing, isolation, kino, connecting emotionally, text game, etc…. There’s probably about another 50 or more that I can list but the reality is…. That’s not their sticking points!

Their sticking point is their own minds. Their own irrational way of thinking that is getting in the way of their success.

Last week I was with a student who was relatively new to Game or at least he said he was. He claimed to have never studied dating advice which I actually believed, that is until we got out into the field and the day progressed.

As we were running around NYC and approaching women I started to hear him say things like; What if she thinks this, and what if she thinks that, what if, what if, what if…. To make matters worse, he constantly wanted answers to just about every “What If” scenario he could think of. He had a What if and a objection to everything! He was completely lost in his own head with What If’s.

He would eject out of sets because of the slightest deviation in her body language or that she looked away and would then tell me things like she was showing him disinterest, he was losing value or had a bitch shield… (Ummmmmmm… He never heard of the community before?)

Why???? Because he was overwhelmed with community advice before he had actually done any approaching for himself. He refused to find out for himself and he wanted answers to things that would never happen or may never happen. His head was deluded with irrational thoughts and those thoughts were actually stopping him from learning or progressing.

No matter how hard I tried to re-frame his way of thinking he kept refusing to believe that what I was saying was in reality the truth. He trusted his thoughts more than mine and I was the expert?!?!?!

Who would you trust more? A man who coached thousands of men and who has personally spent the better part of 7 years dating and approaching women or your own newbie mind? It was very challenging for me to wrap my head around this dilemma I found myself in with him.

At one point in the coaching session I sat him down to explain what was going on. I started to explain that he was constantly looking for the perfect answers to questions that weren’t real and that his own thoughts were the reason why he wasn’t succeeding. I was telling him that all of these “what if” scenarios would only hold him back and that his mind is just doing what it does best… It’s searching for answers it doesn’t have and refusing to hear the truth. He was completely unwilling to challenge his own thoughts.

Our minds work like this…

They are constantly trying to fill in the blanks that it doesn’t have and figure everything out for our own safety and protection. Our minds HATE blank spaces where the answers are unclear and the more we try to fill in these blanks the more blanks we create. With every “what if” thought you think, you will inadvertently create 10 more. The cycle is endless. Our minds hate anything that is unclear. We need answers at any and all cost.

The worst part is that because these thoughts we come up with are our own thoughts, we tend to believe them despite the fact that they are just thoughts. Thoughts in reality aren’t real. They are just movies we play in our minds and because we are the audience to our own thoughts we believe them without trying to prove them wrong.

When it comes to Dating and getting good with women we tend to have our minds go into thought overload. We start over thinking everything. We want all of the answers immediately and if we get an answer that we don’t like we’ll search for answer that we do like to back our story up. It’s hard to look at the truth especially if we don’t like it.

Thinking is bad when it comes to learning something new. Only application will work not anticipation.

I typically come from a place where no matter what irrational thoughts I may be having (And I have a lot), I recognize this pattern and then look for PROOF to corroborate my story. If no proof can be found that I release that thought from my consciousness until a later time when it was proven wither wrong or correct. Sometimes I get my answer and sometimes I don’t. Either way, it’s cool with me.

Here’s a perfect example in regards to picking up a woman.

Let’s say you’re out doing some Daygame and you see a woman walking really fast and she has headphones on but…. She’s super hot and you really wanna talk with her.


Let’s say you see a woman all dolled up around 7pm on a Friday night standing alone in fornt of a movie theater looking around and constantly checking her phone…

Most men will think girl number 1 was running late for something and in a rush. Why else would she be walking so fast or because she was wearing headphones that she didn’t want to be bothered.

When it comes to girl number 2, most men will immediately tell themselves that she must be waiting for her a boyfriend or a guy.

Are either of those stories true?

Maybe… but more than likely NOT! Maybe girl number 1 just walks fast and always listens to music or she’s trying to learn a new language… Who knows?! And maybe girl number 2 is actually going to the movies alone or is waiting for a girlfriend. Who knows?!?! And who cares? The only way to find out if your assumptions are true is to actually take action and approach.

You’d be surprised at just how often your thoughts and assumptions are actually wrong!

But I’ve seen these this more times than I can count because guys will tell themselves a story without actually knowing the facts they’ll convince themselves not to approach them. Their thoughts even though they have no idea if they’re true or not will stop them dead in the tracks and prevent them from taking MEANINGFUL action.

This doesn’t just happen in Pick-Up. This happens in all areas of our lives. We tell ourselves stories and tend to believe them and once we believe them they are almost impossible to change. And the irony of believing a story that is not true is that we’ll gather evidence to prove this story true. We gather evidence even though it may be faulty to corroborate our stories and the cycle goes on and on.

And this is the conundrum of What If’s!

Challenge your stories and your thoughts. You actually may surprise yourself from time to time!


bootcampwomanHere it is…. My first DAYGAME WORKSHOP in almost a year!

In my last post I announced that I was back in action with a vengeance and that AttractiveApproach.com will officially launch on the first or second week in May.

Today, I’m letting you know that I will be hosting a 3 day DAYGAME workshop on MAY 9, 10 and 11th…. 3 FULL DAYS of learning everything you will ever need to know about how to seriously attract women during the daytime.

And if you sign up early, you’ll get in at almost half price! 917-797-2445


I only have a few spots available. I will never teach a workshop with 20 guys again. I won’t even teach a workshop with 15 guys. I am purposely keeping this very small and I’m being very selective with who I allow to join.

I want to be able to make sure that EVERYBODY who signs up gets very personalized attention with me and is serious about taking his game to the next level.

ONLY men who want to bang hot chicks and who are willing to push themselves to become more confident and attractive will be allowed to attend!

If you’ve ever thought about learning Day-Game or taking your existing skills to the next level, here’s your only chance! On Friday May 9th, 10th and 11th I will be teaching my daytime dating secrets right here in NYC and it will probably be one of the most legendary workshops ever. You will NOT want to miss this as I am sure it will go down in PUA history.

People have been asking me to do a Day-Game Bootcamp for years and I’ve finally decided to do it to coincide with the launch of AttractiveApproach.com

Usually, I only teach my secret day time dating secrets weapons and techniques to students in a One-on-One setting but now you will be able learn from me in a small group setting with your peers for a fraction of my personal coaching price.

Basically, you get the very best coaching and in-field experience for almost half of my one-on-one normal price.

I love Day-Game. Can I say that one more time??? I LOVE DAYGAME. I’ve met some of the most beautiful women on earth during the day. Women that were so HOT they almost made me nervous to approach them! hahaha

Over the years I have become arguably one of the worlds most recognized Day-Game experts. My skills in this area are legendary and unparalleled as I am sure you already know. I am the pioneer of the Same-Day Lay.

I invented and perfected a style of Day-Game that the rest of the world lives by and follows. You will not find anyone better than me in this area…. GUARANTEED!

You can try to find someone better but to be honest… That person has probably learned from myself, literally! I have coached countless other coaches from some of the biggest dating companies out there. No lie! They all seem to come to me, privately of course or when I hang out with them for the first time they ask me to help them with any problems they may be having with their game!

Day-Game is amazing. During the daytime you will meet women that you would never see in a bar. A different caliber of woman. Party girls in mini-skirts with high-heels are fun but typically I prefer a woman who isn’t always looking to get drunk, go out every night or do drugs.

I love a hot, smart, intellectual woman who can bring value into my life and I’ve yet to meet a woman like this in a bar or club.

I’ve met some amazing women at night, don’t get me wrong but not even close to the type of women I’ve met at Whole Foods, the park, a book store or just walking down the street towards me.

Day-game is amazing and you should never underestimate its power and how it can lead to a fulfilling life.

You will learn how to generate instant explosive attraction with women in EVERY type of Day-Game setting there is. Whether she is sitting on a park bench, walking down the street, shopping in a store, reading a book, etc…

YOU WILL LEARN- How to overcome any approach anxiety you may have, properly approach her, generate attraction, build a connection and get a date with her. I will hold your hand, side-by-side every step of the way.

Generating attraction and building a deep personal connection the she will remember for years to come are the keys to making Day-Game successful and you will learn all of those skills.

YOU WILL LEARN- How to generate explosive instant attraction with women in stores, the park, the street, walking towards you etc…

YOU’LL LEARN- How to eliminate flakes.

YOU’RE GOING TO LEARN- ALL of my top secret routines.

YOU’LL DISCOVER- How to properly stop a woman walking down the street and get her to give you her full attention.

I WILL TEACH YOU- How to build a deep connection with any woman you want and that art of having a great conversation.

YOU’RE GOING TO FINALLY LEARN- What it takes to eliminate approach anxiety from your life. Imagine what your life will be like if you had ZERO approach anxiety!!!!

YOU WILL RECEIVE- A perfect routine-stack designed by me that will be perfect for YOU! (This is very personalized to each student). With a routine stack, you’ll always have the prefect thing to say to her when you first approach her.

I WILL HELP YOU develop an amazing story that will get her laughing and even more attracted to you!

YOU’LL ALSO DISCOVER HOW to finally have FUN while you’re out IN THE FIELD approaching women.

I’M GOING TO TEACH YOU- How to sexualize your interactions and make sure you’re NEVER in the friend zone again. This includes, kino, sexual banter and escalation!

I WILL SHARE WITH YOU- The top 3 reasons why most men never get good at meeting women during the day.


The list goes on and on!!!

Here’s a recent review from my last bootcamp just a few weeks ago!

“Anyone who has a chance to do a workshop with Glenn P should not think twice. Jump at the chance to transform your dating life in the space of 72 hours. Glenn P is a bona fide Master Pick Up Artist. The term is bandied about lightly, but Glenn is the real deal. This is a man who cut his teeth on 400 approaches a week, and whose identity is unmistakeable in the field. He has done such a painstaking and thorough job of developing an attractive and unique identity and of honing his pickup skills, that I could totally envision him doing same night pulls night after night. During the workshop, however, his focus is not on pulling girls for himself, but rather on helping his students. He will spend hour after hour with you and he will put you into more sets, have you do more approaches, than you’ve probably done in your entire life before that. He will pick apart every approach you do, and by the end of the workshop, you will be far more aware of what your real strengths and weaknesses are in the field. His assistant has great game, and will also be relentless about getting you to approach and to work on your sticking points. The feedback they provide is honest and right on the money. To sum it up, if you have doubts about how good Glenn’s game is, stop doubting. He will demo any kind of approach you want to see. If you have doubts about whether you will get to spend time in the field and do lots of approaches, forget about it: you will do so many approaches that you won’t be able to keep track of them all. Glenn P’s workshop is not the typical community seminar that is heavy on classroom seminars. You will get more openers and routines than you could ever use, but more than anything, your classroom will be the field, and you will spend a weekend constantly approaching and improving, and finally understanding all the stuff you’ve been reading about. In a word, Glenn P’s workshop is transformative. Don’t miss it!” – Christian

Here’s what David Shade had to say about me…

I can highly recommend a one-on-one with Glenn. All evening long he was totally focused on watching me in set. After every set he would explain to me exactly what was going on, exactly what the girls were thinking, where I blew it and what I should do next time. Glenn is SO insightful. Glenn really cares about the success of his students. I can honestly say that Glenn is a phenomenal coach. I am so grateful his help!

Like I said… This workshop is gonna be insane.

Stop waiting around. More than likely you’ve already spent your Winter walking around and NOT approaching women. The time is now! This is your big chance to learn Day Game from one of the worlds best and meet the woman of your dreams.

Sing up now…. This will sell out FAST!



SHE TRIED TO KISS ME! The Importance of Vibe… And a little push!

Sexy-girl-iOS-7-Wallpaper-3Are you giving off the right vibe?

When I say the word vibe I don’t mean how well you vibe with a woman. What I’m referring to is YOUR VIBE. The amount and type of energy you give off when your out in the field and in your everyday life!

Having a great vibe can sometimes do all the work for you and may even get you laid.

During my everyday life while I’m running around the streets of NYC taking care of business I’m always giving off a wonderfully attractive vibe to the world. I’m in a great mood, I make everyone I come into contact with laugh, have a certain swagger to my walk and always look great!

Needless to say, throughout my day I’m always getting smiled at by women and usually approached in one way or another!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times a woman starts talking to me for no apparent reason except that she’s obviously curious about me and my vibe. The other day a woman in line at the coffee shop behind me decided to randomly buy me a cup of coffee and then asked me my name and what I did for a living. I have to admit, she was actually pretty cute. But this is normal for me. At least once a day this sort of thing happens.

And it’s all because of my VIBE!

Just the other night I was out with a student and we were taking a break from approaching and just hanging out talking, laughing and just acting silly! My vibe at this point in the night was superb! And out of nowhere this really cute chick with super short hair just comes up to me with her friend, grabs my face and says… “I’m going to make out with you!” My student was in amazement because I didn’t have to do anything. I knew it was because of the vibe I was giving off. I seemed approachable, fun and interesting!

I said to her… “No you’re not! I’m a shitty kisser and I’m not wearing deodorant.” She said… “Let’s find out” and grabbed my face and went for it! I turned my face and she got some serious cheek! I then told her in a flirty way that she was acting way too aggressive and that she was scaring me! This drove her crazy and she dragged her friend over to us and said… “If you’re not going to kiss me, kiss her and if you like the way she kisses, you’re going to love the way I kiss”. It could have easily turned into a threesome make-out session…. These girls wouldn’t leave me alone for about 15 mins… I basically had to tell them that I was out with my friend who I haven’t seen in years and that I had a serious GF to finally peel them off of me.

The fact that I wasn’t needy and pushed them away drove them both crazy. Women are just not used to a man not being into them or giving them what they want. It’s like cocaine to a woman. A little push when you know you have her goes a LONG WAY. It turns into a challenge for them and women love a flirty challenge!

My student was immediately attributing their aggressiveness to the fact that they were drunk and liked my fashion sense but I knew it was different and I explained what really happened. Neither of them had drinks in their hands, the night was still young so they prolly weren’t drunk yet and neither of them smelled like booze. They were just in a heightened state of energy, having a great time and attracted to the vibe I was giving off at that moment.

Needless to say he learned a lot and what I have been trying to tell him finally sank in!

The fact that I was able to playfully handle these women and do some push-pull made their sexual state rise even higher to the point that they weren’t even thinking. They were just acting on pure emotion. Which is what women will 99% of the time do.

Women are highly emotional beings and when they are living in that place of mind, all logic goes out the window! As I’ve said a million times before. Women are STATE junkies! Her dominant emotion at any given moment always takes precedence. And we are in the business of state management when it comes to women. We manage their states of mind and use those states to achieve whatever purpose it serves us and them.

I guess if this post is drive a point home it would be to make sure that the vibe you’re giving off at any moment will almost certainly dictate the way life treats you. You always get back what you put in!

As always, if you have any questions or want to leave a comment, please do! I love hearing from you guys!

And if you interested in getting some coaching whether it be real life or on the phone please feel free to call me whenever you want!

917 797 2445




I’M BACK!!!!!! And I have some BIG NEWS!!!!!

BIG_NEWS1Wow…….. It has been SO long since I last wrote a blog post. To all of you who were kept waiting and wondering if I had fallen off of the earth for good…. I would like to say SORRY!!!!!!

Life has been crazy this past 6 months and I’m sure most of you could understand or have even been in the same position yourselves! Sometimes you just need to put certain things on the back-burner so that you can fully concentrate on what life is giving you in that moment.

Even though, I wasn’t posting or writing articles for you guys to read and learn from, this blog was always in the back of mind. Day after day I was telling myself that I can’t wait until the time is right to start writing again! I missed it SO MUCH!


In about 2 to 3 weeks from you’ll be able to find me at AttractiveApproach.com Continue reading

Guys pick-up women with a boner in his pants! You have to sign-in to youtube or gmail for the link to work correctly.

I have to admit that when I came across this video I was literally laughing my ass off but as I watched it a few things occurred to me that may be able to help you if you’re still dealing with approach anxiety and having the correct attitude to meet women from a cold approach.

Please sign in to youtube or gmail and this link will take you to the correct video. It’s rated for 18 and over!

In the video a few guys walk up to women with a fake boner sticking out of their pants and literally some women love it and actually give these guys their phone numbers with little or no effort on the mans part. Why? To most guys this would seem almost impossible and the women, all of them should be running away calling the police but they don’t. Some of the women if you look closely are kinda turned on and give out their phone numbers in front of friends with big smiles on their faces. They’ve turned into a starved sex fiend.

If you are battling approach anxiety this video might be able to give you some added confidence. No, I don’t want you to walk around with your dicks hard and erect but it just goes to show that once again it’s not what you’re saying that gets the job done but the attitude behind it. The guys in this video just don’t give a shit about what the women think and the women respond accordingly.

The guys in the video are having fun. Their walking around laughing and just having a good time. Their only purpose is to amuse themselves and because of their attitudes some women love them for it.

You see, approach anxiety will never go away if you never learn to have fun and not care what the woman may think about you. We all have some fear about judgement and rejection. Let’s face it, getting rejected sucks and being judged by women unfavorably sucks even more but it’s when you can start having fun and become completely non-outcome dependent that the magic happens in the field.

I work with a lot of men and it’s always the same thing. There will usually come a time when their approach anxiety and outcome dependence goes away(usually after about 10 approaches) and they start having fun with it. As soon as this happens their approaches go from disastrous to godlike!

They start walking up to women for their own amusement and could care less if she likes him or not and then they start getting phone numbers or instant dates! If you wish, you can call this going into state! They start taking on the attributes of the true alpha male and women can smell this on a man from a mile away!

Before you get good at approaching women we all have some crazy ideas about how to do it right, what a good approach should look like and how rejection is going to feel but in reality our preconceived ideas and notions about the approach are always wrong. They are just the movie that your mind is playing over and over again in your head before you walk up to her. We tend to hold on to these ideas and the pictures we have in our minds because our thoughts are all we actually own.

Your thoughts in the truest sense don’t actually exist. A thought is a fleeting image that doesn’t hold true in the real world. We tend to allow our thoughts to dictate our reality and run our lives rather than just experiencing reality. The best attitude that I have found to make pick-up work for me is to not give my irrational or negative thoughts any value and to always try and prove them wrong every chance I can get. I have learned to recognize that my thoughts especially negative ones only hurt me if I actually buy into them.

When it comes to cold approaching women thinking is usually your worst enemy…

Anyway… Watch the video. it’s funny and hopefully it will show you that as long as you’re having fun and not worried about the outcome you’ll do better than you’ve ever imagined!

Wow…. Just when you think the PUA world is safe! Read and comment… thanks!

blindfoldOK… I came across this article and it kinda made my blood boil. I actually couldn’t believe what I was reading and how the PUA is trying to be betrayed by certain journalists out there. After reading it, it became quite clear that the person who wrote this was truly coming from a place of ego and lack of research into the world in which he chose to try and destroy!


I’m not sure about most of you guys but I always thought the whole point of being a journalist was to research your information and then write about your findings without prejudice? I guess not. It seems that every media outlet now has a political agenda and only hire people who at best try to slam whatever doesn’t fit into their narrow minded field of vision.

In the article they decided to talk about LMR. That’s last minute resistance for those of you guys who aren’t familiar with pick-up lingo. LMR on it’s own is actually a quite interesting phenomena and it’s something that even if the community wasn’t helping men with by giving them ideas and tips it would be very commonplace in almost every man’s mind on planet earth to try and plow through a woman giving token resistance to HER SEXUAL URGES!

BUT… When I see that there are people out there who want to call a mans primal desire for sex and trying to get laid a form of RAPE (Yup… You read it correctly) that I go crazy!

FUCKING RAPE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me???

Well… They like to refer to it as rape culture or grey rape (Now they even have a politically correct term for rape)! I’m not sure about you, but I’ve met thousands of guys in the community and not one of them is even close to rapist! Are you?

I’m sorry but even if there was no pick-up community men will be men and men will try to get laid no matter what. If she’s kissing him and there’s some grinding of body parts going on and then she says we should stop and he does and then 10mins later it starts up again and the next time she says to herself “Fuck it, I’m horny. I’m going to have sex.” why is that considered rape? Ohhhhhh… Because, no means no? When women and men all know that there’s a difference in the types of NO’s you will get or give.

If a woman says NO and then you forcefully make her do sexual acts without consent than that’s rape in my book. If she’s crying and begging you to stop and you still don’t, that’s definitely rape. Rape in it’s true meaning is a vile disgusting thing and the guys who do this to women or men should be locked away forever but maybe because you studied PUA and dating advice it will be you who gets locked up?

If the two of you are attracted to each other and she concedes to willingly have sex in any way shape or form, IT’S NOT RAPE!!!!!

I had a great conversation with my girl last night about this and I asked her this… “When I’m not in the mood to have sex(which is rare but does happen) and you keep pushing me and trying to get me hard and I keep saying no and then finally give in(willingly) are you raping me?” to which she replied “no”. I then asked her this… “Now that you know exactly what turns me on and what doesn’t and after “learning” in the past months of what you should do like lick my neck, talk dirty, bite my nipples, etc. and you employ what you’ve “learned” would you consider it as manipulation or rape when I finally give in?” She said no way! So, my question is this, why is it all of a sudden rape in a different context or rape because you learned it from a book? She said because we know each other…. Hmmmmmm…. I then asked her, “Doesn’t no mean no regardless of how well you know a person?” She said yes! So, is it rape? She said no because you consented and if you really didn’t want me to keep trying you should have kept your pants on! EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

This article puts all the blame on MEN and none on the woman. Where is she in all of this? She willingly consented to having sex and just because the guy tried a little harder to get her extra hot and horny and she complied with his advances it’s now rape????? Oh…. She brought him home into her house and what, she didn’t expect him to try a few times? Please!!!! When in reality she brought him or went into his house because deep down she was horny and knew that if things happen and she gets turned on enough she’d have sex!

What the fuck is going on with this planet? Really?

When are some women going to finally take responsibility for their actions and stop blaming everything and everyone else but themselves?

Read the article here…. S.E. Smith

Are Pickup Artists Contributing to Rape Culture?
Much of the language around surrounds the idea that women put up “token resistance,” encouraging PUAs to not take resistance and requests to stop seriously.

Pick up artists (PUAs) have been working the field for, well, since forever, but the Internet has really helped them along; now they can exchange tips on forums and websites, sell DVDs and books and offer tips in podcasts and pretty much any other fora you can imagine. They even have their own reality television shows, and their own unique insider slang. They’re determined to position themselves as players, and the game pieces are women.

Anna North raises an important question, though: Do widely discussed, promoted, and reproduced PUA techniques cause rape?

I’d argue that they definitely contribute to a culture of what some people call “gray rape,” those situations that can be difficult to express or define for the women who experience them; for example, a women doesn’t feel like she’s been raped because she didn’t firmly object to sex, or a woman is uncomfortable with calling what she experienced “rape.”

Obviously, PUA tips alone can’t be the sole cause of a complex cultural problem, but they’re a contributing factor, and that makes them important to examine.

The infamous Reddit rape thread certainly featured some examples of PUAs who used tried-and-true techniques to rape women, and in some cases didn’t necessarily recognize it as such until after the fact. PUA techniques focus heavily on a steadily escalating process of coercion and many come with an assumption that a man has a right to have sex with any woman he wants. Additionally, he’s less of a man if he doesn’t succeed in landing a given “catch,” which puts tremendous pressure on him to seal the deal at all costs.

Clearly, people can read PUA tips without becoming rapists. They can even identify as PUAs and use some of these techniques in the pursuit of sexual partners without engaging in rape; though I’d still argue that they are participating in a smarmy, objectifying, highly sexist culture that treats women like prizes to be won rather than human beings. That’s their choice. Women who aren’t interested in that can, in turn, choose not to have sex with them.

The problem is that so many of these tips, and indeed much of the terminology, are misogynist and directly encourage rape and boundary-crossing behavior. PUA tips provide a classic example of the kind of rape that is most difficult to identify and define. Their maintainers would firmly argue that they aren’t promoting rape, based on a flimsy and outdated notion of what rape looks like; after all, they’re not telling visitors to jump out of dark corners and sexually assault women.

They are encouraging men to use tremendous pressure to get women to sleep with them, though. Overcome “last minute resistance,” for example, with a series of coldly calculated steps intended to get a woman to cave and have sex. These steps notably don’t include an active solicitation of consent.

PUAs assure each other, for example, that women who feel uneasy about one night stands are simply conditioned to do so or acting on uncontrollable instinct and thus they need to be pushed into sex. This will surely come as a surprise to women who don’t feel uneasy at all about them and actively seek them out.

Oh, wait, those are the sluts.

Speaking of which, PUAs are fond of exchanging tips on how to deal with “anti-slut defense” (ASD):

Women’s internal mechanism to create plausible deniability before sex with a new man. It ensures that she doesn’t appear (to herself and others) that she’s too easily seduced.

Much of the language around ASD surrounds the idea that women put up “token resistance,” encouraging PUAs to not take resistance and requests to stop seriously. The idea is that it’s necessary to plow right through a partner’s inhibitions because they aren’t really serious; she’s just faking it because she wants to create a smokescreen to hide behind. Since, obviously, women who have casual sex should be embarrassed by their behavior.

“No means no” doesn’t apply here, and there’s not a lot of discussion about how PUAs are supposed to tell the difference between this so-called faux resistance and the real thing. The language used implies that all women are secretly sexually available and willing at all times and just need a little “encouragement.” Some might need a little more than others, sure, and you can buy the DVD for $29.99 if you want to know more about how to reel them in.

There is nothing, of course, in the PUA dictionary for “rape.”

Obviously, it’s possible to utilize PUA techniques without raping someone. But these techniques definitely encourage rape, and as North stresses, they set a dangerous social precedent. The structure of such techniques creates the idea that forcing women to have sex is normal, and that pressuring sexual partners is acceptable. And as these techniques spread out beyond the PUA community, they become internalized by the rest of society. In the process, they can become increasingly distorted.

When a culture judges its men on how many women they have sex with and the hotness level of their conquests, it’s inevitable that at least some men would turn to gray zones that they ultimately consider acceptable because everyone says so with the kind of advice found in PUA tips. Some of those men may not consciously realize that what they are doing is rape, and that they are committing sexual assault, not seducing willing partners.

Others are aware that they’re rapists, and they appreciate the step-by-step guides provided though PUA tips. They also appreciate, of course, the cover offered by this widespread and popular “advice,” because they can hide among ordinary PUAs and say they’re just playing the game. Thanks to the normalization of coerced sex, their victims may have difficulty discussing what happened to them, let alone reporting it to authorities who might be able to take action.

I would really love to hear your thoughts on this…. Please comment. And to all the women reading my blog, please chime in as well. I would love to hear what you have to say as well…. Thanks…

A Big Anouncement….

Hey Everyone…. Just to let you all know that things are now moving quick. The new website and products should be up and running in a few short weeks. I want to thank you all for your patience and would like to apologize for not writing as often as I should be. Good things ahead!!!!

Announcement #1
I’m looking to bring on board an assistant coach. I’m only going to hire one guy for now.

You and me will be working side-by-side in just about every step of the new company. It’s gonna be sick and an awesome opportunity for the right guy. We’ll be doing workshops all over the country, speaking at live events, writing, doing interviews, sleeping with tons of chicks, inventing new routines and ways to teach dating education… The list goes on and on.

If I bring you on as coach the world will know your name almost overnight. I’m super excited about finding someone with awesome skills.

If you’re interested in trying out for the assistant coach position, please leave a comment about who you are and why you think that you’d be a great candidate or you can personally email me at glennpuanyc@gmail.com. I would recommend leaving a comment for other people to read about you and emailing me. Please include your phone number in the email.

If I think you have what it takes after speaking with you and reading about you, we’ll get out there in the field and see what you’ve got.

Hope to hear from you soon!!!


New PIck-Up Video… How to WIN any woman you want!!!!


So… I figured there’s no better way to start a Monday morning than with an amazing instructional video on how to WIN any woman’s heart you want.

A few days ago I was walking around with my good friend Eric “Disco” and he asked me if I had seen this video before. I’m a big fan of this show but I couldn’t remember the scene he was referring to. So, I jumped online to see if I can find it and when I did… I immediately remembered just how funny it was and knew that I needed to share it with you guys!

The video is funny and interesting because even though it’s totally fictional, there are some things you can learn from it… The guy in this video goes to some crazy extremes with his tactics but the theory is pretty much all there! Somebody who wrote the script for this scene is definitely a lover of the game.

Enjoy it guys!


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